Kraekan Wyrm

Kraekan Wyrm


NG+7 8,100


12,010 Gold

12,000 Salt

NG+7 319,440 Salt

Kraekan Wyrm's Horn

Strike 100 Fire 50
Slash 250 Lightning 50
Poise 100 Poison 500
Block 100 Holy 50
Block Damage 100 Arcane 50
Block Magic 60    

Kraekan Wyrm is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

A greater wyrm of Kraekan origin. Wyrms, drakes and dragons once inhabited the mountains of Markdor, but scholars and historians consider their era to be long gone, the last of their kind valiantly slaughtered by brave Dorian Warriors"


  • Castle of Storms: In the top ramparts
  • Coordinates: {X:38186.09 Y:1243.47}
  • Boss Flags: The Masterless Knight is on a ledge on the outer left ramparts. Make sure to talk to him before this boss.


Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Strike and Fire
  • Weak vs: Elemental Damage
  • Strong vs: Poison and Slash damage.

Phase 1

  • Tail Swipe - swipes his tail over floor sending you flying, you can jump over it.
  • Fire Breath - breathes fire in front of him, his back is a safe spot.
  • Bite - fast bite attack in front.
  • Jump Attack - jumps over the player if he is far away from the boss.
  • Flight - gets airborne above arena and flies over to the side of the arena breathing fire over it, avoidable by moving till the end of arena side dragon is or another end. Following him when he is airborne before breath attack is one of the most efficient ways to deal damage.

Phase 2 (50% HP)

  • Fire Breath now may be followed by Jump Attack


Melee Strategy Video


Player Notes


    • Anonymous

      25 Jan 2018 10:41  

      Hard boss for Dexterity build and easy prey for a heavy knight with a Greatsword or -hammer.

      Don't fight him with the whips - they deal little damage.

      • Anonymous

        29 Dec 2017 20:24  

        This wyrm give me pain in the ass. Got killed thousand time. Since i build my char pikeman with heavyarmor and not a big fans of shield, i realize being agile are better. So i toke off my armor and fight this thing naked. It become wired, this thing damage not big enough to one hit me even when i am naked, and the damage are similar when i am in armor.

        • Anonymous

          29 Aug 2017 13:11  

          They should've made this boss black or dark blue so it could blend into the sky. Maybe it would've added a bit of tension during the fight. Instead, they made it blend into the bestiary...

          • 12 Jun 2017 08:47  

            The first attack this dragon does to me on my around 15th attempt, he flies for his breath attack, then lands outside the arena, where he died around 10 seconds later (pretty similar to how Dark Souls bosses react once they've left the arena as well). Couldn't help but have a good laugh at that. Followed by me audibly saying "We take those." And then round 15 seconds later, "I did not deserve that."

            • Anonymous

              01 Dec 2016 10:25  

              The Dragon just die on his own... His HP bar turned yellow and decreased to 0 in just 3 or 4sec. I was granted the salt, but not the gold.

              • Anonymous

                Pheonix Rondache21 Sep 2016 15:37  

                the shield makes this boss a jokei'd swap from an axe/sheild to my twohander to stagger him outa any ground attacks but i let him fly around all he wanted cause when he did i'd get a free 2hr great hammer swing in taking a chunk of his life. easiest fight of the game for me.

                • Anonymous

                  hate this boss24 Aug 2016 03:25  

                  this boss is so *****ing cheap when he does the quick sweap with no tell followed by fire you're dead

                  • Anonymous

                    Stunlock wyrm30 Jun 2016 00:03  

                    You can use wildfire to stunlock the wyrm by using it right as it attacks over and over at it. Use only if your having a real problem with guy.

                    • Anonymous

                      Glitchy Wyrm24 May 2016 18:31  

                      The dragon did not die as it glitched off the edge of the screen, it still tried to jump at me forcing me to leave and restart the fight.

                      • Anonymous

                        geez21 Apr 2016 21:12  

                        Just brute forced him with 2h hammer with str build. Now on dex build and I can't even touch him most of the time...

                        • Anonymous

                          The Wyrm just committed suicide12 Apr 2016 23:35  

                          It ended up doing its lunge attack out of the arena and fell to its death. It was right on the edge of the screen and must not have realised I was behind it, because it peforemed its attack opposite where I was standing.Meh.I'll take it.

                          • Anonymous

                            The Dragon Died From Falling?08 Apr 2016 20:59  

                            So I was fighting the dragon and after a short fight he seemed to glitch out because he started to attack something outside the arena. Ten i thought that he was attacking me but he seems to have jumped off and died. I was still rewarded the salt and his item drop but couldn't get the gold. Has this happened to anyone else?

                            • Anonymous

                              Suicide03 Apr 2016 08:54  

                              So i just figuted this boss out and was about to kill him. He had one eighth of his hp left when he suddenly glitched out of the arena! I heard him attacking a little bit and then hr died, apparently jumped off a ledge. I play a thief with a knife and i find it funny...

                              • Anonymous

                                Free salt on new game +21 Mar 2016 06:11  

                                Just a note for people at least on New Game Plus. This boss is the easiest boss -ever- with the incantation Dark Swarm. Not only can it not miss, with not so great magic, the spell still does about 1/15th of its health on cast and, best of all, completely stun locks the boss. Forever. Every hit of the multiple hit incantation will stun it. Just spam away and you win free salt!

                                • Anonymous

                                  Finally beat him19 Mar 2016 00:25  

                                  I'm a hunter. Tried for about an hour on this boss. Finally got it after spending some points on strength and switching to a two handed long sword which would occasionally stagger it. The whip was just not doing enough damage. I'm level 38 currently. Love this game.

                                  • Strat for mages16 Mar 2016 02:49  

                                    I had such a hard time with this boss as a mage character. When I finally beat him, I just spammed Wildfire (Class 2 Magic). It does quite a bit of damage, but most importantly, it will stagger the boss EVERY TIME. So when he'd fly up in the air to breathe fire, just dodge in the opposite direction so you can get some swings in when he lands, then just spam Wildfire.Stats when defeating this boss: Level 32 - Magic 30, Willpower 10

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