The Nameless God

The Nameless God


NG+7 10,400


50,010 Gold

50,000 Salt

NG+7 410,640 Salt

The Nameless God's Ashes

Strike 0 Fire 500
Slash 180 Lightning 500
Poise 90 Poison 500
Block 100 Holy 500
Block Damage 100 Arcane 500
Block Magic 60    

The Nameless God is the endgame Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

The Lord of this island. Possesses incredible power over time and space, but is mortal, fallible, and forever cursed by insatiable greed. The candelabra he bears may indicate the thing he covets most: a candlelit spirit, unattainable to saltborn."


  • The Still Palace: On the bottom right.
  • Coordinates: {X:62566.09 Y:46780.81}
  • Boss Flags: Defeating this boss grants access to the ENDINGS. / Merchant progress


Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Physical (Both slash and strike), Arcane.
  • Weak vs: Strike Damage
  • Strong vs: Elements
  • Has surprisingly low poise and can be interrupted by attacks.
    • In exchange, most of the attacks done by the boss cause either knockdown, knockback or knockup on hit.
  • You are forced into taking fall damage at the start (making it look like you kneel before The Nameless God), use a few red shards or a healing item to regain this after the fall.

Phase 1

  • Wrath - Does up to four slashes with its greatsword, depending of the range of the player.  All of these attacks can be rolled through, but always try to aim at the position of the player. Deals medium damage per hit and heavy stagger.  Fourth slash is always a leaping attack.
    • Before the third and fourth swing, the boss can make a slight pause, which can trick you into thinking he's done.
    • The player can opt to stay away from the range of the first three slashes, then get close and wait for the fourth slash to roll (or block) through the boss. This saves a lot of stamina and allows to capitalize on the opening.
    • If the players gets too far away when it's performing the combo, the boss may stop prematurely.

  • Contempt - Raises its leg and kicks forward, walking a few steps, then follows up with the four sword slashes if player is still in range. The kick deals medium-low damage, can be rolled through and has not tracking, but comes out very fast.
    • This attack deals purely strike damage.

  • Pride - Charges forward straight across the arena and swings his sword.  Covers extremely long distances, and has a hitbox for the whole duration. Has long recovery, deals medium damage, but comes out very fast.
    • This is the only attack of his arsenal that can be parried.
    • The player can opt to either roll into the boss, or block the attack. Blocking can provide a small oportunity window to hit the boss, while rolling into it allows the player to create some distance and use it to heal or buff.

  • Resentment - Charges forward straight across the arena, trying to grab the player. If it connects, it will proceed to punch them, sending them flying across the arena. The charge  covers extremely long distances, and has a hitbox for the whole duration.  Because this is a grab, it cannot be blocked. Has long recovery on whiff, deals medium damage, but comes out very fast.  Deals medium wounding.
    • The player will definitely need to roll through this attack. It seems to be used the most often when the player blocks frequently. 
    • There's a bug where if the nameless god grabs you when you're hugging a wall on the side of the arena, the player will clip inside the wall, leaving it unable to move.

  • Greed - Throws its sword into the air, which then teleports over your location and slams itself into the ground, creating a small shockwave in both sides of the landing point.  The sword then teleports back into the Nameless God's hand as he strikes the ground in front of him. Deals medium-low damage per hit, has long recovery.
    • All of the motions (sword throw, teleport slam, sword slash) of this move have a hitbox and can damage the player. When trying to roll, be mindful of your positioning.
    • Attempting to roll behind him (into the boss) once he's thrown his sword is advised, provided the player is not too far away when he does so. This will give the player an opportunity to get several hits in, buff, or heal.
    • The shockwaves' range is very short, but if they connect the player will be sent flying upwards. They also consume medium stamina on block.

  • Envy - Screams and raises into the air surrounded by white energy, then rapidly fires a succession of projectiles. These aim at your location and are fired in very short intervals, so the player must keep moving constantly to avoid it. Deals medium-low arcane damage per hit, but has severe stagger, potentially killing the player if the first projectile of the barrage hits them point-blank.
    • The shots can be blocked by a shield that has good Arcane defense (e.g. Silver Shield, Palatine Kite Shield, Ashen Effigy, etc), however if you don't have enough Stamina/Stagger Reduction to absorb them all you will still take damage. 
    • This attack cannot be spell reflected.
    • The player can cancel this attack by staggering the boss, however they must do so very early, because the projectiles start forming from the moment he starts to rise into the air.
    • To dodge the shots, get close to the Nameless God while he is charging up the attack, then walk away from him once most of them are in the air.  They'll all hit the floor where you were a moment ago. 
      • It is not suggested to roll at all, as the recovery will be long enough for the rest of shots to hit you
    • Another method for avoiding the projectiles involves the use of the Shadowflip Brand and the Dart Brand. This may be prefered to just running, if the player is too far away to dodge all the projectiles and will end touching one of the arena's walls.
      • Make sure the projectiles start to shoot at you when you're still in the ground. Then jump into the wall, shadowflip the wall, dart jump back into the wall, shadowflip again the wall, and finally dart-jump AGAIN. Most, if not all, of the bolts will hit the wall.
        • The last dart jump can be done either towards the boss (if the attack ends earlier), or back into the wall again (if the attack is still going).

