Transmutation in Salt and Sanctuary is when you convert a Weapon, Shield or Armor into another of the same type using the remains of Bosses and Enemies. You can Transmute a Weapon or Shield as many times as you wish, the only penalty being that you will lose 1 Upgrade each time you do this, meaning you can get a boss weapon at almost max level, just one item away from max. To do this you will need a Stone Alchemist in your Sanctuary. Below is a list of equipment that can be made from them:

There is no requirement for the transmute to show up at the Alchemist other than having the materials and weapon type required.

Boss Remains Weapons

These weapons are created with drops from Bosses.

Remains +Weapon + Material +Salt Result
The Sodden Knight's Ashes Greatsword Amber Idol, 3,500 Shrouded Bulwark
The Queen of Smiles' Ear Greatsword Amber Idol, 3,500 Black Widow
Kraekan Cyclops' Horn Greataxe Amber Idol, 3,500 Headtaker
The Mad Alchemist's Ear Spear Silver Leaf, 1,500 Trident
The False Jester's Ear Wand Amber Idol, 3,500 Antler Baton
Kraekan Wyrm's Horn Whips Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Phoenix Tail
Crossbow Amber Idol, 10,000 Hellfire Arbalest
The Tree of Men's Ashes Hammer Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Mountain Breaker
Disemboweled Husk's Doll Greatsword Amber Idol, 10,000 Seawolf Cutlass
That Stench Most Foul's Tooth Pistol Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Mephitic Arquebus
Spear Amber Idol, 10,000

Adder Fang

The Untouched Inquisitor's Ashes Spear / Poleaxe Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Headman's Voulge
Reaper Amber Idol, 10,000 Purifier
The Third Lamb's Beak Dagger Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Opal Tusk
The Dried King's Ashes Crossbow Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Adrasteia
The Bloodless Prince's Ashes Greatsword Amber Idol, 10,000 Northern Cross
The Coveted's Ashes Greataxe Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 The Coveted
Pistol Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Mosaic Culverin
Carsejaw the Cruel's Ashes  Spear Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Umbral Partisan
Greatsword Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Scharfrichter
Ronin Cran's Ashes Axe Amber Idol, 3,500 Batsuichi Tsuka
Murdiella Mal's Ashes Wand Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Cocoon Battledore
The Unskinned's Liver Whip Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Construct Coil
The Architect's Ear Reaper Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Saltreaver
The Witch of the Lake's Ear Staves Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Saira's Staff
The Forgotten King's Ear Greathammers Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Trinity Scepter
The Forgotten Knight's Ear Greatsword Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Trinity Greatsword
The Forgotten Judge's Ear Spear / Poleaxe Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Trinity Bardiche
Skourzh's Horn Sword Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Leviathan
The Nameless God's Ashes  Spear / Poleaxe Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Overlord's Bident
Greatsword Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Blade of Envy


