Skills: heavy_armor-icon.png berzerke-iconr.png
Str: 6 End: 6 Dex: 5
Will: 5 Mag: 5 Wis: 5

Paladin is a Class in Salt and Sanctuary.

Paladin is one of three Class that begins with a Hammer ( Chef and Cleric being the other) and is one of two Classes that can use Heavy Armor from the beginning of the game ( Knight being the other). Choosing this Class means that you will want to focus your Skill Points on Berzerker and Heavy Armor. You will want to invest points into Fortified Strength to increase the damage of your Weapons, Augmented Endurance to increase Equipment Load, allowing you to gain mobility in your Heavy Armor, and Aged Wisdom if you fancy yourself a more traditional Paladin who uses Prayers.

Paladin also begins the game with a hidden ring - Mending Band.  

Recommended Stats

Starting Item

5 xLightvessel

Starting Equipment

Morning Starpaladins_shield.jpg paladin_hood.jpgpaladin_armor.jpg

Early Game Tips:

Better Helm:

While the majority of the armor is very good with it's weight/defense ratio, the Palatine Coif is not. It is adviced to replace with the Rogue's Mask which is found in the Festering Banquet. The Rogue's Mask weighs only 0.6 more than the Palatine Coif and doubles to triples the defense in all defenses but Arcane. This is a very good improvement while you build your character to gain more Endurance for a Heavy Helm.

Better Shield:

If you join The Three as your starting Creed you are also able to get an early improvement to the Palatine Kite Shield. The Teuthis Shield is able to be bought as soon as you gain a Stone Blacksmith in the Festering Banquet. The Teuthis Shield weighs only 2 more but also has 100 Slash Defense on top of the 100 Strike Defense, it also has higher stagger resistance.

Palatine Armor & Shield Location:

You are also able to collect the Palatine armor set and Shield from a chest at Hager's Cavern. Chest is located at the building toward the top/middle of the map, it is located on the wooden scaffolding to the left of the building. Note: This is a level 0 Heavy Armor set except for the helm with is level 0 Light Armor.

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