Ronin Cran

Ronin Cran


NG+7 11,400


15,010 Gold

15,000 Salt

NG+7 326,640 Salt

Ronin Cran's Ashes

Strike 80 Fire 25
Slash 300 Lightning 25
Poise 200 Poison 25
Block 100 Holy 25
Block Damage 100 Arcane 25
Block Magic 60    

Ronin Cran is an optional Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

Ronin Cran, or Broken Cran, a name he earned from his famous broken greatsword, was a masterful knight in the service of Jaret, King of Storms, until his dishonorable discharge and subsequent flight by night."





Combat Information

  • Attack Types:
  • Weak vs: All Elements
  • Strong vs: Slash

Phase 1

  • Pauses and is surrounded by dark flames (animation only) that seems to boost the power of his attacks.
  • An overhead slash or lunge, a forward kick, and a leaping uppercut, which can be combined and chained into a combo depending on your proximity.
  • Pauses and staggers towards you, attempting to kick you. Deals moderate damage and knockback.
  • Pauses and leaps forward, stabbing his broken sword down and out at you. Deals moderate damage and can knock you down.
  • If you move too far away, Cran will crouch and somersault towards you, spinning his sword and dealing heavy damage.
  • Occasionally Cran will do a short leap back to dodge your attacks before employing one of the above attacks.

Phase 2

  • Becomes faster and there is less time between his attacks. His combos become more aggressive.
  • Seems to be more likely to leap and stab at you.


Melee Strategy Video


Player Notes



    • Anonymous

      02 Mar 2019 23:56  

      If you read all the sections about his story in the tree of skill (the hillfigure knoll horror) you will really have a new appreciation for this character. He's a Bloodbrow who survived hell, only to end up being disgraced after running from Jaret, the King of Storms. Definitely one of the most awesome characters in the game.

      • Anonymous

        22 Oct 2018 03:22  

        So, my first try, I was using the Obsidian Pillar, upgrade level 4, at 48 strength, modified with two-handed strength. I was getting beaten pretty badly, then I realized I was fatrolling and swapped to my secondary slot, which was using a Kraekan axe. I died. Then, I changed my Pillar to an Iron Butterfly, same upgrade level, and got only hit once during the entire fight.

        • Anonymous

          25 Apr 2018 10:45  

          Just maintain distance until he beggins to powerup, than do a long combo on in, go away, maintain distance, repeat. With great axe I can do 8 atks on in. Imagine a dagger? XD

          • Anonymous

            03 Oct 2017 04:10  

            The easiest way to kill Ronin Cran is to equip any shield that blocks 100% physical damage. Block and get in maybe one slash here and there until he starts charging up his dark magic. Then wail on him until he goes super saiyan. Then block until the magic wears off and wait for him to charge it again.

            This method is somewhat slow, but I've found over several playthroughs and builds that Cran can often punish you during periods where you might think it safe to sneak in an attack or two. His blows are deceptively fast. If you do decide to get greedy, at least stay defensive when he has his dark aura up. His damage is no joke when he's charged with dark energy.

            • Anonymous

              Block to win24 Jul 2016 06:16  

              SO EASYall I do is put on the lamprey armor, wield the pruina scutum, walk up to the guy, block for ten minutes, and he dies.

              • Anonymous

                Boss attack list.10 Jun 2016 22:34  

                Due to the lovely power of a all attacks 100% resist 95.5 stagger resist Iron Rampart shield, here is the list of all attacks Ronin Cran does in both phases.Phase 1Bends back and twists body, then leaps forward low to the ground. Damages during leap and thrusts sword forward at the end.Leaps backwards, often uses dash after.Rears back then forward thrusts.Rears back then charges forward and deals damage as he does. Can combo into kick then/or an uppercut.Stops and then channels to gain an aura of dark magic. Not sure what it does, but I think it ups his damage.Overhead swing that often combos into a leap, may combo a kick before leap if magically charged.Phase twoFaster attack rateCharge that almost always combos into a kick and then an uppercut then overhead.Rear back and thrust, kick, overhead comboIf still in range of last move, double overheadIf very far from him, bends down and then does a massive leap while spinning like a buzzsaw. Covers 60-75% of battle area.These are the moves I saw him use in both phases. I don't know hwo to edit wikis well so if anyone could better summerize this and add it to his fight section, that would be lvoely, thansk.

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