Salt and Sanctuary released on PS4 on March 2016, and had timed exclusivity until June 2016 when it became available on Steam.

There are no significant changes with the versions, however it is noteworthy that:

  • Multiplayer: The game needs a controller to allow 2 player co-op on PC (you can't have two people playing on one keyboard and mouse)
  • Bugs: The PC version imported some known issues from the PS4 version


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    • Anonymous

      On the topic of what controls are better i started playing using mouse and keyboard and find it much more comfortable of a control scheme. I also prefer to play fable mouse and keyboard though so i might just be weird

      • Anonymous

        i played this game a while ago and could not for the life of me beat the first boss. i was using a keyboard however. i came back to it a few months later and decided to try it with a controller, beat the sodden knight in my second try and i've beaten most of the bosses in one or two lives...apart from the disembowled husk...F**k the disembowled husk

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