Stats in Salt and Sanctuary determines how effective your character is at just about everything in the game. Strength improves attack of strength-scaled weapons. Endurance determines your maximum equipment load. Dexterity improves attack of dexterity-scaled weapons. Willpower determines your maximum stamina. Magic improves effectiveness of magical spells and incantations, as well as magic-scaled weapons. Wisdom improves effectiveness of prayers, as well as wisdom-scaled weapons.

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Stats in Salt and Sanctuary


Main Stats



Determines maximum health.



Improves attack of strength-scaling weapons.


Determines your maximum equipment load.


Improves attack of dexterity-scaling weapons.


Determines your maximum stamina, focus, and drop rate.


Improves effectiveness of spells, incantations, and magic-scaling weapons.


Improves effectiveness of prayers, as well as wisdom-scaling weapons.


Defensive Stats




The amount of defense you have against strike attacks.


The amount of defense you have against slashing attacks.


The amount of defense you have against fire damage.


The amount of defense you have against lightning damage.


The amount of defense you have against poison damage.


The amount of defense you have against holy damage.


The amount of defense you have against dark/arcane damage.


The amount of Poise you have against attacks, the more your balance, the more hits you can take before you stagger.


Combat Stats




The amount of life the player has. The player will die when it reaches zero.


Works as a magic bar, depletes when you use spells and incantations. Unlike stamina it does NOT replenish on it own but can be replenished with items or at an sanctuary. Focus also slightly depletes whenever the player attacks, jumps or dodges, at a rate of 0.1 focus per action.


This determines the amount of attacking, spell casting, rolling and blocking the player can do before letting it recharge. Depleting the player's Focus will reduce the player's maximum stamina in a roughly proportional amount, capping at an approximately 50% reduction at zero focus.


The amount of damage the player will do with the equipped weapon.

Drop Rate

The rate at which items are likely to drop from enemies. Increasing this stat increases the probability of item drops.


This stat represents how much the player can carry before he is overburdened. Increasing Endurance will increase this value. You will begin to flop when your equip load is above 75%, "slow-roll" when your equip load is above 50%, "mid-roll" when your equip load is above 25%, and "fast-roll" when your equip load is lower than 25%.



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    • Damage Scaling from stats is represented as: Base Damage * (1 + Stat * ScalingValue * 2.5%) E.g. Iron Pot VII: 37.6 * (1 + 50 [Strength] * 0.95 * 0.025) = 82.25 Damage 50 of a damage stat is a soft cap, additional stats are reduced to 10%. So a strength of 60 would use the value of 51 (50 + 10 * 0.10) in the above formula. Strength scaling is increased by 50% when two-handing a weapon. 34 Strength becomes 51 strength, which is soft capped into the value 50.1

      • Anonymous

        I was wondering if Unarmed fist damage scales wit strength. Can anybody with time to spare help me out with this?

        • Anonymous

          I was borred and counted all the nodes on the Skilltree, I'm pretty sure I made no mistake because I ordered the nodes in paint. Here is the result.

          Strength: 52 Nodes (Chainthingy), 5 Swords, 5 Maces, 5 Hammers
          Total Strength: 52*5 (260) + 15*3 (45) = 305

          Endurance: 46 Nodes (Horsethingy), 5 Lightarmor, 5 Heavyarmor
          Total Endurance: 46*5 (230) + 15*2 (30) = 260

          Dexterity: 47 Nodes (Wingthingy), 5 Pikes, 5 Crossbows, 5 Bows
          Total Dexterity: 47*5 (235) + 15*3 (45) = 280

          Willpower: 67 Nodes (Lightningthingy), 5 Dagger, 5 Shields, 5 Whips
          Total Willpower: 67*5 (335) + 15*3 (45) = 380

          Magic: 26 Nodes (Triforcethingy), 5 Wands, 5 Staves, 4! Books
          Total Magic: 26*5 (130) + 15*2 (30) + 10 = 170

          Wisdom: 26 Nodes (Nunthingy), 5 Snowflakes
          Total Wisdom: 26*5 (130) + 15 = 145

          Pots: 15 Hp, 12 Mp = 27

          Total blackpearls needed to maxout the Tree is 1 per Stat point and pot so
          Strength: 305
          Endurance: 260
          Dexterity: 280
          Willpower: 380
          Magic: 170
          Prayer: 145
          Pots: 27
          Total: 1567 blackpearls

          So if its true that the max level is 549 you would still need to collect over 1k blackpearls to max out a char.