Phase 2

  • When the boss finishes casting Envy, it will follow up with Pride.
    • As such, it's best advised to be ready to either shadowflip after the projectile barrage ends, or to roll through the sword dash attack.

Melee Strategy Video



Player Notes

  • Boss Set: Overlord Set
  • Make with drops: Blade of Envy, Overlord's Bident
  • Is the only boss with unique battle music.
  • If the Nameless God is near one of the walls when he starts to create his projectiles, most of them will spawn inside the wall, rendering them harmless and despawning instantly.



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    • Anonymous

      21 Sep 2021 19:17  

      Decently hard
      My guess is that most people who found him easy were using those stunlock machines called heavy weapons, because otherwise he's a fun but challenging fight

      On a note my weapon was the Headsman's Voulge

      • Anonymous

        05 Jul 2021 12:43  

        At my first playthrough he wasn't there at all.
        I went down in the palace and in the middle was a well and to the right was the cruzifix guy. No boss at all.

        • Anonymous

          20 Sep 2020 16:35  

          Can't believe they (developer) left such a game-breaking and horrendous bug/glitch in this final boss battle.
          The boss pushes or grab/throws you into the wall and you get stuck glitched in the wall !?
          Complete garbage and massive let-down after what was otherwise a fantastic experience.

          • Anonymous

            20 Aug 2020 11:00  

            The Nameless God got this attack where he charges at you, grabs you and then punches you right in the face, 's pretty annoying, BUT when he grabbed me in a corner and looked like he was about to punch me right through the wall he actually did. Got stuck there in mid air and beside his arcane missiles and overhead slashes all his attacks missed me. Don't worry though either with items or precise rolling/ mid air dashing you can easily get unstuck!
            Pretty nice cheese if you ask me :)

            • Anonymous

              28 Jul 2020 23:42  

              This guy is bull****. Lvl 99 with 69 magic, VII armor... Can't beat him. Half his moves are a 1HKO that you basically can't dodge, and even my dark swarm doesn't keep him stunned like all the comments keep saying. He creeps up to me by the time he's about half health and then it's all over. As soon as he gets too close I can't jump/roll far enough away to get clear before his 1HKO.

              • Anonymous

                15 Apr 2020 11:53  

                Only mage build that can beat this boss down in short-time fight is using dark reach or you can't even make his hp lower than half

                • Anonymous

                  03 Apr 2020 11:47  

                  Best tactic I found was either wating for him to do the move where he throws the sword up in the air then wating for his afterswing and attacking or keeping distance and waiting near the walls for one of his charges so you can jump over him and attack. Was using Steel Centipede two hand (so next to no dmg) and could barely take a hit so it should work if you're struggling.

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Apr 2020 09:43  

                    First time I entered I had a glitch where I was grabbed and thrown inside the wall, to which he killed me. The boss arenas in this game have been more of an issue than the bosses themselves

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Jan 2020 04:33  

                      this boss is rediculously easy if you have dark swarm... just spam it and keep your distance, he has no chance whatsoever...

                      • Anonymous

                        11 Oct 2019 04:03  

                        When I read that the final boss has crappy Balance/Poise, I equipped the ring that increases stagger damage. The fight was disappointingly short.

                        • Anonymous

                          23 Sep 2019 02:25  

                          Heh, I walljumped so high that the game thought i was no longer in a boss battle, then when i fell back in the arena the game did that introduction zoom again and i shat myself because i thought his health was going to be reset, thank this guy his health was still where i left it.

                          • Anonymous

                            25 Jul 2019 15:17  

                            The first time, easy enough. NG+ though... Ugh. It’s not that dodging him is hard, it’s just that he often steamrolls past everything you throw at him and you can only *****slap him once or twice per move. Considering that he resist everything save Strike damage, chipping at him for, like, 12 straight minutes ain’t fun.

                            • Anonymous

                              16 Jul 2019 21:22  

                              This is a great fight, but the balance is horrible. He dies in like 5 hits from the Trinity Scepter, but Dex builds (excluding ones with guns) and mages take forever to whittle him down. Really, 500 def for all elements and 180 for slash but ZERO for strike? Come on, strength builds are already overpowered. He should just be 100 across the board or something. He's the final boss for the Three's sake, there aren't even any cool lore reasons behind his resistances.

                              • Anonymous

                                01 Jul 2019 12:01  

                                Maan, If the dev can just add 100 or more Strike Def and raise the poise. It feels underwhelming when using Trinity Scepter

                                • Anonymous

                                  17 Mar 2019 04:02  

                                  Probably my favorite fight in the game The other bosses just anoyed me, the have good design, but are boring af This battle was, for me, a real skill battle, not a "i do more damage than you" battle

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