Recurve Bow

Attack 10.0
Weight 8.0
Dexterity Scaling B
Class 4 Bow
Flags -
Special -

 Recurve Bow in Salt and Sanctuary is a Bow type weapon.


A high-quality longbow of varnished elm, handmade by a professional bowyer for military use. It exhibits a recurved design common throughout the Eastern continent, and its riser bears the seal of the Askarian Army above a blank plaque upon which its owner's name would normally be engraved.


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Dexterity this weapon has an Attack of 46.0 at tier VII.



Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

  • Videos go here



Recurve Bow Upgrade Table

  Attack Dex Scale Material

Recurve Bow

10.0 B -

Recurve Bow I

10.3 B Lock of Hair x1

Recurve Bow II

10.8 B Lock of Hair x2

Recurve Bow III

11.2 B A Soldier's Poem x1

Recurve Bow IV

11.6 B A Soldier's Poem x2

Recurve Bow V

12.1 B A Lord's Orders x1

Recurve Bow VI

12.6 B A Lord's Orders x2

Recurve Bow VII

13.1 B A King's Orders x1



    • Anonymous

      18 Aug 2017 00:12  

      If you already have the Aegis Greatbow, I recommend against getting this one. It just isn't worth it. It's actually worse if you use buffs. Save your salt.

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