The Nameless God

The Nameless God


NG+7 10,400


50,010 Gold

50,000 Salt

NG+7 410,640 Salt

The Nameless God's Ashes

Strike 0 Fire 500
Slash 180 Lightning 500
Poise 90 Poison 500
Block 100 Holy 500
Block Damage 100 Arcane 500
Block Magic 60    

The Nameless God is the endgame Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

The Lord of this island. Possesses incredible power over time and space, but is mortal, fallible, and forever cursed by insatiable greed. The candelabra he bears may indicate the thing he covets most: a candlelit spirit, unattainable to saltborn."


  • The Still Palace: On the bottom right.
  • Coordinates: {X:62566.09 Y:46780.81}
  • Boss Flags: Defeating this boss grants access to the ENDINGS. / Merchant progress


Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Physical charges, knockback, arcane
  • Weak vs: Strike Damage
  • Strong vs: Elements
  • Has surprisingly low poise and can be interrupted but attacks relentlessly.
  • You are forced into taking fall damage at the start (making it look like you kneel before The Nameless God), use a few red shards or a healing item to regain this after the fall.


  • Sword slashes - Does up to four slashes, depending on if you stay in range.  Can change direction to follow you.  Slight pauses before third and fourth swings which can trick you into thinking he's done.  Fourth slash is a leaping attack you can run under. 
  • Kick - Kicks, walks forward a few steps, then follows up with up to four sword slashes if player is still in range
  • Sword dash - Charges straight across the screen and swings his sword.  Pauses for a moment after missing, allowing you a window to attack.  
  • Grab dash - Charges across the screen.  If he connects he'll grab and headbutt you.  Cannot be blocked. Pauses for a moment after missing, allowing you a window to attack.  
  • Teleport sword throw - Throws sword into the air, which then teleports over your location and slams into the ground creating small shockwaves.  Sword then teleports back into the Nameless God's hand and he strikes the ground in front of him.  Attempt to roll behind him once he's thrown his sword, as you'll have an opportunity to get several hits in. 
  • Energy bolts - Screams and raises into the air surrounded by white energy, then rapidly fires a succession of projectiles that aim at your location.  You'll die quickly if you get caught in the barrage.  The shots can be blocked by a shield that has good Arcane defense (e.g. Silver Shield, Palatine Kite Shield, Ashen Effigy, etc), however if you don't have enough Stamina/Stagger Reduction to absorb them all you will still take damage.  To dodge the shots get close to the Nameless God while he is charging up the attack, then walk away from him once they begin to fire.  They'll all hit the floor where you were a moment ago.  Another method for avoiding them is shadowflipping off either wall as the bolts fire, dart-jumping back into the wall, shadowflipping again,and finally dart-jumping AGAIN, this time towards the boss. Most, if not all, of the bolts will hit the wall. 



Melee Strategy Video


Player Notes



    • Anonymous

      29 Jul 2020 05:42  

      This guy is bull****. Lvl 99 with 69 magic, VII armor... Can't beat him. Half his moves are a 1HKO that you basically can't dodge, and even my dark swarm doesn't keep him stunned like all the comments keep saying. He creeps up to me by the time he's about half health and then it's all over. As soon as he gets too close I can't jump/roll far enough away to get clear before his 1HKO.

      • Anonymous

        15 Apr 2020 17:53  

        Only mage build that can beat this boss down in short-time fight is using dark reach or you can't even make his hp lower than half

        • Anonymous

          03 Apr 2020 17:47  

          Best tactic I found was either wating for him to do the move where he throws the sword up in the air then wating for his afterswing and attacking or keeping distance and waiting near the walls for one of his charges so you can jump over him and attack. Was using Steel Centipede two hand (so next to no dmg) and could barely take a hit so it should work if you're struggling.

          • Anonymous

            03 Apr 2020 15:43  

            First time I entered I had a glitch where I was grabbed and thrown inside the wall, to which he killed me. The boss arenas in this game have been more of an issue than the bosses themselves

            • Anonymous

              29 Jan 2020 10:33  

              this boss is rediculously easy if you have dark swarm... just spam it and keep your distance, he has no chance whatsoever...

              • Anonymous

                11 Oct 2019 10:03  

                When I read that the final boss has crappy Balance/Poise, I equipped the ring that increases stagger damage. The fight was disappointingly short.

                • Anonymous

                  23 Sep 2019 08:25  

                  Heh, I walljumped so high that the game thought i was no longer in a boss battle, then when i fell back in the arena the game did that introduction zoom again and i shat myself because i thought his health was going to be reset, thank this guy his health was still where i left it.

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Jul 2019 21:17  

                    The first time, easy enough. NG+ though... Ugh. It’s not that dodging him is hard, it’s just that he often steamrolls past everything you throw at him and you can only *****slap him once or twice per move. Considering that he resist everything save Strike damage, chipping at him for, like, 12 straight minutes ain’t fun.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Jul 2019 03:22  

                      This is a great fight, but the balance is horrible. He dies in like 5 hits from the Trinity Scepter, but Dex builds (excluding ones with guns) and mages take forever to whittle him down. Really, 500 def for all elements and 180 for slash but ZERO for strike? Come on, strength builds are already overpowered. He should just be 100 across the board or something. He's the final boss for the Three's sake, there aren't even any cool lore reasons behind his resistances.

                      • Anonymous

                        01 Jul 2019 18:01  

                        Maan, If the dev can just add 100 or more Strike Def and raise the poise. It feels underwhelming when using Trinity Scepter

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Mar 2019 09:02  

                          Probably my favorite fight in the game The other bosses just anoyed me, the have good design, but are boring af This battle was, for me, a real skill battle, not a "i do more damage than you" battle

                          • Anonymous

                            12 Feb 2019 01:52  

                            Thank you, Jaws of Death. Not sure if you are strike or slash, but you worked well. A bit of Holy butter added. I pressed Y a lot.

                            • Anonymous

                              31 Dec 2018 03:42  

                              It's possible to get stuck in the wall where the door exiting the room is if he grabs you very close to it. He attempts to throw you across the room, but he's already in the corner, so he throws you int he wall, getting you stuck. Only a few of his sword swings can hit you here as far as I could tell, and if you manage to kill him the door opening dislodges you.

                              • Anonymous

                                27 Nov 2018 11:57  

                                Can confirm, Dark Swarm spam will stunlock him to death. It won't do fantastic damage to him per cast because of his arcane resist though, so using the Crystalmoat and Burning Sky rings are crucial towards maintaining that non-stop spam.

                                • Anonymous

                                  02 Apr 2018 04:59  

                                  Who knew a god was easily crushed by a big rock on a stick, pretty much five hits with the bonecrusher and 40+ strength.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    27 Feb 2018 21:57  

                                    If you jump at the wall, and then wall-jump off the wall and dart-jump back towards the wall until you run out of dart jumps, you will exit and re-enter the boss room, causing the camera to zoom in on the Nameless God and the music to restart. However, his health will not change.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      25 Jan 2018 16:45  

                                      Used Dark Coil with the wand together with lightning pod for extra stagger if needed, because dark coil did sometimes (very rarely) failed to stagger him. Took some time, but killed without getting hit once. Wondering how it'd go in NG+ lol

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