Pistols are a type of Weapon in Salt and Sanctuary. They require the Marksman Skill in order to use them. They function similar to shotguns high damage, short range.

Pistols are capable of being fired in the middle of most combos, making your character do a quick backstep as he/she fires, invaluable when enemies come too close for comfort. Pistols can also interrupt most humanoid enemy attacks, when shooting them at the right moment just as they wind-up for an attack, setting them up for a riposte for a chance to cause massive damage.



Name & Icon Attack Dex Scale Wis Scale Special Wgt Class
Flintlock Pistol 14.0 B - - 8 1
Dragoon Espingole 18.0 C - - 10 2
Lucent Musketoon 10.0 / 10.0 D B Holy 16 3
Mephitic Arquebus 8.0 / 8.0 B - Poison 10 4
Mosaic Culverin 14.0 S - - 14 5


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    • Anonymous

      If your main weapon is meant for 1-handing, then you must know that you can combo a "slam" attack (mid-air heavy) with a quick shot. With a dagger for example, you can execute strings like this : Light > Heavy > Heavy > Shot and deal a STAGGERING amount of damage.

      Same for crossbows and wands.

      • Anonymous

        Was using a gun in the off hand with the gun-sword (needed to use the holy damage on Lucent), and the game deleted my gun from existence. Don't know if I can get it back nor where to find another one, as shopkeepers and blacksmiths don't seem to carry them Ina by of my creeds.

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