Amber Idol

amber flame

A waxy, pungent idol of amberglisten. Amberglisten is as precious as it is rare, and said to be vomited up from the bellies of Great Kraeken. Can be used as a transmutation material.

 Amber Idol is a Material item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Amber Idol Effect



Where to Find Amber Idol



  • Hager's Cavern: In the side area below and to the right of the sanctuary, where you can get the Cellar Key in a room full of giant spiders
  • Dome of the Forgotten: To the left of the sanctuary
  • Dome of the Forgotten: On a platform in the right side of the area, near a Steel Hornet enemy
  • Ziggurat of Dust: In the lower area (past a Redshift barrier) in a Mimku chest
  • Ziggurat of Dust: In the lower area (past a Redshift barrier) near several Drowned Porcelain enemies
  • Pitchwoods: In an early room along the upper path accessed from the Far Beach





  • Can be farmed with ease at the Watching Woods. To the left of the sanctuary, under The Mad Alchemist battleground there is a Bloated Monstrosity. Kill it and head for the sanctuary. Repeat until satisfied.




  • Amberglisten appears to be based on the real world material ambergris, formed in the digestive system of sperm whales.


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    • Anonymous

      you don't need to farm these at all, just make a new character to start with the amber idol, use a sellsword idol, drop amber idol for other character

      • Anonymous

        In total hours I've spent farming on the Bloated Monstrosity is around 2 hours. I've gotten 1 pressmud, 7 hateful jawbone, 9 ears and 30 red shards and still no drop of the amber idol!!

        • Anonymous

          Farming Spindlebeasts is MUCH faster than any of the other options.Just use a weapon that can one or two shot them, fire an arrow to agro one and run back to the temple, the 2nd one will usually reset at the door.If you can one shot them then they are cake, if you need to two shot them you'll take a hit which you should be able to survive and kill it on the 2nd hit

          • Anonymous

            If you join the House of Splender creed and raise their devotion level to 5 (I believe) you'll have access to all sorts of higher level upgrade materials including Amber idols. Thats what I did and I never had to worry about farming them again.

            • I have been farming this bloody things for 3 days from the Court Sorcerers. Have gotten 1. Seriously I've leveled almost 40 points since that drop. Quite annoying considering they are mandatory for darn near all transmogs. Even with a drop rate of 110.00.

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