Kraekan Longsword

 Attack 24.0
 Weight 12.0
 Strength Scaling  Dexterity Scaling
Class 4 Sword
Flags None
Special Slow Hitter

 Kraekan Longsword in Salt and Sanctuary is a Sword type weapon.



An ornate and unusually heavy longsword carried by the Bronze Knights as they stoically patrol the dark corners of this forsaken realm. It's surface bears not a scratch nor a speck of tarnish, apparently impervious to corrosion by the oppressive marine fog enveloping the island like a shroud. Little can be surmised from this weapon's appearance; even a thorough inspection yields no clues to it's origins nor those of it's former master.


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Strength and 50 Dexterity this weapon has an Attack of 117.3 at tier VII.
  • Two-handing a weapon increases Strength by 50% for damage scaling, meaning you only need 34 Strength to reach the 50 Strength soft cap when two-handing a weapon.
  • Having the Slow Hitter special, it is suggested to pair a mossy charm for increased attack speed.
  • Being one of the items requiring "Drowned" items to upgrade, it is better to upgrade a base sword as high as possible and then transmute it to this sword.
  • This sword high base damage makes it ideal for weapon buffs, and it's range is deceptively long.

Location/Where to Find



Moveset and Videos:

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Kraekan Longsword Upgrade Table

  Attack Str Scale Dex Scale Material

Kraekan Longsword

24.0 E C -

Kraekan Longsword I

 25.1 E  C Drowned Idol x1

Kraekan Longsword II

 26.4 E C Drowned Idol x2

Kraekan Longsword III

 27.7 E C Drowned Locket x1

Kraekan Longsword IV

 29.1 E C Drowned Locket x2

Kraekan Longsword V

 30.6 E C Drowned Censer x1

Kraekan Longsword VI

 32.1 E C Drowned Censer x2
Kraekan Longsword VII  33.7 E C Drowned Tome x1




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    • What the comments here are saying. Tack the mossy charm onto this thing to offset the slower speed, and with the way its base damage works even at lower Dex levels this thing hits like a truck. The light-to-heavy uppercut combo does a decent amount of stagger, too, and this thing works great with any buffs (to where a single light hit is enough to dispatch a decent number of enemies).

      Add an elemental buff AND the Goldenwine, and you'll be ripping things to shreds in seconds. Don't let that slower swing speed effect fool you; this thing is a monster.

      • Anonymous

        Although slow and has mediocre scaling, its high base damage means higher weapon buff damage.
        Buff this weapon with any resins and it becomes surprisingly good, not to mention that it has good range.

        • Anonymous

          Being a one handed sword + shield player this is my weapon of choice. Don't let the Slow Hitter turn you down.

          • Anonymous

            Why not just use the Kureimoa?

            It does more damage, has more reach, weighs just as much, has lower requirements, and can be obtained much earlier.
            The only things this weapon has on the Kureimoa is a faster attack speed and lower stamina costs, the former being marginal due to the reach, and the latter becoming less of an issue the more you level Willpower.

            • The basic attacks are quite slow even with the Mossy Charm, but if you use jumping light attacks, it is just ever so slightly slower than an Arming Sword with a Mossy Charm, and still quicker than heavier weapons. It's a bit tougher with combat that doesn't involve jumping, as you'll need either Balance or well-timed shield blocks to defend yourself. The speed picks up after the initial light, going into a nice 1-1/2/3-1/2/3 from there

              • Anonymous

                i have every prerequisite to craft it but it does not show up in the list of things to transmute? is it a bug? or do i need to use a class four sword to make it?

                • Anonymous

                  The attack speed on this weapon is awful considering the damage output. It seems like you are much better off one handing a great sword for the extra damage and not significantly less attack speed.

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