Game Progress Route for Salt and Sanctuary gives you a basic recommended progression for beginners. Some classes will find skipping some steps or altering the order more convenient.

  • Please see our Walkthrough for a more detailed version. You may also want to see Quests to check out NPC questlines.
  • Please see the Sanctuary page for quick travel information. You may visit the areas to find detailed walkthroughs, items, and maps as well as other information about Bosses and Enemies.
  • Please note: There are multiple endings, and the ending dialogue varies according to your Creed.


Location Required Steps Optional Steps

1. The Boat

Challenge The Unspeakable Deep

Die to the enemy

Kill the enemy

2. Shivering Shore

Talk to old man. Obtain your first Creed and Key to Sanctuary

3. The Festering Banquet  Travel upwards and right to defeat The Sodden Knight. Use the Fortress Key on a locked door by going down the right tower.  Unlock shrine in the right tower
4. Bandit's Pass  Go down towards the bottom area of The Festering Banquet.

 Talk to Masterless Knight

Grab Sellsword from Sanctuary

Grab Pitchfork

5. Village of Smiles

Talk to the Scarecrow. Sanctuary is found down and left from this point.

Go up from the Scarecrow and defeat The Queen of Smiles.

Go right from Sanctuary to obtain Kureimoa

Right / Down from boss for Attack Charm and Armor Set

Obtain Haymaker from the cave

6. The Watching Woods

Higher area: the Woodswraith Sanctuary (The Stone Roots). Fight The Mad Alchemist and pick up the Mossy Key afterwards.

Lower Area: Kraekan Cyclops. Drops the Green Key.

7. Sunken Keep

Go up and right to find the area Sanctuary, then up and left to fight The False Jester.

After the jester, go up and left from following shrine and talk to the real jester NPC to obtain Vertigo Brand.

If Kraekan Cyclops is defeated, can bypass False Jester fight (not recommended)
8. Bandit's Pass

Traverse the cave after the real jester, going right, and then go up on the Bandit's Pass to reach the Castle of Storms area.

9. Castle of Storms

Go up and left to the sanctuary, then up and right to fight the Kraekan Wyrm, and pick up the Jagged Key afterwards.

After boss, drop down and find the Despondent Thief, and obtain Shadowflip Brand.

Use Shadowflip in the middle-right area of the castle to open a gate behind an Armor Guardian. Then go down and talk to Scarecrow.

The Masterless Knight is on a ledge on the outer left ramparts.


10. Red Hall of Cages

Go down to find the Sanctuary. You may go right to the Dome of the Forgotten or down/left to proceed with this level.

Defeat The Tree of Men at the very bottom portion of the area.

Follow the path left to the next area

The Masterless Knight is right of the sanctuary

The Despondent Thief is in a dark area with Hanged Man.

11. Hager's Cavern

Go up to activate the zone's Sanctuary.

Go down towards a dungeon with Dropspiders and Split Swordsmen. There's the Cellar's Key.

Find the middle area and go left past Primitive Bones, down a ladder and invert gravity. Return towards the right, and drop left when you can, then find a hidden switch room, pull the switch.

With the Key and Switch, open the doors above the middle area, and go left to fight The Disemboweled Husk.

Return to the middle and go up and left, use Spiked Key to unlock Mire of Stench area.

The Masterless Knight is up from the Sanctuary, drop down from right of Armor Mite

The Despondent Thief is further up from the Sanctuary. Answer "Yes" to continue the quest. If you answer "No" her quest will not progress.

12. Mire of Stench

Go left and down to find the area Sanctuary. Going up, right and up again past a tripwire trap will have a shrine and shortcut to Hager's Cavern.

Go left from the chutes to fight That Stench Most Foul, then further left to meet Bloodbrow Hunter and receive the Redshift Brand.

Go all the way left until you find a boatman, that takes you to the right side of the world.

You can also access Fort-Beyond-the-Mire, from this area.

At the bottom left of the map, far left from the sanctuary over the poisonous swamp vapours, you can find the secret merchant Alde Griggs. Jump often, avoid the trap and be ready to heal/use an antidote. Alde sells all things poison related.

Obtain the vile vines ring in the area to help you fight the boss' poison attacks.

13. The Far Beach

Go left towards the area Sanctuary, then back outside and left again towards the Ziggurat of Dust. Then go down and left through a cave to find The Ruined Temple.

Go through it to emerge below the Dome of the Forgotten (or just teleport to The Red Hall of Cages and head right to Dome of the Forgotten)

The Despondent Thief will be here if all previous events completed: unlocks Coastrock Trophy.

14. Dome of the Forgotten

Go up and left towards the Area Sanctuary, then up and right.

There's a shrine on the right / low area.

