Creeds in Salt and Sanctuary are factions that the player can align with to bestow certain benefits and different NPC merchants in their Sanctuaries through the use of Offerings. NPCs will sell different gear depending on the Creed. Some Sanctuaries are occupied by Creeds that are different from your own, where you cannot make Offerings without desecrating them with a Stained Page or by using a Crystal Sphere to convert them; however, you can still level up and view the Tree of Skill.

You can also convert to that sanctuary's creed if desired (so long as you are not an apostate to that creed). Desecrating a Sanctuary of another Creed will give you Sin and will turn any NPCs in all Sanctuaries under that creed hostile to you. You will also have to defeat multiple waves of difficult enemies (which for now are being called Sanctuary Guardians) before you are able to convert the Sanctuary to your Creed and use its services. Abandoning a Creed for another makes you an Apostate. There are 7 Creeds in Salt and Sanctuary. Endings are affected by your Creed.

Devotion & Sin

Creeds have Devotion. To raise your Devotion level, you must turn in remains from Enemies to a Stone Leader. Each time you raise your level of Devotion with a Creed, you will be able to select from a list of rechargeable items of your choosing as a reward to the player. The first two items always act the same as standard HP and Focus potions, albeit with differing stats depending on the creed, and can be replenished at a Sanctuary belonging to that Creed. The last two items tend to be more creed-specific, but usually involve rechargeable buff items. Additionally, NPC vendors will start selling new items at higher levels of devotion. The max level of Devotion is 7.

If you choose to leave your character's Creed to join another, you will gain Sin and become an apostate to the Creed you left. Your devotion to that creed will be reset to 1, and you will not be able to rejoin that creed again unless you cleanse your sin by giving salt to the Candlelit Lady (roughly 1,000 salt every time you abandon a creed).

Desecrating a Sanctuary by using a Stained Page will give you Sin and make all sanctuaries of that creed hostile toward you. You will be unable to teleport to any of that creed's sanctuaries and you will be attacked upon entering. You cannot desecrate a Sanctuary of your own Creed.  You can have your sin forgiven by giving salt to The Candlelit Lady to cease the hostility of creeds you have desecrated (roughly 10,000 salt per desecration).  Note that taking over a sanctuary via desecration will require the player to permanently kill all its existing NPCs, meaning the player will need to repopulate it using stone idols if they desire to use vendor services there.

Creeds in Salt and Sanctuary


    • Anonymous

      29 Jul 2018 08:49  

      So, I'm making a pirate build (using Flint & Steel and me bare fists) and I'm wondering what creed I should join. Currently I'm in the Three, but I'm considering a few options. First is to join The Iron Ones. This would fit in well with roleplaying, as he follows no gods, as well as having access to glowing shots, as well as the Shockstone buff, however, I always get put off by the bloody Hearty Roll. It's the least intimidating looking healing item, and it's just so goofy. My second option is for the House Of Splendour. Again, it fits in well with him wanting to plunder, as well as the op golden wine, but it seems a bit too glamorous for a rugged pirate. Any opinions and/or advice?

      • Anonymous

        09 Jul 2018 19:37  

        Guys, I just left The House of Splendor to get achievments for joining two different covenants, absolved my sins and joined back. Of course I was expecting that my devotion will be set down to 1, but now stone leader don't have any job to get it back! Is this the game's bug or is it meant to be so?

        • Anonymous

          20 Nov 2017 19:05  

          Im trying to pieces the Lore together and i noticed so far that each creed seems to at least had/have one leader or incarnation =

          The Three-: See Forgotten King

          Devara-: The Candlelit lady

          The Iron Ones-: ?

          The Stone Roots-: ?

          Keepers of Fire and Sky-: ?

          The House of Splendor-: Some fool and a prophet ...?

          Order of the Betrayer-: Azredak the Nameless God .

          • Anonymous

            26 Jul 2017 23:03  

            I got a question regarding devotion. Im already level 118 and know there are 7 devotion levels. I have a devotion level of 2 by the creed Devaras light eventhough i have completed the whole collection at the stone leader. is this a bug or are there other ways necessary to further raise my devotion. oh and i have only sined once at the beginning where i left the three for devara but thats it

            • Anonymous

              29 Jun 2017 16:35  

              Hello everyone, this game is reaaaaly awesome and i start play like a mage and want choose creed. Order for blood magic and flask of defilement or keepers of fire for sky crystal. I already know how to play and etc, just thinking, flask and betrayer or sky crystal, hmm.... I really dont know what to choose ( Thanks very much for reply, sorry for bad english.