Enemy Remains Weapons

Remains +Weapon +Material +Salt Result
Skullbat Wing Daggers Silver Leaf, 1,500 Cutpurse Shiv
Drowned Soldier's Ear Daggers Amber Idol, 3,500 Kaltic Razor
Poison Cytoplasm Gel Daggers Amber Idol, 10,000 Pessklaw
Lepris' Ear Daggers Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Eviscerator
Feral Beast Tooth Sword Silver Leaf, 1,500 Varangian Spatha
Retchfeeder Maw Sword Amber Idol, 3,500 Tachi
Whisperlady's Ashes Sword Amber Idol, 3,500 Flint & Steel
Court Sorceror's Ear Whip Amber Idol, 3,500 Steel Centipede
Angsty Bones' Rib Sword Amber Idol, 10,000 Virulent Scimitar
Horsehead's Ear Sword Amber Idol, 10,000 Lowlander's Greatknife
Whisperman's Ashes Sword Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Branding Iron
Split Swordsman's Ear Sword Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Shikeimaru
Bronze Knight Ashes Sword Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Kraekan Longsword
Drowned Peasant's Ear Hammers  Silver Leaf, 1,500 Morning Star
Drowned Bandit's Ear Hammers Amber Idol, 3,500 Harmen Mace
Primitive Bones' Rib Hammers Amber Idol, 10,000 Barbarian's Cudgel
Vexing Brat's Ear Hammers Amber Idol, 10,000 Cephalopounder
Bola Eye Nerves Hammers Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Tetruncheon
Rotten Walker's Ear Whip Silver Leaf, 1,500 Martial Flail
Blade Wraith Rib Whip Amber Idol, 3,500 Wraithclaw
 Emberskull's Ashes Whip Amber Idol, 10,000  Searing Manacle
Heartseeker Nerves Whip Amber Idol, 10,000 Scorpion Tail
Hanged Man's Rope Whip Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Sacrificial Garrote
Arrox's Ear Greataxe Amber Idol, 10,000 Iron Butterfly
Crypt Keeper's Ashes Greataxe Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Earthsplitter
Gaoler's Ear Poleaxe Amber Idol, 3,500 Guardsman's Halberd
Bedspider's Tusk Poleaxe Amber Idol, 10,000 Naginata
Dropspider's Tusk Poleaxe Amber Idol, 10,000 Kumo Sasumata
Alkymancery Knight's Ashes Poleaxe Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Tainted Ranseur
Caged Man's Ear Pistol Amber Idol, 3,500 Dragoon Espingole
Hornet Steel's Ashes Pistol Amber Idol, 10,000 Lucent Musketoon
Clay Phantom's Ashes Wand Amber Idol, 10,000 Necromancer's Virge
Mother Merle's Beak Wand Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Rostrum Scepter
Wrathful Dead's Bindings Greatsword Amber Idol, 3,500 Jaws of Death
Drowned Berzerker's Ear Axe Silver Leaf, 1,500 Battle Axe
Drowned Raider's Ear Axe Amber Idol, 3,500 Raider Axe
Cave Keeper's Ear Axe Amber Idol, 3,500 Stone Cleaver
Torturer's Ear Axe Amber Idol, 10,000 Red Guillotine
Dropspider's Tusk Axe Amber Idol, 10,000 Aster Monolith
Flying Spider's Tusk Axe Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Venom Arbelos
Bronze Axe Knight's Ashes Axe Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Kraekan Axe
Drowned Archer's Ear Spear Silver Leaf, 1,500 Breach Pike
Spear Imp's Horn Spear Amber Idol, 3,500 Razorback
Vacant Blades' Ashes Spear Amber Idol, 10,000 Stardust Spire
Split Swordsman's Ear Reaper Amber Idol, 3,500 War Scythe
Red Lord's Ear Reaper Amber Idol, 10,000 Red Eclipse
Drowned Porcelain's Ashes Reaper Amber Idol, 10,000 Rusted Greatladle
Thing of Arms' Ear Reaper Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Gravedigger
Armor Mite Chitin Greatsword Amber Idol, 3,500 Chitin Obelisk
Bloated Monstrosity's Ear Greathammers Amber Idol, 3,500 Monstrous Mace
Armor Guardian's Ashes Greathammers Amber Idol, 10,000 Obsidian Pillar
Crypt Keeper's Ashes Greathammers Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Bonecrusher
Vilehawk's Ear Bow Silver Leaf, 1,500 Vilehawk Bow
Hunting Bones' Rib Bow Amber Idol, 3,500 Bloodwood Bow
Hornet Steel's Ashes Bow Amber Idol, 10,000 Aegis Greatbow
Rotten Raider's Ear Bow Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Recurve Bow
Gravewalker's Ashes Bow Shimmering Pearl, 100,000 Gravewalker Greatbow
Vile Guard's Ear Crossbows Amber Idol, 3,500 Bloodwood Crossbow
Arrox's Ear Crossbows Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Predator Lockbow
Court Sorceror's Ear Staff Amber Idol, 3,500 Rowan Crosier
Saltless' Ashes Staff Amber Idol, 10,000 Channeler's Rod
Lietch Rib Staff Diamond Cluster, 30,000 Purgatory Scepter


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    • anyone one could tell me why i cant trasmute my stave? it just doesn't appear to select it and trasmute into a Channeler's Rod, i have all materials to do it, but i just cant select it, cant even see it in menu to choice it... I reset my game like 5 times taking diferents way, diferent creeds, talking with all NPC or without talking, i just cant, the worts part is that i could do it before, but for some reason i delete my last mage and cant see the stave anymore when i talk with Alchemist...

      • Hey, get a weird thing few days ago. I'm playing my Order of the Betrayer character, and then i'm expunging sanctuary i looted from sanctuary guardian (with poleaxe and shield) "Sanctuary Guard's Ear". PC version, build (Screenshot on imgur:
        Anyone know what purpose of this thing?

        • Anonymous

          umbral shield will be made with a court sorcerer's ear a diamond cluster and any "shield" as in not a tower shield not a buckler.

          • Anonymous

            examples of armor:sadist's armor andtorturer's armor made with any armor (all four slots) each piece of sadist's costs an amber idol and vile guard's ear (class 2 light armor)each piece of torturer's armor costs a torturer's ear and a silver leaf (class 1 light armor)

            • Anonymous

              I've been trying to trasmute weapons but many of the weapons listed here don't appear on the menu (knight class, all brands if that helps). among the weapons not listed are Saltreaver and blade of envy.

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