Rings in Salt and Sanctuary are shown below.



Ring Icon & Effect Location
Band of the HumbleBand of the Humble
Increase Wisdom.
Bandaged RingBandaged Ring
Reduces wounding effect.
Pickup: Above The Festering Banquet
Bloodflower RingBloodflower Ring
Increase attack power.
Pickup: The Ruined Temple
Bloodluster's RingBloodluster's Ring
Causes wearer's attacks to more frequently reduce foes to bloody chunks.
Pickup: Ziggurat of Dust
Brightcoral RingBrightcoral Ring
Increase Willpower.
Pickup: The Watching Woods - Upper left
Burning Sky RingBurning Sky Ring
Reduce cost of magic spells and incantations.
Pickup: Ziggurat of Dust
Stone Merchant - Keepers of Fire and Sky
Charged RingCharged Ring
Increase Magic.
Pickup: Dome of the Forgotten
Buy: Stone Mage - All Creeds.
Conduit of MindConduit of mind
Locks stamina floor to 40.
Pickup: Bronze Knight in Village of Smiles.
Crystalmoat RingCrystalmoat Ring
Halves effect of focus usage on fatigue

Pickup: Sunken Keep
Buy: Stone Cleric - All Creeds, Stone Merchant - Keepers of Fire and Sky

Dancing RingDancing Ring
Increase your defense to slash attacks.
Pickup: Salt Alkymancery
Defender's RingDefender's Ring
Increase your defense to strike attacks.
Pickup: Fort-Beyond-the-Mire
Faithful RingFaithful Ring
Increase your defense to arcane damage.
Pickup: Bronze Knight in Village of Smiles
Fluke's WardFluke's Ward
Increase fire damage dealt.
Pickup: ??
Fused Metal RingFused Metal Ring
Increase Endurance.
Pickup: Village of Smiles on the stable platform between the self-destructing platforms area on the top, right-side of the creed.
Goldenstone RingGoldenstone Ring
Increase your defense to lightning damage.
Pickup: Dome of the Forgotten
Grasping RingGrasping Ring
Increase salt obtained from slain enemies.
Pickup: Castle of Storms - Drop before Kraekan Wyrm
Heartspent RingHeartspent Ring
Increases MP at the cost of HP.
Impen Crest RingImpen Crest Ring
Increase your defense to fire damage.
Pickup: Castle of Storms
Kismet StoneKismet Stone
Increase your item find rate.
Pickup: Hidden Doorway after the shortcut from Shivering Shore to Village of Smiles
Link of Fire and SkyLink of Fire and Sky
Nullifies elemental imbalance.
Pickup: Sunken Keep
Buy: Stone Merchant - Keepers of Fire and Sky only
Mending BandMending Band
Regenerate HP.
Pickup: Castle of Storms beside shortcut lever
Mossy RingMossy Ring
Increase stamina regeneration rate.
Pickup: Mire of Stench, right after the That Stench Most Foul boss fight and across the falling platforms.
Plated BandPlated Band
Increase Strength.
Pickup: Sunken Keep
Relentless RingRelentless Ring
Dramatically reduces stamina fatigue from combat.
Pickup: Red Hall of Cages - wall jump in the middle of the room with Yeyball and Warden.
Ring of BrillianceRing of Brilliance
 Illuminate surroundings.
Pickup: Hager's Cavern
Ring of MeditationRing of Meditation
Reduce cost of divine prayers
Pickup: Salt Alkymancery / Siam Lake
Salt Seeker's RingSalt Seeker's Ring
Reveals the location of its owner's missing lost salt.
 Buy: Stone Merchant - All Creeds.
Shroud RingShroud Ring
Increase your defense to holy damage
Pickup: The Ruined Temple
Sparkling RingSparkling Ring
Increase healing power.
Pickup: Festering Banquet - Requires Vertigo Brand
Stone RingStone Ring
Increase Balance.
Pickup: ???
Storm RingStorm Ring
Amplifies elemental magic, but also amplifies elemental imbalance

Pickup: Above Bandit's Pass Sanctuary - Requires Vertigo Brand 
Buy: Stone Merchant - Keepers of Fire and Sky only

Symbol of AffluenceSymbol of Affluence
Increase gold find rate.
Pickup: Hager's Cavern. Below Entrance from Red Hall of Cages 
Trickster's BandTrickster's Band
Increase Dexterity.
Pickup: Hager's Cavern - To the right of the Sanctuary, on a pouch with a Stone Cleric.
Twinmetal RingTwinmetal Ring
Dramatically improves unarmed melee damage.
Pickup: ??
Vile Vines RingVile Vines Ring
Increase your defense to poison damage.
Pickup: Mire Of Stench - Below Entrance
Wrapped RingWrapped Link
Increase rolling speed.
Pickup: The Village of Smiles - Before the descend to the Boss, where the Bronze Knight is, go down a ladder and press circle to activate a secret wall.


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      The image you use here for the Goldenstone Ring is incorrect. It uses the Defender`s Ring image instead. The correct image is on the Goldenstone Ring`s page.

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