New Player Help page for Salt and Sanctuary contains an overview of beginner-friendly tips and links to important pages that players will want to consider while fighting for their survival in the Island. You may also visit the Official Salt and Sanctuary Forum to ask others players for assistance and advise, or chat with the developers.

 New Player Help


Sanctuaries are safe havens where players will be able to do their level-up process as well as summon friends (locally only) for help (using a Stone Sellsword) and interact with merchant and other NPCs. Sanctuaries are bound to a Creed, and will serve as the respawn point upon death or to reinitiate a game session.



When players die, all of their salt is absorbed by a nearby enemy (one is populated if none were nearby), that must be found and defeated without the player dying for the salt to be reimbursed. During co-op play, if one player dies but the other defeats the enemy, the salt is restored to the dead player automatically. Dead players will respawn at the last visited sanctuary, and you may travel back to any sanctuary to respawn your dead ally. You may also use Miracles such as Revive to raise fallen allies on the spot.


Leveling up: Salt

In order to level up, players must gather enough Salt and make it to a special checkpoint where they can use the salt to buy "Black Pearls". These pearls are then used in the "Tree of Skill" menu to unlock specific armor and weapon qualities, improve stats and obtain extra health vials.

If you see weapons or armor with two red lines forming an X, it means you don't have the requirements to use the item. If you see only one red line (over weapons) it means you must two-hand the weapon to use it effectively.


Movement and Actions

The Controls page has the button layout of the game. However there's more to it than meets the eye. Players will want to consider tailoring their builds to allow for sufficient armor whilst also balancing Equipment Load so they are not overencumbered or extremely slow. The key stats that determine your movement are Endurance and Will, one will increase your equipment load whilst the other will buff your Stamina, allowing you to perform more actions before becoming exhausted.

Player movement is also affected by enemy stagger, and can be further modified by obtaining Brands, which give special effects such as the ability to double-jump.


Game Progress

Salt and Sanctuary is a discovery game, and the player will find many situations where progress isn't obvious. We recommend following our walkthrough or checking out the Game Progress Route for ideas on how to proceed. The average playthrough will be around 20 hours and it is expected players would reach level 70-80 for the endgame boss.

It is advisable to take careful consideration of one's build and compare weapons and their upgrades accordingly, as Gray Pearls (used to reallocate points) are rare, and the player may end up with an unoptimized character that struggles with bosses.

The Multiplayer page explains progress mechanics for co-op players.


New Game Plus

Once the main game is defeated, players have the option of replaying the game with all their stats and gear from the previous run. This is called "New Game Plus". The consecutive playthroughs bring a new challenge as enemies increase in difficulty, and hide new treasures for players to continue developing their characters.


Recomended Start

Start as Paladin (you can also start as a Knight), it's the easier class to handle. Take the Amber Idol as starting bonus, so you can transmute your weapon as fast as possible. The best early weapon for force scaling character is the Kureimoa which can be found in the Village of Smile. Once you've got the access to transmutation, you can choose Shrouded Bulwark if you killed the Sodden Knight before, or you can choose Jaws of Death for a better scaling weapon. 

This game may be look hard for new players but is not 

Take your time for farming salt and item from enemy

You will need it later or sooner


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