              • Anonymous

                01 Mar 2017 00:53  

                I tried to join the forest clan so I tok the oath and immediately when to forgive my sin, but the alchemist still says that I must take the oath PLS HELP ME

                • Anonymous

                  24 Feb 2017 00:16  

                  how the hell am I supposed t know which creed I'm picking, I just spent over an hour taking down the first boss and now I'm stuck at some convoluted bull*****asking me if I follow "the new gods" etc, well how the ***** am I supposed to know, I know nothing about the lore... retarded, pissing me off.

                  • Anonymous

                    06 Feb 2017 13:22  

                    Is it compulsory to choose a creed from the Old Man at the start of the game? Can I skip it and go for Keepers of Fire and Sky instead? Since I'm a Mage, and the Old Man doesn't let me choose the creed I want.

                    • Hostile NPCs04 Jun 2016 22:04  

                      Hm, it says here that:"If you choose to leave your character's Creed to join another, you will gain Sin. When you die, all NPCs in your previous creed will attack you and you will lose the ability to teleport to said Sanctuaries or use their services."I thought gaining a certain amount of corruption would turn NPCs hostile. I've sinned a couple times by joining other Creeds, and have died numerous times without absolving my sin. Yet, the NPCs haven't gone hostile on me yet. I'm still able to teleport to their sanctuaries, and use some of the NPCs' services. Is this bit true? How much sin would you need to accumulate before NPCs would automatically aggro?

                      • Anonymous

                        Too troublesome22 May 2016 01:06  

                        Dark souls original idea of leaving a covenant will half your offerings if rejoin, is quite acceptable. This creed sin mechanic is just too troublesome n annoying, together with the inflexible skill tree mechanic (as in dark souls we can chose which stats to upgrade but those skill tree forces you to have some stats which you don't desire hence waste the pearl.

                        • Anonymous

                          Level up and tree of skill20 May 2016 12:57  

                          It should be changed that you can indeed level up and use the tree of skill at other creeds. At least I could on PC when I made it to the "The Three" sanctuary down in Village of Smiles while I was in Devara's Light.

                          • Anonymous

                            Someone18 May 2016 07:36  

                            Does anyone know how creeds and "work" works? I only have two leaders and they both sell the same thing for the same items. Leaving me with a bunch of random items i cant use/have no idea what to do with. Cant find anything on the interwebs so it doesnt seem like theres much knowledge out there about them...

                            • An inquiry for creed items30 Mar 2016 23:36  

                              I was just inquiring as to if anyone has the time to test the individual health and fatigue items for all the different creeds to compare their effectiveness. Keepers of F&S's healing potion is weaker than Water of blessing, for instance, so I was wondering what other differences do the potions have between creeds. Such information would be particularly interesting for specific builds.

                              • Anonymous

                                Just a thought...27 Mar 2016 14:48  

                                What religion would name itself, "Order of the Betrayer"? Wouldn't they rather spin the allegation?

                                • Anonymous

                                  If you abandon a creed...27 Mar 2016 14:20  

                                  So, if you abandon a Creed and start going to another one, do you still get the advantages (ie increased potions and phials) when you visit that sanctuary to refill your heath and reset your items? Or do you forego them completely for switching creeds unless you change back? If the latter is true, it's a bit annoying that you only find some creeds later in the game, like the Keepers of Fire and Sky. But I guess that is part of the game. I would probably just need to travel around and level them just get the spells and prayers from the sellers. But I guess I would have to do that for every creed then, which will just make the game last longer.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    :(23 Mar 2016 21:49  

                                    How do you go back to a creed you abandoned? I accidently joined one and lost all my stamina potions i worked so hard for and now they wont talk to me. I really needed them too!

                                    • Creed leveling and Absolutionist21 Mar 2016 17:54  

                                      I started to level up my first creed, but blindly discovered the Absolutionist. I chose to remove sin, and joined a different creed. Once I realized I wanted to level up the original creed I switched back to it, but I am not sure if my creed level reset to 1, or did it remain saved for my character. Did I miss out on the max level 7 for this, as I am only lvl 3 right now with 3 or 4 more enemy drops to look for?

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