Bronze Axe Knight

Bronze Axe Knight
Health: 300
Drops: 800 Salt (+ ~? Gold)
Kraekan Shield x1 [10]
Bronze Axe Knight's Ashes x1 [40]
Kraekan Helm x1 [10]
Kraekan Armor x1 [10]
Kraekan Greaves x1 [10]
Kraekan Gloves x1 [10]
Strike 150 Fire 250
Slash 650 Lightning 250
Poise 50 Poison 250
Block 95 Holy 250
Block Damage 100 Arcane 250
Block Magic 70    

Bronze Axe Knight is a Beast in Salt and Sanctuary

A well-armored axe-wielding knight. The armor these guardians bear is completely unlike any from the continents."


  • Mire of Stench, standing in front of the lever used to open the boss room.
  • Dome of the Forgotten: One before the Untouched Inquisitor's area, and another above the boss area. Be aware that there are Whispermen around each one.



Combat Information

    • Attack Types: Forward motions
    • Weak vs: Strike damage (Marginally)
    • Strong vs: Slash damage



Player Notes


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    • Anonymous

      These guys have AT LEAST 526 health, as it took 8 parry/riposte at 75 damage each for a total of 600 damage to kill one.

      • Anonymous

        This guy gave me a gigantic problem getting past him. Started a new save using iron one creed. Loaded up on glowing shot and suped up the flintlock. Spammed that to stagger, kept going til he was on the ground for the coup de Grace. Easiest way I found, since he has stupid high HP. Hope I helped someone get past him easier than I did!

        • Anonymous

          I happened to use poison to kill them which had the benefit of giving me some of their stats. They seemed to have more stats before I killed the boss as I had one where I managed to get poison numbers to add up to almost 600 hp before they would die but after I killed the boss they seemed to spawn with 300 hp. I don't know for sure if this was how it worked out but I farmed a good number of them after I killed the boss and they seemed to have 300 hp every time after I killed the boss but before I did it I know I had one of them adding up to 575ish hp before it went down to the poison.

          • Anonymous

            This vlown has alot more than 300 health. I call bs. I fought thus dude for like 10 minutes before i died. Did well over 2000 dmg to him.

            • Anonymous

              For some reason, my unupgraded Midshipman's Dirk does more damage to this guy on a riposte/critical than my fully upgraded Eviscerator. In general, it seems that the higher your physical attack power with a 100% slash weapon, the less damage you deal to him on a critical.

              If someone could figure out why, that would be great 'cause I can't.

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