Upgrade Materials in Salt and Sanctuary are what the player use to Upgrade their Weapons, Shields and Armor at a Stone Blacksmith in their Sanctuary. There are 4 tiers of Upgrade Materials and they will work as follows:




Upgrade Materials

Tier I & II Tier III & IV Tier V & VI Tier VII

Lock of Hair

A Soldier's Poem

A Lord's Orders

A King's Orders

Drowned Idol

Drowned Locket

Drowned Censer

Drowned Tome

Endless Fang

Hateful Jawbone

Enduring Skull

Twisted Heart

Frozen Doll

Frozen Locket

Frozen Reliquary

Frozen Tome

Charred Doll

Charred Locket

Charred Reliquary

Charred Tome



Transmutation Materials

 Class 1 Class 2 & 3 Class 4 Class 5

Silver Leaf

Amber Idol

Diamond Cluster

Shimmering Pearl


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