Rings are a type of equipment in Salt and Sanctuary. Up of four of rings can be slotted at a time, giving the player special benefits.
Duplicate copies of rings cannot be stacked for most of the unique effects. Rings that give simpler effects such as stat boosts can be stacked.


Rings in Salt and Sanctuary

Ring Icon & Effect Location
Band of the HumbleBand of the Humble
Increase Wisdom.
Not present in the final game.
Bandaged RingBandaged Ring
Reduces wounding effect.
Pickup: Above The Festering Banquet
Bloodflower RingBloodflower Ring
Increase attack power.
Pickup: The Ruined Temple
Bloodluster's RingBloodluster's Ring
Causes wearer's attacks to more frequently reduce foes to bloody chunks.
Pickup: Ziggurat of Dust
Brightcoral RingBrightcoral Ring
Increase Willpower.
Pickup: The Watching Woods - Upper left.
Burning Sky RingBurning Sky Ring
Reduce focus cost of magic spells.
Pickup: Ziggurat of Dust
Stone Merchant - Keepers of Fire and Sky
Charged RingCharged Ring
Increase Magic.
Pickup: Dome of the Forgotten
Buy: Stone Mage - All Creeds.
Conduit of MindConduit of mind
Increase Focus.
Allows greater Fatigue.
Pickup: Bronze Knight in Village of Smiles.
Crystalmoat RingCrystalmoat Ring
Halves effect of focus usage on fatigue

Pickup: Sunken Keep
Buy: Stone Cleric - All Creeds, Stone Merchant - Keepers of Fire and Sky

Dancing RingDancing Ring
Increase your defense to slash attacks.
Pickup: Salt Alkymancery
Defender's RingDefender's Ring
Increase your defense to strike attacks.
Pickup: Fort-Beyond-the-Mire
Faithful RingFaithful Ring
Increase your defense to arcane damage.
Pickup: Bronze Knight in Village of Smiles
Fluke's WardFluke's Ward
Increase fire damage dealt.
Not present in the final game.
Fused Metal RingFused Metal Ring
Increase Endurance.
Pickup: Village of Smiles on the stable platform between the self-destructing platforms area on the top, right-side of the creed.
Goldenstone RingGoldenstone Ring
Increase your defense to lightning damage.
Pickup: Dome of the Forgotten
Grasping RingGrasping Ring
Increase salt obtained from slain enemies.
Pickup: Castle of Storms - Drop before Kraekan Wyrm
Heartspent RingHeartspent Ring
Increases MP at the cost of HP.
Not present in the final game.
Impen Crest RingImpen Crest Ring
Increase your defense to fire damage.
Pickup: Castle of Storms
Kismet StoneKismet Stone
Increase your item find rate.
Pickup: Hidden Doorway after the shortcut from Shivering Shore to Village of Smiles
Link of Fire and SkyLink of Fire and Sky
Nullifies elemental imbalance.
Pickup: Sunken Keep
Buy: Stone Merchant - Keepers of Fire and Sky only
Mending BandMending Band
Regenerate HP.
Pickup: Castle of Storms beside the shortcut lever.
Mossy RingMossy Ring
Increase stamina regeneration rate.
Pickup: Mire of Stench, right after the That Stench Most Foul boss fight and across the falling platforms.
Plated BandPlated Band
Increase Strength.
Pickup: Sunken Keep
Relentless RingRelentless Ring
Dramatically reduces stamina fatigue from combat.
Pickup: Red Hall of Cages - wall jump in the middle of the room with the Heartseeker and Red Lord.
Ring of BrillianceRing of Brilliance
 Illuminate surroundings.
Pickup: Hager's Cavern
Ring of MeditationRing of Meditation
Reduce focus cost of divine prayers.
Pickup: Salt Alkymancery / Siam Lake
Salt Seeker's RingSalt Seeker's Ring
Reveals the location of its owner's missing lost salt.
 Buy: Stone Merchant - All Creeds.
Shroud RingShroud Ring
Increase your defense to holy damage.
Pickup: The Ruined Temple
Sparkling RingSparkling Ring
Increase healing power.
Pickup: Festering Banquet - Requires Vertigo Brand
Stone RingStone Ring
Increase Balance.
Not present in the final game.
Storm RingStorm Ring
Amplifies elemental magic, but also amplifies elemental imbalance.

Pickup: Above Bandit's Pass Sanctuary - Requires Vertigo Brand 
Buy: Stone Merchant - Keepers of Fire and Sky only

Symbol of AffluenceSymbol of Affluence
Increase gold find rate.
Pickup: Hager's Cavern. Below Entrance from Red Hall of Cages. Requires the Cellar Key,
Trickster's BandTrickster's Band
Increase Dexterity.
Pickup: Hager's Cavern - To the right of the Sanctuary, on a pouch with a Stone Cleric.
Twinmetal RingTwinmetal Ring
Dramatically improves unarmed melee damage.
Not present in the final game.
Vile Vines RingVile Vines Ring
Increase your defense to poison damage.
Pickup: Mire Of Stench - Below Entrance, on a platform to the right.
Wrapped RingWrapped Link
Increase rolling speed.
Pickup: The Village of Smiles - Before the descend to the Boss, where the Bronze Knight is, go down a ladder and press circle to activate a secret wall.


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