Skills: / /
Str: 5 End: 5 Dex: 5
Will: 5 Mag: 5 Wis: 5

Pauper is a Class in Salt and Sanctuary.

Pauper is one of two Classes that begin the game with no Skills (Chef being the other).

The Pauper is better-equipped than the Chef, and is therefore a better choice for new players who simply want the freedom to distribute Skills wherever they want, but do not necesarily want a high degree of challenge (although it is not the strongest starting class, either).


Recommended Stats

  • None. This is a blank-slate character that you can develop any way you want.


Starting Items

3 x

Starting Equipment

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    • Anonymous

      Wish they would have given a little more info on this guy. Having trouble figuring out what build i should make for him.

      • Anonymous

        Just an FYI that you must build out your character starting from the additional potion slot in the middle of the skill tree, as opposed to placing it in other skills (i.e. classes' starting skills). I had assumed that I could slot my first two Pearls into Swordfighter Level 1 and Cleric Level 1, but t'was not to be.

        • Pauper is an excellent starting class with some tricks up its sleeves, it start with both Axe with shield and a pitchfork. Both load outs are good for any melee class you might want to branch off into, Axe has pretty fast attack speed wielded in either 1h or 2h good for those who like to charge in and overpower your enemies. The pitchfork is another great weapon with good range on to keep enemies at a distance good for the cautious player but also has some devastating spin combos for the aggressive type. both weapons can block attacks and parry but for some extra defense this class starts with a shield. It's your basic wooden Shield nothing like the ones that the Paladin or the Knight get at the start but this one is very light and does weigh you down like that of the Knight or Paladin. The shield can be wielded with either weapon you prefer. Use it with the axe for some extra protection while advancing on some enemies, or use it with the Pitchfork for those enemies the lunge a little bit to close for comfort. Last but not least the Pauper gets x3 Birian Firepots to start with, yup might be thinking "yeah so what?" Well these pack a punch if you hang on to these bad boys til you get to Sodden Knight you can blast though him like a breeze. Hit him with all three and he goes down like nothing! He can even be taken down with two very well placed hit from them as well. So yeah the Pauper is my goto starter when starting a new character from scratch

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