Items in Salt and Sanctuary are slightly different from other games. Divided into "Consumable" "Key" and "Material" categories, they should not be confused with equipment or offerings.



Key Items in Salt and Sanctuary are those that unlock areas or are necessary for game  or quest progression.


Name & Icon Usage Location
Bag of EarthBag of Earth Bring it to Fern to receive the White Plate Armor. Pickup: Right next to a White Knight near the Ziggurat of Dust sanctuary.
Bloody WritBloody Writ Grants access to Order of the Betrayer Creed Drop: Die after using Stained Page to desecrate a Sanctuary.
Bone KeyBone Key Opens the door to the Order of the Betrayer Creed Pickup: Given after responding 'Yes' to the Gatekeeper in front of the Order of the Betrayer Creed.
Bronze KeyBronze Key Opens locked door in Bandit's Pass right outside Castle of Storms. Pickup: In Bandit's Pass, when coming from the Mad Jester, on a ledge near bats.
Cellar KeyCellar Key Opens door in Hager's Cavern, leading to Minty Skell. Also opens door leading to The Disemboweled Husk. Pickup: From Hager's Cavern sanctuary, go down until you see an exit to the right (not cages). In a room with spiders and a switch.
Fortress KeyFortress Key Opens door towards Bandit's Pass Drop: The Sodden Knight
Green KeyGreen Key  Opens door leading to the Mad Jester and The Festering Banquet.  Drop: Kraekan Cyclops
Jagged KeyJagged Key  

Opens door towards Grey Pearl

 Pickup: After Kraekan Wyrm
Mossy KeyMossy Key Opens door to the Sunken Keep.  Pickup: After The Mad Alchemist
Sanctuary KeySanctuary Key  Opens door to first sanctuary in Shivering Shore  Pickup: First chest in the Shivering Shore
Spiked KeySpiked Key

Opens door in Hager's Cavern to access Mire of Stench

Drop: The Disemboweled Husk


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