          • Anonymous

            the portion of the bar that gets capped when using a lot of stamina, anyone know how to replenish it without having to return to sanctuary?

            • Anonymous

              To test health gained per level, I leveled a character from level 1 to 205. The following are the results of my testing. I found that starting at level 1, 5 health is gained every 2.5 levels (rounded up). Beginning at level 40 health is gained every 5 levels. There is never another increase (tested through cheating).So the list is: Lv.1 = 100Lv.3 = 105Lv.5 = 110 Lv.8 = 115Lv.10 = 120Lv.13 = 125etc ...Lv.40 = 180Lv.45 = 185Lv.50 = 190ect ...Lv.200 = 340Lv.205 = 345Lv.210 = 350ect ...Lv.530 = 670Lv.535 = 675Lv.540 = 680Hope this helps, I noticed there was no in-depth info on health gains. *note: Increasing your level is the ONLY way to gain permanent health.

              • Anonymous

                I'm not sure what determines whether or not i can wield a greathammer or something heavy with one hand. i have the class level, but I have no clue how much strength I need

                • The Equip stat in this is kinda weird. I have an 80 equip rate yet I still fat roll trying to wear a full set of class 2 heavy armor even though I'm up to class 4 stat wise. Then sometimes it will change from 80 to higher and sometimes lower with no explanation as to why. In addition to that how exactly is your health bar increased? Usually games will have a specific stat you can raise to increase it like Vigor or something. Drop rate is another one that's a bit weird as my drop rate is up to 110.00 yet farming Court Wizards for Amber Idols 9 times out of 10 will result in no drops at all even though everything else is dropping everything in their pockets and pants, and being linked to Willpower seems kind of odd. So if I Will it enough will he start dropping the bloody things considering it's needed for practically any transmog item worth getting.

                  • Anonymous

                    at which point exactly does my character a fat roll? i cant seem to understand it,cause sometimes im over 70% and still roll qiut fast and then im at idk 74% and do a fat roll.Can someone tell me the exact numbers?also the numbers change after equiping the inventory it says like 66% and after i equip it its at 71 or so? i dont understand that :/

                    • Anonymous

                      Do I understand right that additional Endurance not only increase maximum equipment load, but also increase my speed if i wear some fixed weight?

                      • How does it scale or work beside y'know measure how much you take before you die? what i mean is how do you level it up? Does your maximum hp increase passively with every skill point or level? is it endurance that increases it? or is it increased with every boss you beat to keep the game's difficulty balance so everything doesn't become super easy.

                        • Anonymous

                          I don't know exactly how, but if you get some value with your focus, you can prevent the trigger from having 0 focus, and so, have unlimited cast ability.I don't know if it does anything, but I use the ring that locks stamina loss.Note that the trigger is effectively triggered when using incentations.

                          • Anonymous

                            How the hell do you prevent wounding on the health bar? get hit a few times and your max HP drops to half!

                            • I was wondering what is the soft cap for dmg stats STR/DEX and MAG/WIS. Lot of weapons pages have data for 40/40 STR/DEX. Anyone noticed while leveling up?

                              • Anonymous

                                I recently noticed that the main stat increases on the tree can have multiple points used in them to raise a score by up to five points. Is is the stat cap the total number of those times five, plus the skills that auto raise a main stat? Or is there a max that each stat can reach regardless of the number of times you can level it on the tree? I'm playing a pure mage and leveling magic, so I should hit a cap soon if there is one. If not then Banzai for crazy magic damage as I try for the whole tree!

                                • Anonymous

                                  The focus stat, at least so far as I've found is used when using magic. Spells use x amount of focus (focus is half of your stam), and lowers your max stam by x amount. The white bar that goes halfway to the end of the stam bar is your focus bar which depleats as you use magic and your max stam will lessen as well. Balance has to do with magic as well, but I'm not entirely sure how yet...

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