Bloodwood Bow

 Attack 10.0
 Weight 7.0
Cost 5000
Dexterity Scaling C
Class 2 Bow
Flags -
Special -


Bloodwood Bow in Salt and Sanctuary is a Bow type weapon.


An elegant bow of polished bloodwood, a species prized by craftsmen for its exceptional durability and striking crimson pigmentation. This magnificent piece is the work of a master bowyer, and so great was his skill that the swirling grain seems to catch and scatter light in a mesmerizing display of iridescence."


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Dexterity this weapon has an Attack of 41.4 at tier VII.

Location/Where to Find




Bloodwood Bow Upgrade Table

Name  Attack Dex Scale Upgrade Materials

Bloodwood Bow

10.0 C -

Bloodwood Bow I

 10.3  C Endless Fang x1

Bloodwood Bow II

 10.8  C Endless Fang x2

Bloodwood Bow III

11.2  C Hateful Jawbone x1

Bloodwood Bow IV

 11.6  C Hateful Jawbone x2

Bloodwood Bow V

 12.1  C Enduring Skull x1

Bloodwood Bow VI

 12.6  C Enduring Skull x2

Bloodwood Bow VII

 13.1  C Twisted Heart x1



Aegis Greatbow  ♦  Gravewalker Greatbow  ♦  Recurve Bow  ♦  Self Bow  ♦  Vilehawk Bow

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