Origins in Salt and Sanctuary are the equivalent of Races in other games. They determine which part of Salt and Sanctuary's world you are from. It changes the skin color of your character, but currently has no other known effects. There are currently 12 known Origins.



Revised "Origins," now includes all Origins

  • Tristin

    • A northern coast duchy once ruled by Duke Carsejaw the Cruel who was infamous for his witch hunts. At war with Askaria.
  • Kadania

    • A country famous for its poisonous swamp forests, its people are tribal and live in untamed lands.
  • Kar'hi

    • A country known for their katana blades, warrior-monks and giant spiders. People there are also apparently quite wealthy.
  • Kulka'as

    • A desert country once ruled over by the powerful Sun King, who built a massive ziggurat. That kingdom fell, and when they allied with Askaria, they began worshipping the New Gods.
  • Coastrock

    • A Federation with a massive military and large mineral resources but little forested areas. They use sand casting to mass produce metal weapons.
  • Jonas' Landing

    • Not mentioned in the game but it may be a territory of Kulka'as due to the similar appearance of its denizens.
  • Askaria

    • A powerful conquering monarchy that created an empire and the pantheon of The Three, also known as the New Gods. They forcibly suppressed the religion of Devara.
  • Citadel

    • Also known as the Citadel of Fire and Sky. A stone tower deep in the woods of Liven where acolytes of Fire and Sky are trained in the art of magic.
  • Liven

    • A monarchy known for its forests and mages, also notorious for once having a mad queen. It is where the former society of monster hunters known as the Bloodbrows originated.
  • Dor Isle

    • An area of highland clans and bustling trade cities, they popularized the claymore-like swords now widely used.
  • Taenibir

    • A country that was reduced to poverty by a Dorian occupation. Its inhabitants, known as Birians, continue to worship Devara and its mercenaries were once famous for their fighting style using longswords.
  • Markdor

    • A mountainous area controlled by Askaria known for powerful warriors who dislike magic and the mining of special electric minerals.
  • Jinderen

    • A forbidden demonic land with a mysterious and unknown race of people.
  • Gulchmire

    • A toxic swamp where lizard people dwell.

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