That Stench Most Foul



NG+7 9,500


14.010 Gold

14,000 Salt

NG+7 324,240 Salt

That Stench Most Foul's Tooth

Strike 250 Fire -50(-40*)
Slash 50 Lightning 50
Poise 100 Poison 90(500*)
Block 0 Holy -50(-40*)
Block Damage 0 Arcane 50
Block Magic 60    

*: Enhanced Edition Values

That Stench Most Foul is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

Putrescent lord of the Mire of Stench. This hideous, foul creature is said to have emerged from an alchemical experiment once conducted by a Woodswraith alchemist with more ambition than caution. The creature was small at first, but upon eating its creator, not only did it grow, but it learned of its love of human flesh."


  • Mire of Stench: You must trigger a switch on the top left of the area to open the door to the boss, also on the top left.
  • Coordinates: X:20563.05 Y:24250.69}
  • Boss Flags: Redshift Rune teacher is after this boss.


Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Poison, Strike
  • Weak vs: Fire and Holy Damage
  • Strong vs: Strike
  • Summons Stenchpods

Phase 1

  • Spawn - Summons small floating heads that attack you. These heads have no spawn limit, and bite the player, dealing poison buildup per hit.
    • This attack also creates a small poison cloud around the summoned Stenchpod, in front of the boss. The hitbox on this poison cloud lingers more than it's animation suggests, so make sure to stay clear out of it. Has medium range.
    • Sometimes the heads will go and stay in one side of the stage for undetermined periods of time, doing nothing.
  • Poison breath - Spits a poison cloud along the floor. This attack has a hitbox both in front and behind the area where it's directed.
    • However, this attack is usually done when the boss hovers to one side of the stage. As such, the player can easily counter this by running away at the opposite end of where the boss is.
  • Bramble Burst - When the player is near the boss, it may extend thorns out of his body. This acts as a explosion AOE attack, dealing high poison buildup and damage.
    • Has short range and long windup, but sends the player flying if it connects.
  • Arm Swipes - Has a melee attack consisting of 2 swipes with his arms, but does so very rarely. Both are easily rolled through.

Phase 2

  • Neither attacks or patterns change.The boss remains the same until death


Melee Strategy Video





Player Notes

  • Craft with drop: Adder Fang and Mephitic Arquebus
  • It is suggested to equip the Vile Vines Ring and bring some antidotes in this fight.
  • If you're able to get Fire or Holy damage added to your weapons, do so. While the boss has huge hitboxes, it's patterns are very simple, and make it easier to buff, heal or hit him at all times.
    • If using buffs via consumables, weapons with high base damage get the most mileage out of them, due how they work.
  • None of it's attacks can be parried or spell reflected.
    • However, it's Stenchpods' bite attack can be parried normally.



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    • Anonymous

      I'm ashamed to admit I died to it on my second play through, but in my defence, I was using shrouded bulwark and wasn't dodging the poison when the stenchpods were released

      • Anonymous

        boss was too easy to be a boss, just getting to it was the challenge, and with a decent greatsword, just makes this boss look 30 times smaller

        • Anonymous

          Oh I was worried that a boss in the game wouldn't have an instakill aoe attack. But this boss quickly reassured me

          • Anonymous

            Just use impen's charm, a blessed page, a greatsword and stay close to it repeatedly attacking. You'll kill it before even taking damage lmfao

            • Anonymous

              Seems like its AoE "pufferfish" attack, while rare, hits extremely hard. Got one-shot by it on NG+, not expecting it to, you know, do anything besides spawn Stenchpods. Also seems like Stenchpods have a tendency to get "stuck" on the edge of the arena, so if the fight drags on (as it certainly can on higher NG levels), they just hang out on the edges watching the fight until the boss dies, at which point they swarmed me.

              • Anonymous

                I feel like I was the only person who found this boss to be hard. Like, I actually died to him, multiple times, even when using armor strong against his attacks and using damage types strong against his defenses.

                • Anonymous

                  This guy, the most poisony of poison bosses in the game, has only 90 poison resistance and can be poisoned to death with ease. Seems legit.

                  • Anonymous

                    After the nightmare cancer jumping nonsense to get to this boss he was a total joke and got slaughtered. Chef's apron + trousers + fireball and the "flame turret" spell = rekt.

                    • Anonymous

                      Stupid wall jumping crap keeps killing me. Wish there was a "no clip" cheat so I could avoid all this idiotic jumping crap.

                      • Anonymous

                        This has got to be the easiest boss in the game.I havent completed it yet, but so far this one was easier than the mobs in the region.

                        • Anonymous

                          I noticed that in NG+ this boss gains additional attacks, attacking with his hands instead of just idly flying around and sometimes spitting poison/adds, never encountered that attack on NG, only NG+

                          • Anonymous

                            I just finished the game for the first time, playing blind, and now I'm in NG+. Somehow, I never found the Mire of Stench nor this boss, and as a result never got the Redshift Brand.

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