Bronze Axe Knight

Bronze Axe Knight
Health: 300
Drops: 800 Salt (+ ~? Gold)
Kraekan Shield x1 [10]
Bronze Axe Knight's Ashes x1 [40]
Kraekan Helm x1 [10]
Kraekan Armor x1 [10]
Kraekan Greaves x1 [10]
Kraekan Gloves x1 [10]
Strike 150 Fire 250
Slash 650 Lightning 250
Poise 50 Poison 250
Block 95 Holy 250
Block Damage 100 Arcane 250
Block Magic 70    

Bronze Axe Knight is a Beast in Salt and Sanctuary

A well-armored axe-wielding knight. The armor these guardians bear is completely unlike any from the continents."


  • Mire of Stench, standing in front of the lever used to open the boss room.
  • Dome of the Forgotten: One before the Untouched Inquisitor's area, and another above the boss area. Be aware that there are Whispermen around each one.



Combat Information

    • Attack Types: Forward motions
    • Weak vs: Strike damage (Marginally)
    • Strong vs: Slash damage



Player Notes


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    • Anonymous

      16 Jul 2018 20:24  

      I happened to use poison to kill them which had the benefit of giving me some of their stats. They seemed to have more stats before I killed the boss as I had one where I managed to get poison numbers to add up to almost 600 hp before they would die but after I killed the boss they seemed to spawn with 300 hp. I don't know for sure if this was how it worked out but I farmed a good number of them after I killed the boss and they seemed to have 300 hp every time after I killed the boss but before I did it I know I had one of them adding up to 575ish hp before it went down to the poison.

      • Anonymous

        15 Jun 2018 22:39  

        This vlown has alot more than 300 health. I call bs. I fought thus dude for like 10 minutes before i died. Did well over 2000 dmg to him.

        • Anonymous

          18 May 2017 21:38  

          For some reason, my unupgraded Midshipman's Dirk does more damage to this guy on a riposte/critical than my fully upgraded Eviscerator. In general, it seems that the higher your physical attack power with a 100% slash weapon, the less damage you deal to him on a critical.

          If someone could figure out why, that would be great 'cause I can't.

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