Continue down and now left to fight The Untouched Inquisitor, then up and right to activate a lift and left to fight The Third Lamb.

From the lamb, go left and meet Luna Sage to learn the Hardlight Brand. Use the brand to go right to the next area

Use Undersight to avoid Whispermen

14.1 Cran's Pass (Optional)

Accessed through Red Hall of Cages, go down and right from circle platforms. There is an illusory wall that you must open by pressing circle. You can only access after step 14

Find the The House of Splendor Sanctuary (trophy)

Go right to find and defeat Ronin Cran, further right to access The Ruined Temple.

15. Ziggurat of Dust

Go right to find the area Sanctuary. Use Hardlight Brand and go up and left through a chute, then left and up again until you find a switch that lowers a wall. Use Shadowflip Brande to go up another chute, then invert gravity with Vertigo Brand and continue right until the brand is nulified.

Go up until you meet and fight The Dried King, then meet Black Sands Sorcerer above who will teach you the Dart Brand. (Storied trophy)

Exit and go right and down towards the sanctuary and talk to Luna Sage to receive an armor set. Then down and right towards the sanctuary.

The Bag of Earth is near a White Knight just by Ziggurat Sanctuary.

15..1 Mal's Floating Castle

Access by going right above the switch from the Castle of Storms or up from the valley between Dome of the Forgotten and Red Hall Cages (requires Hardlight Brand and Dart Brand).

Unlock the area Sanctuary on the right. Then go left and up to the top to fight Murdiella Mal.

16. Ziggurat of Dust (lower)

In the lower portion, go left to an inner room of stair blocks and use the Vertigo Brand, then go down and right to a switch that unlocks a passage. Right of here, there's a shortcut to the Sanctuary and to the Far Beach Sanctuary.

Go down to find and fight The Bloodless Prince, then left to exit to the next area.

Talk to the Scarecrow here to insure his line continues.

17. The Ruined Temple

Go down and right to unlock the area Sanctuary. To the left, there's a shortcut to Red Hall of Cages.

Continue down and left to find and defeat The Coveted, then further left to find the Black Sands sorcerer.

Go all the way down and left to continue to the next area.

The black sands sorcerer is hiding after the boss, to the left, shadow flip on a wall and dash back to reach him

The Masterless Knight is at the base of the temple

17.1 Pitchwoods (Optional)

Access by going right from the base of The Ruined Temple.

On the bottom right area, perform many glowy block jumps to find the Sanctuary of  Keepers of Fire and Sky.

Go all the way down and right to fight Carsejaw the Cruel.

The Masterless Knight is at the edge of the Pitchwoods. (Wise Words Trophy)

18. Siam Lake

Find the sanctuary on the right, then proceed left until you fight The Witch of the Lake.

Continue on left to the next area.

Once you have killed the witch, return to the shivering shore to find the black sands sorcerer and earn fading fast trophy  
18.1 The Blackest Vault (Optional)

Accessed by going right and down from Siam Lake's Sanctuary. There's a waterfall that shows where to drop

You must have tried and failed to desecrate a sanctuary to gain admittance. (Use a Stained Page on a Sanctuary of another Creed)

Find the Order of the Betrayer Sanctuary and obtain the trophy.

19. Salt Alkymancery

Go left and get sucked into a tube to access the area Sanctuary. From here go right and up a vertical tube. There is a switch at the top right that opens up a shortcut.

Go down and right, then use Shadowflip Brand to go up a chute and get sucked into another tube that leads down.

Go left to fight The Architect & The Unskinned. Then continue on towards the next area.

20. Crypt of Dead Gods

Go left to find the sanctuary. There's a shortcut to Hager's Cavern further left from here.

Go Down and right to find a shrine and right and down to find and defeat Kraekan Dragon Skourzh.


Go down and left to find a passage leading to The Forgotten King boss fight.

Talk to the scarecrow at the entrance of the Crypt of Dead Gods for the alternative ending.

21. The Still Palace

Go right and up to a shrine. Then go down all the way and right to fight The Nameless God.

Go right into the next room after the boss (solo only) and chose your ending.



Please feel free to edit in any other notes, or visit the Walkthrough page for detailed information.



    • Anonymous

      29 Sep 2017 20:34  

      So um I fell down what I am assuming is the shortcut back from the bloodless prince fight and caught a ledge not dying...

      • Anonymous

        26 Mar 2017 23:34  

        You can actually bypass some areas whithout even using glitches.

        When you're in the village of smiles you don't need to kill the queen, just gor right from the sanctuary to acces the watching woods.

        Again, no need to take down the alchemist, just go to the bottom right of the woods and leap to go fight the cyclop.

        If you killed the cyclop you can bypass the false jester using the key dropped by the cyclop by taking the door below the boss area.

