The Coveted

The Coveted


NG+7 12,500


24,020/36,030 Gold

24,000/36,000 Salt

NG+7 638,880/958,320 Salt

The Coveted's Ashes

Strike 0 Fire 50
Slash 600 Lightning 50
Poise 100 Poison 50
Block 0 Holy 50
Block Damage 0 Arcane -50
Block Magic 60    

The Coveted is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

A strangely sharp stone executioner's axe. As the legend tells it, a royal executioner received it as a mysterious gift, and immediately took a liking to it. Power in the kingdom shifted, and before long, the executioner had used his axe on the entire royal family. Power shifted further, and the executioner became king. But the executioner never resigned from his grisly station, and the axe was well fed, though never satisfied."




Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Physical, Knockback, Magic
  • Weak vs: All elements and especially Arcane Damage
  • Strong vs: Slash Damage
  • The Axe itself is the Boss and can only be hurt, not the ghosts.
  • The Axe can be poisoned.
  • The boss essentially consists of two invulnerable Coveting ghosts and The Coveted greataxe itself. In the beginning of the fight, one of the ghosts picks up the axe and swings in around while the other bombards you from above. Later, the axe-wielder drops The Coveted, leaving it stuck in the ground again. Both ghosts shoot at you and after a few seconds, one of them goes to retrieve the axe.
  • It is possible to separate the ghosts so that one stays in a corner of the room and loses aggro while you fight the other ghost wielding the axe.

The Axebearing Ghost

  • Pulling the axe from the ground creates a powerful shockwave. Do not stand near the axe while the ghost retrieves it.
  • Lifts the axe then does a downward slash. Very short range.
  • Lowers the axe then rapidly swings it while moving forward. Easily rolled through.
  • Flies high in the air and throws the axe (apparently, not at the character but rather at a fixed arc) leaving The Coveted stuck in the ground and exposed. Attack!

The Unarmed Ghost

  • Fires three fast, damaging, aoe projectiles (strike damage, completely blockable by Paladine Kite Shield) in a row. The ghost cannot turn around while firing, meaning that you're completely safe under/behind him.
  • During the transitional phase with the axe on the ground, both ghosts fire these at you.


Melee Strategy Video


Player Notes


 If one manages to kill the boss without aggro-ing both ghosts, only the aggro-ed ghost will die, dropping gold and ashes. This doesn't ends the battle however. Aggro-ing the second ghost after the other one is already dead ends the battle, kills the second ghost instantly, and makes him drop another pile of gold and ashes.

    • Anonymous

      12 May 2020 15:33  

      if you die to axe you need to deal certain damage to get your salt back while if you die to arcane bolts it will be on an otherwordly creature inside boss.

      • Anonymous

        02 Sep 2018 05:23  

        This was a really interesting idea for a boss, probably my favorite so far purely for its originality. Also, upon my second fight with these guys they seemed to just stop throwing lightning for some reason, the non axe wielded just floated around until the axe was dropped.

        • Anonymous

          16 Mar 2018 19:30  

          fun fact: if you get the one ghost to get stuck on one side of the map, and then go over to the other side of the map with the axeghost following you, and then stop attacking the axe and stop moving, the axe ghost stops too. and from this point, if you have poison knives, you can poison the axe from a distance and it'll take damage, but the ghost wont pick it up.

          • Anonymous

            02 Feb 2018 04:24  

            Seems this boss has a ton of glitches associated with it, adding to that I first encountered this boss accidentally because I went to the Pitchwoods before Ruined Temple, so I came into the boss room from the left side (exit I guess) where there wasn't a candelabra until it was too late and I was being pounded by those projectiles. All other bosses with multiple entrance points have had candelabras on either side, pretty annoying losing my salt and time, or I would have horned out.

            • Anonymous

              14 Jan 2018 22:18  

              If the Axe is thrown from very high, it can get stuck mid-air. It can also be dropped outside of the boss arena. This boss needs a patch.

              • Anonymous

                28 Jan 2017 03:18  

                You can sneak up and only agro the axe ghost . after that it's simple as long as you keep him around 1 screen .

                • Anonymous

                  27 Dec 2016 05:40  

                  whats the damage type of the projectiles? I used a shield with 100 strike defense (Teuthis Shield IV) and it goes through and kills me as if im not blocking at all... but I am and I have enough stamina...

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Dec 2016 10:53  

                    So, apparently you can get triple the reward. I walked into the fight from the right, then stayed there spamming wraithfang.

                    Axe died, get reward.

                    Walk a bit, first spirit died, get reward.

                    Walk a bit further, second spirit died, get reward.

                    • Anonymous

                      Easy way to fight one03 Aug 2016 03:31  

                      Simply access this boss from behind, by getting the Dart brand and getting into the ruined temple via the Pitchwoods! All you need to get past is 3 Spindlebeasts... sigh...

                      • Anonymous

                        Bug, game ate all of my salt in 1 death02 Jul 2016 06:59  

                        walked into this guy with 100k salt, died and when i come back the boss doesn't have my salt nor any spawned mobs to kill for it, essentially lost 100k to a bug...

                        • Anonymous

                          Bug with The Coveted Axe21 Mar 2016 01:34  

                          I Transmuted the iron butterfly axe to make the Coveted axe, and then it mysteriously disappeared from my inventory afterwords. What's up with that? I spent awhile farming up that 100,000 salt to get that thing, and i don't have a second Coveted Ashes to make another one. the axe i transumted was not upgraded, but i don't think that should matter because it allowed me to do it.

                          • Deaggro glitch18 Mar 2016 16:17  

                            I just had a similar experience: At first both of the spirits aggro'd normally and the fight went as expected until about 66%.At that point one of the spirits moved to the far left and deaggro'd while I was on the right side.I took the opportunity and stayed on the right until the second spirit threw the axe while being on the far right side and deaggro'd there.The remaining 50% I just stood at the axe which was about in the middle of the arena and kept hitting it without being bothered by the spirits.

                            • Anonymous

                              Glitch Report17 Mar 2016 03:41  

                              Hey i just wanted to inform whoever, devs, and players *wink wink* you can glitch the boss by only agrro'ing the first of the two spirits, he will eventually throw the axe and remain still, the axe will we vulnerable and nobody else will be moving. after killing the axe the first spirit died and the boss bar remained empty until i walked over and aggrod the second spirit and it said vanquished.(also not sure if i was supposed to receive two boss salts from it, might be part of the glitch)

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