Trinity Greatsword

Attack 24.0
Weight 18.0
Strength Scaling S
Class 5 Greatsword
Flags HP Leech
Special Fast Hitter

 Trinity Greatsword in Salt and Sanctuary is a Greatsword type weapon.


A divine blade wielded by the Forgotten Knight. Once symbols of justice and courage, this now-decrepit sword and its former owner lay abandoned and powerless in the Crypt of the Dead Gods even as the faithful continued to pray for their guidance. For how long this farce went on can only be guessed, but it would seem that those prayers were being answered instead by the dark forces at work on this forsaken island all along.


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 STR this weapon has an Attack of 150.0.
  • Two-handing a weapon increases Strength by 50% for damage scaling, meaning you only need 34 Strength to reach the 50 Strength soft cap when two-handing a weapon.
  • It has a nice attack speed bonus. Worth comboing it with a Mossy Charm, as the speed of attacks is the biggest asset of this weapon.
  • Even though it has an S rating in Strength, it is still slightly outdamaged by the Jaws of Death greatscissor in terms of raw damage, but has a much greater attack speed.
  • As it's a level 5 Greatsword, it is currently impossible to wield it one handed; watch for lighting the torch in dark places, as you will not be able to attack with the sword effectively then. Carry an alternative loadout for such situations, or use the Lantern Charm.
  • A tiny bit of the player's HP is regained with every successful hit.
  • It is upgraded with the Drowned Idol => ... => Drowned Tome upgrade path.


Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

  • Videos go here


Trinity Greatsword Upgrade Table

  Attack Str Scale Upgrade Materials

Trinity Greatsword

24.0 S -

Trinity Greatsword I

24.9 S Drowned Idol x 1, 250 Salt

Trinity Greatsword II

25.9 S Drowned Idol x 2, 500 Salt

Trinity Greatsword III

26.9 S Drowned Locket x 1, 1000 Salt

Trinity Greatsword IV

28.0 S Drowned Locket x 2, 1500 Salt

Trinity Greatsword V

29.1 S Drowned Censer x 1, 2500 Salt

Trinity Greatsword VI

30.3 S Drowned Censer x 2, 5000 Salt
Trinity Greatsword VII 31.5 S Drowned Tome x 1, 10000 Salt



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    • Anonymous

      dont really care if its inferior; greatswords are crazy good enough at the point you get this and prayers make it even better. i think its just cooler looking than the other ones so i use it for that reason

      • Anonymous

        I feel like this would be so much better than Schar, but unfortunately, my eyes fail me too often without light, and I'm not sacrificing my bonus damage charms for a little light :)

        • Anonymous

          Wait it has the same scaling as the Schar, higher BASE attack, but fully upgraded does LESS damage? Math? what? huh?

          • Anonymous

            whoever says that schar is better than trinity has no *****ing idea what hes talking about. this sword has insane attack speed while you need almost no stamina. you can stunlock many of the smaller bosses easily just spamming attacks. i melt down every boss this game can throw at me with this mother*****er buffing it. insane speed, damage, stamina usage and stun. i didnt test jaws of death yet.

            • Anonymous

              Good but inferior to Schar, kinda pointless really since Schar does everything better (weight, damage, 1h/2h)

              • Get all the Strenght my friends, dexterity is for the weak, main your STR and u will be unstoppable.
                My love, My fav, thats my weapon. The Three were beaten and u can have this and become the knight of Three who wields Trinity Sword himself.

                • Anonymous

                  NG +7 now and this sword rocks! With its range and speed, the sword stun-lock and demolish everything. I stopped using the Schar, sacrificed some damage for incredible range and speed. I still use the Schar when I need to use my rampart shield for the *itch of the lake.

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