        After you killed the wyrm and got the shadow flip brand, go directly to the right from the sanctuary in the red hall to access the dome of the forgotten.

        Once you finished the dome go right from the dome to the ziggourat, since only the hardlight and shadowflip brands are needed to acces the dried king

        As soon as you've killed the king, use the dart brand to go to pitch woods from the sanctuary at the far beach. You will only need to get through the "unicorn" to access siam lake.

        From there, I don't think you can skip any more areas, but the crypt of the dead gods can be rushed quickly by staying near the right wall and falling directly from the entrance to near the shrine next to the boss.

        Using this road you avoid the fights against the queen of smiles, the mad alchemist, the false jester, the tree of men, the disembollowed husk, that stench most foul, the bloodless prince and the coveted (not to mention the bosses who are generally labelled as optional : Murdiella Mal, Carsejaw the cruel, Ronin Cran and the forgotten king), but you risk having a really low level when fighting against the last bosses (which might not be a problem if you're part of the order of the betrayer and can spam black magic+flask of defilement)

        I think you can also skip the fight against the sodden knight by leaping from the platform above the shrine in the festering banquet, not sure if the devs intended that though.

        • Anonymous

          28 Jan 2017 19:54  

          Protip, you don't need dart , you just need long jumps! Tap jump and dash while standing still then the hold the direction you need to go (forward or backward) , You can break the game with longjump.

          • Anonymous

            31 Dec 2016 04:30  

            This walkthrough really needs a rework. The most important thing which is constantly skipped is your initial reference point. For example from 15 I went and found 15.1 and finished that but you then reach a situation for 16 going into the Lower Ziggurat and we have no clue where the "start" is. Is it down and right towards sanctuary from the end of 15? Is there a different entrance they're using?

            The point being for this walkthrough to be legible and helpful all starting information should begin with stating which sanctuary you start at. At least this way people can place a guide, look at the travel option, and choose the appropriate sanctuary that they should have gone through from the previous steps in the walkthrough to begin the next.

            • Anonymous

              02 Dec 2016 19:25  

              Now i know why i'm being killed so much, i'm trying to kill the Third Lamb before going to the Hager's Cavern!!!!

              • Anonymous

                Skips03 Aug 2016 05:11  

                If you go Castle of Storms > Dome of Forgotten > Ziggurat of Dust and get the Dart Jump, you can then go through Far Beach to Pitchwoods and from there to Siam Lake, bypassing Red Hall, Hagar's Cavern, Ruined Temple, 2nd half of the Ziggurat, and the Mire of Stench.

                • Anonymous

                  Still lost after reading.06 Jul 2016 11:58  

                  I wish someone would be really nice and (when they are only missing final boss in their playthrough) run from start of the game to the end in the exact route you have to go. It would be much easier, for us stupids, to just skip ahead in the video untill you see an area you haven't been at then rewind a bit to see how he got in there.

                  • Anonymous

                    The game is messy29 May 2016 05:13  

                    Overall the game is playable but most details are really done messy. It does show that they're first time game maker(?) Castle of storm there is a platform above the NPC merchant which I think is the original way to Mal's floating castle. I'd suggest to do dome of forgotten first to take the hard light brand as hager's cavern has areas that need the brand. You'll be backtracking even more if you do the cavern first.

                    • Anonymous

                      What did I do03 Apr 2016 10:48  

                      Got stoned last night and made it to Siam Lake without doing most of the Temple and without fighting the boss.. Anyone care to remind me how?

                      • Dart brand mandatory?02 Apr 2016 00:30  

                        It just occurred to me that I can't think of any levels in the mandatory story path that actually requires Dart. I know a lot of optional areas and bosses are locked behind it, but I realize that not many areas in main progression need it. You can skip the entire ziggurat of dust by going through cran's pass, then just go straight to ruined temple and beyond. Any thoughts or clarification on how necessary dart brand is?

                        • Anonymous

                          Thank you so much!23 Mar 2016 23:11  

                          Got my Platinum! Thank you for the help :D. I needed to know the order to talk to a couple people in. First playthrough I missed some people.

                          • Anonymous

                            Worth a note19 Mar 2016 18:01  

                            If you have a higher level player in your game during co-op that has brands that can get them to certain locations you normally wouldn't be able to get to, such as castle of storms, by pressing options twice to warp to them it can break how NPC's spawn and you won't be able to get certain brands on your character anymore.Found this out the hard way. My lvl 43 friend joined me in coop and we went to castle of storms and the despondent thief was not there, even after beating the wyrm. Even after i reloaded the game. Forever missing.

                            • Anonymous

                              Mal's Floating Castle15 Mar 2016 11:55  

                              "Access by goin right above the switch from the Castle of Storms." - where it is? what is this?

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