Reapers are a type of Weapon in Salt and Sanctuary. They require the Pikeman Skill in order to use them.


Name & Icon Attack Str Scaling
Dex Scaling Wis Scaling Special Wgt Class
Haymaker 21.0 E E - - 8 1
War Scythe 20.0 E D - - 6 2
Red Eclipse 20.0 E D - HP Leech /
Extra Blades
16  2
Purifier 14.0 E - B Holy /
Extra Blades
12 3
Rusted Greatladle 20.0 E E - Extra Blunt 16 3
Gravedigger 16.0 C C - MP Leech /
Extra Blunt
12 4
Saltreaver 18.0 A E - Poise /
Slow Hitter
20 5


    • Anonymous

      12 Aug 2018 19:20  

      Hey guys, perhaps anyone has an idea. Playing Salt and Sanctuary for a while and quite enjoy it. But if I want to transmute a weap, for example reapers, I see only backward transmutation options. For example, Purifier and Red Eclipse can only transmuted back to War Scythe. And I have all ingredients for gravedigger - except Salt. Can anyone help me out? I am out of ideas. Max devotion rank and so on... Thanks a lot.

      • Anonymous

        20 Feb 2018 16:25  

        For those looking for a good combo with the reaper try the following in tight order while two handing the reaper: Square, Square+Up, Square+Down, Triangle. (for those with xbox controller thats X,X+Up, X+Down,Y) Effectively this is a large hit combo of slash, spin slash, upward slash jump, downward slash from air to ground. Properly executed this is a dealmaker for the reaper in terms of damage output.

        • Anonymous

          13 Nov 2017 23:08  

          After the recent patch 1.05 for PS4, reapers now have a unique riposte animation that functions the same as other riposte animations. Previous patch if you riposted with a reaper you'd do very little damage and leave yourself wide-open to an attack. Good change devs, thank you.

          • Anonymous

            16 Jan 2017 19:26  

            These Reapers seems odd, maybe not well thought out? I'm not seeing a reason to upgrade from a Haymaker to a War Scythe or Red Eclipse. In both cases damage is almost the same (until you get a lot of Dex and Str, and even then it's a 3% difference), and the Red Eclipse weighs twice as much for HP Leech. You can make a case for upgrading to any other Reaper.
            Purifier effective for Wis builds
            Rusted Greatladle for about 10% more damage and strike damage for enemies that need it.
            Gravedigger if you use a lot of magic.
            Saltreaver has Poise damage and looks good on a strength heavy build.

            Then there are the last two.
            Red Eclipse or War Scythe if you want to waste an early Amber Idol and a bunch of salt to lose damage.

            Is there some advantage I'm not seeing? Longer range? Maybe War Scythe is for Heavy Armor builds to save a couple pounds? Is it only for fashion?

            • Anonymous

              07 Jan 2017 17:51  

              I totaly don't like this weapons moveset. it'S to slow to my mind (up to now just 2handed wield) but the dmg.. it's not the worst.

              • Anonymous

                Looks unsinished sometimes10 Sep 2016 11:32  

                When parrying, you can't properly counterattack, it seems. And the aerial combo doesn't lock the ennemy in air, like with the sword. The saltreaver also doesn't scale on dex, which is kinda strange (since you can stunlock some bosses with it, i guess it's not that much of a loss, but still).For those who doesn't know, the basic combo is : Attack, up + attack (spin attack), down + attack (then aerial)

                • Anonymous

                  Spin Attack?23 Mar 2016 22:05  

                  I was battling some enemies once with the red eclipse and suddenly I did a spin attack. I was surprised because I had never done this before. I heard that you can perform it by pressing 'square' 'square' 'triangle' but that just does an attack similar to the first 'square'. Does anyone know how do it?

                  • Anonymous

                    non-lethal?21 Mar 2016 02:19  

                    I've noticed that when i parry a blow with the haymaker (or maybe reapers in general) that no matter what it doesn't kill, so is this a bug?

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