The False Jester

The False Jester


NG+7 7,600



6,000 Salt

NG+79 800 Salt

The False Jester's Ear

Strike 300 Fire 0
Slash 0 Lightning 0
Poise 90 Poison 0
Block 100 Holy 0
Block Damage 100 Arcane 0
Block Magic 60    

The False Jester is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary.


A formidable Kraekan of undefined shape. The False Jester assumed this form to lure, snare, and impale adventurers in search of the true jester. "


  • Sunken Keep: From the area sanctuary, go up and left.
    • Alternatively, if you've defeated the Kraekan Cyclops, you can use the Green Key to open a door below the Jester's room and follow the path to a shrine. The route from the shrine is far shorter and enemy-free.
  • Coordinates: {X:26812.87 Y:17064.85}
  • Boss Flags: If Kraekan Cyclops is defeated, you can skip the False Jester fight by simply going around his room using the shrine path. It is unknown if you can return to fight the Jester later, but it is recommended to fight him for his salt. (Especially using the nearby shrine as a respawn point.)


Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Slash, Knockback, Knockdown.
  • Weak vs: Slash, Elemental Damage
  • Strong vs: Strike Damage

Phase 1

  • Leap Attack - short leaping attack, has some tracking and may punish rolling through.
  • Jump Attack - jumps at the player while swinging his weapon.
  • Thrust Combo - thrusts his weapon that may be followed by another one or upward slash.
  • Running Attack - runs at the player and stabs them.

Phase 2 (50% HP)

  • Becomes more aggressive and chains thrusts more often


Melee Strategy Video 


Player Notes

  • Use The False Jester's Ear to transmute the Antler Baton.
  • If you enter the room from the left and exit quickly, the Jester will come out, but will be invincible. If you get down to the area on the archers, the Jester will follow you and eventually will fall off the platform will die instantly! 



    • Anonymous

      11 Jul 2020 17:52  

      This guy is almost naked and has 300 StrikeDef. Not even the excuse that light armor is somehow good against strike damage can work here.

      • 25 Mar 2019 18:47  

        f you enter the room from the left and exit quickly, the Jester will come out, but will be invincible. If you get down to the area on the archers, the Jester will follow you and eventually will fall off the platform will die instantly!

        • Anonymous

          04 Jan 2019 16:20  

          If you did the Kraken Cyclops first, you will still be able to do this boss. Missed him and only got to him later.

          • Anonymous

            31 Dec 2017 14:11  

            There is a way to tell how he'll jump; watch his rapier. If he holds it under him, pointing back, he's leaping forward; if it points forward, he's jumping up and stabbing the floor

            • Anonymous

              15 Jun 2017 05:40  

              Why is not recommended to fight the cyclops first. He's actually easier once you unlock the res pawn area on the other side.

              • Anonymous

                29 Apr 2017 00:28  

                This guy is actually an optional boss. Use the path below the boss room, then you will meet the real Jester without defeating this False Jester.

                • Anonymous

                  11 Feb 2017 02:19  

                  Its completely possible to walk into the boss arena, then right back out again and have him follow you across the map.
                  I found this out on accident not realizing that i walked into his boss arena, i rolled out and ran by the vilehawks, only to get the biggest jumpscare of my *****ing life by the Jester charge hitting me into the special, antigrav area that you would normally need a brand for. He fell down the small gap by the vilehawks, and I got the boss defeated screen.

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Jan 2017 12:19  

                    Ok, so i completely missed this fight cause i defeated the kraeken cyclops. I did find the true jester though.

                    • Anonymous

                      This guy is no joke (NG+)08 Oct 2016 15:49  

                      In NG, I melted him too quickly to realize that this mofo is actually no laughing matter. If you get hit once, only ONCE, he can stunlock you to death with perfectly timed chained meaty wake-ups (hits you right when your frames are active as you're getting up and before you can do a thing). His range and his chase potential are incredibly deceptive and can get to you before you can pull-out your healing ware. I'm a Woodswraith and a dagger user, so fights can last long, which means more room for mistakes. If you're like me, better stay focused with this guy. Poison him with your dagger preferably, you don't have time to throw a wraithfang. Seriously, the Witch of the Lake was easier... in;dr - If RNG is not on your side, don't you dare get hit or use a shield or a disruptive weapon with range.

                      • Anonymous

                        New game+07 Jun 2016 16:32  

                        Easy at new game but hard af at new game+ bcos total health of the jester and a bug problem. I'm Lvl. 105. Wise Spellsword heavy hitter build.

                        • Glitch/Cheese Report19 Mar 2016 17:45  

                          If you have the Green key from the Kraeken Cyclops boss, you can access the Jester boss room from "behind" and aggro the boss.If you then go back where you came from to enter the boss room from the "front", the boss will come charging out of his room and (in my case) fall to his death.

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