Mephitic Arquebus

Attack 8.0 / 8.0 Poison
Weight 10.0
Dexterity Scaling B
Class 4 Pistol
Flags Poison
Special -

 Mephitic Arquebus in Salt and Sanctuary is a Pistol type weapon.


A stygian matchlock embellished with skeletal fittings encasing the entirety of its stock and barrel. Mummified scraps of rotted flesh still cling to the unsanitary bones, exuding a noxious miasma which permeates any ammunition fired from this ghastly weapon with a most odious toxin. Clearly devised by an evil mind, or else merely one teetering on the brink of abject insanity.

Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Dexterity this weapon has an Attack of 42.2 / 42.2 at tier VII.
  • Like other gun weapons, this weapon has 1.5x damage multiplier on its attacks, giving it effectively 50% higher AR than it shows.
  • Using a weapon buff, such as a Blessed Page, will buff both your main hand melee weapon and offhand gun, despite the gun not gaining the visual effect of the buff.
  • The weapon's physical damage type is split between 50% Slash and 50% Strike damage, but equiping a main hand weapon that has an Extra Blades or Extra Blunt special property will change the offhand gun's damage split to 75%/25% or 25%/75%. Using an Extra Blunt weapon this way can be very useful for Dexterity builds, which don't have a lot of options for Strike damage weapons.



Location/Where to Find



Moveset and Videos:

  • Videos go here


Mephitic Arquebus Upgrade Table

  Attack Dex Scale Material

Mephitic Arquebus

8.0 / 8.0 Poison B -

Mephitic Arquebus I

8.3/8.3 Poison  Endless Fang x1 

Mephitic Arquebus II

8.8/8.8 Poison   B Endless Fang x2

Mephitic Arquebus III

9.2/9.2 Poison  Hateful Jawbone x1

Mephitic Arquebus IV

9.7/9.7 Poison  Hateful Jawbone x2 

Mephitic Arquebus V

10.2/10.2 Poison  Enduring Skull x1 

Mephitic Arquebus VI

 10.7/10.7 Poison  B Enduring Skull x2 

Mephitic Arquebus VII

 11.2 / 11.2 Poison  B Twisted Heart x1





    • Anonymous

      12 Jan 2018 00:29  

      Surprisingly enough, this isn't a very good Poison weapon by itself. Theoretically, it should be considering guns have a respectable fire-rate and a natural 1.5 multiplier on each shot (so this one technically deals 63.3 Poison damage per shot). But apparently not. It is still a decent offhand, especially if your main is a Poison weapon which lacks some umpf in the staggering department. Don't expect it to deal high physical damage though, even if you have an Extra Blunt weapon. In all honesty, you're better off using another gun like the Mosaïc Culverin to deal with Slash and Poison resistant enemies. But then that's just, like, my opinion.

      • Anonymous

        04 Jan 2017 13:05  

        How good are pistols on this game? couldn't find any reference if they're better then bow, xbows or whips (as a secondary, long-ranged weapon)

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