The Story & Lore of Salt and Sanctuary is discussed on this page.

The story of Old King Jarrett

Lore compilation / analysis  (Credit to Asuko_XIII)

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    • Anonymous

      17 Feb 2019 06:06  

      Can you add Mierdre's Black Book, Yu'larandra, The Crimson Quell, Malthis, Carvan, and the Oreisian? The Crimson Quell is a full telling of an assassination conspiracy from traitors within the Ironforged Guard and is rather flushed out. The rest are sparse, but still integral to certain classes within the game.

      • Anonymous

        19 Aug 2018 05:57  

        The burning cloud story is definitely a foretelling of the Dishwasher games. If so, does that mean Salt and Sanctuary is a prequel to Charlie Murder and The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai and Vampire Smile are after CM? Does this mean that the games are tied??

        • Anonymous

          18 Jul 2018 16:52  

          The Unknown Cleric is a cleric who has yet to be included in one of your sanctuaries and will do what he believes in and help you by dragging you to one of your sanctuaries and thinks of the last one you have been in being the one to go back to, for a small fee of course.

          • Anonymous

            20 Nov 2017 19:17  

            Does the blond guy who fight Sodden Knight on the preload screen is related to the Lore or is he just a generic depiction of any starting character ?

            • Anonymous

              27 May 2017 05:22  

              So who is the "mysterious cleric" anyways? it's not like he/she can go unmentioned through the whole story, right?

              • Anonymous

                15 Jan 2017 18:00  

                When it comes to lore I see a distinct lacking in Salt Alkymancy, doesn't that play a pivitol role in things as there are many creatures created by it.

                • Anonymous

                  Area lore27 May 2016 08:30  

                  Would it be possible to edit the pages of the areas to add in the lore of that area? STuff like the Red Hall of Cages being a famous prison from "that one name I forget" or the Zigguart of Dust being the castle of the Dried King and the Bloodless Prince. I would do it myself but I don't know how to edit wikis at all.

                  • Anonymous

                    But what about the princess'?08 Apr 2016 18:13  

                    So, im gonna explain what happened to princess nice and simple.First of all, we have kind off one clue where the princess is: In Salvation ending, and when we choose the three as our creed, we see this: (Born of Salt / Devour'd by sea / From icy crypt / Deliver me) I mean, its obvious its the princess. So, shes in an icy crypt, huh? Whats the icy crypt? Simply, the ocean. She kind off drowned. As we ware on the ship, it had sunked. We survived, but the princess wasnt so lucky. We never see the princess in game, i believe, but we do see her maid in the ship. (Kinda hidden) Whats the deal with the maid tho, huh? Well, for that, i have no answer.

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