Attack 16.0
 Weight 3.0
Dexterity Scaling E
Class 4 Dagger
Flags HP Leech
Special -


Eviscerator in Salt and Sanctuary is a Dagger type weapon.


A grisly blade used in unspeakable ceremonies. Specifically designed to hook and rend the internal organs of living victims."

Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Dexterity this weapon will have an Attack of 46.0 at tier VII.
  • Grants 0.7 HP per attack.

Location/Where to Find

Eviscerator Upgrade Table

 Name Attack Dex Scale Material


16.0 E -

Eviscerator I

16.6 E Frozen Doll x1

Eviscerator II

17.3 E Frozen Doll x2

Eviscerator III

17.9 E Frozen Locket x1

Eviscerator IV

18.7 E Frozen Locket x2

Eviscerator V

19.4 E Frozen Reliquary x1

Eviscerator VI

20.2 E Frozen Reliquary x2

Eviscerator VII

21.0 E Frozen Tome x1




Cutpurse Shiv  ♦  Kaltic Razor  ♦  Midshipman's Dirk  ♦  Opal Tusk  ♦  Pessklaw


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    • Good wpn for a min/max build, mage, dex, hell even faith (though for faith the opal tusk is actually better). Requires no offensive stats to unlock as dagger will give you willpower, and has the best buff factor of all daggers making it completely devastating with no stat investment. The buffed dagger kick will decimate everything in your way.

      • Anonymous

        I'm fairly certain that this weapon was designed as a backup weapon for "elemental builds". Poor scaling and high base damage which translates into really good damage output when buffing with consumables and especially incantations/prayers (i.e. Venomous Blade, Arcane Weapon or Divine Blessed Weapon). As a result, it outclasses EVERY other dagger. For instance, when using Divine Blessed Weapon, it outclasses even the Opal Tusk by a significant margin. And let's not mention that it's an absolute boss-shredder.

        • Anonymous

          The dialogue when Fern gives you this dagger says: "Maybe a greater challenge is what your heart desires". They knew daggers were underpowered.... ***** you devs!!! ***** you!!!

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