Steel Centipede

 Attack 10.0
 Weight 6.0
Dexterity Scaling S
Class  2 Sword Whip
Flags None
Special Whip attack

 Steel Centipede in Salt and Sanctuary is a Sword Whip type weapon.



An elaborate ceremonial sword composed of multiple segments with hollow cores held together from within by a loose steel chain. The interlocking segments can be released by a trigger in the hilt to form a bladed whip, providing a dramatic increase in range. Named for its resemblance to a venomous arthropod feared throughout the Western continents as an omen of death, this weapon was first employed in Tristin during Duke Carsejaw's political purges for the public execution of convicted witches by flogging.


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Dexterity this weapon has an Attack of 93.2 at tier VII.
  • Requires Class 2 Whips to be usable.
  • Whip attack on Heavy Attack, but only while one-handing.
  • Very solid whip class weapon that scales well into NG+. Unlike Phoenix Tail, can be acessed early in game and will remain relevant throughout the entire playthrough of dexterous character build.
  • As with any weapon, using it with gun or crossbow in the other hand will prevent you from adding a charm to it.

Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

  • Videos go here



Steel Centipede Upgrade Table

  Attack Dex Scale Material

Steel Centipede

10.0 S -

Steel Centipede I

10.5 S Lock of Hair x1

Steel Centipede II

11.0 S Lock of Hair x2

Steel Centipede III

11.5 S A Soldier's Poem x1

Steel Centipede IV

12.1 S A Soldier's Poem x2

Steel Centipede V

12.7 S A Lord's Orders x1

Steel Centipede VI

13.4 S A Lord's Orders x2

Steel Centipede VII

14.0 S A King's Orders x1



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    • Anonymous

      While this weapon is in the whip class I'll argue that this is one of the best dex sword in the game. You have almost full sword moveset with the exception of sword 1h heavy attack which got replaced by long range whip attack that can also combo into a forward slam by pressing light attack, and you also have both sword + whip aerial attack too

      • Anonymous

        To clear up any confusion regarding this weapon sword whip is just the name of the weapon class, this weapon is a whip and only needs lvl 2 whips to be used its a sword whip because its light attacks retain its sword form and heavy attack does the whip attack.

        • Anonymous

          I finished the game now in 2 hours with only Steel Centipede. All the bosses go down fast! House of Splendor and Dexterity is Easy Mode!

          • Anonymous

            The wiki is false about lvl 2 whip or sword requirement. I could not use it with lvl 2 sword. With another charakter I had lvl 2 whip and it did work. So you need lvl 2 whip to use this weapon.

            • Anonymous

              I live the sword whips as well as the great scissor weapons in this game. Very unique and creative. The whip style weapons give me an old school castlevania vibe.

              • Anonymous

                The whip-like attacks of this weapon are slightly slower than its peers. But it completely offset by its versatility and damage output. Thanks to its moveset, it also doesn't have the 2 glaring cons of its weapon class : lack of poise/stability/balance damage and inevitable boredom. Shines even more with a crossbow and makes crossbows shine.

                • Seems to be the best Whip class weapon. It has the awesome versatility of the swordwhip weapon class, it is super easy to obtain from Creed loyalty making it a weapon you can focus a whole NG play on, and uses the common/farmable upgrade materials. A+ lots of fun too

                  • Anonymous

                    Lots of mistakes in many post.Steel Centipede :Hybrid weapon.Requires sword AND whip CLASS 2.Dex scaling S.Square hit as sword.Triangle hit as whip.Both sword AND whip combos available.Special hybrid mixed combos.Very versatil weapon, NG and NG+ Dex builds.Only two weapons in this hybrid weapon type :1.Steel Centipede2. Phoenix TailPhoenix Tail is a Kraekan weapon (meaning 100 000 salt transmutation price and rare upgrading path), requires sword AND whip class 5 AND magic class 1.Physical and Fire damage.One of the best weapon in the game.Best choices for "BloodBorn" style build with high classes pistols Lucent Musketoon or Mosaic Culverin and the Bloodbrow Set.

                    • Anonymous

                      So for this weapon, would I need to increase my whip level and sword level on the skill tree for it to do more damage or should I just upgrade my sword skill?

                      • Anonymous

                        After you've got 2 or more devotion with the Mountainsmith Creed, you can buy the Steel Centipede off of the blacksmith.

                        • Anonymous

                          The description makes it sound like it can be used like a whip. But it seems to only act like a sword. Is there anyway to transform it?

                          • Anonymous

                            This item is classified as a "Class 2 Sword Whip" and it's made via transmutation of a whip. While i cant transmute my sword into this item. Just my whip

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