Attack 9.0/9.0
 Weight 3.5
Dexterity Scaling D
Magic Scaling S
Class  4 Sword / 2 Magic
Flags Arcane
Special Slide

 Shikeimaru in Salt and Sanctuary is a Sword type weapon.



A cursed weapon once carried by the notoriously austere Marquis Garldon. Soaked in innocent blood after decades of brutal executions, it radiates a chilling malevolence from the countless souls it has claimed. Rumors abound that the disappearance of this sword coincided with that of Planne the Seeker, a cunning sorcerer said to have audaciously betrayed the Marquis before simply vanishing into thin air.


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Magic and 50 Dexterity this weapon has an Attack of 27.6/66.4 at tier VII.
  • Requires Class 2 Magic
  • This sword has the Slide special, but swords do not have any combos that trigger Slide.

Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

  • Videos go here



Shikeimaru Upgrade Table

  Attack Dex Scale Mag Scale Material


9.0/9.0 D S -

Shikeimaru I

9.2/9.2 S Frozen Doll x1

Shikeimaru II

9.5/9.5 D S Frozen Doll x2

Shikeimaru III

9.8/9.8 D S Frozen Locket x1

Shikeimaru IV

10.1/10.1 D S Frozen Locket x2

Shikeimaru V

10.4/10.4 D S Frozen Reliquary x1

Shikeimaru VI

10.7/10.7 D S Frozen Reliquary x2

Shikeimaru VII

11.0/11.0 D S Frozen Tome x1



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    • Anonymous

      From a glance this thing seems alot like the branding iron... but not as good. However, I think I honestly like this thing better due it's weight and the fact that less enemies seem to resist arcane damage than fire (although I could be wrong about that)

      • Anonymous

        I seemingly cannot ever get the game to transmute it to this weapon. It always recommends that I transmute it to another weapon. It's not like the game lets me scroll to the side to see other options. Any suggestions?

        • With my Dex at 50+, and magic at only 15. This weapon still performed great for me.

          It has a dagger move set when 2-handed, it's speed is incredible and combo stylish as hell.

          I was killing Crypt Keepers in 10 seconds (if all went to plan) in base game. Dodge during mid light attack is near instant.

          I would prefer it over the branding iron personally. It's style, appearance, move set, all agree with me and I hope it does with you!

          • Anonymous

            Occupies an interesting niche. It's lighter than Branding Iron (the lightest sword in the game, in fact), and because it elementally matches Arcane Weapon, it gets a much bigger boost from that spell than Branding Iron does. Also, most enemies who resist both electric and fire are vulnerable to arcane, so it works well as a backup for Branding Iron against fire resistant enemies. Slide also makes it pair well with wands, since it can close the distance more effectively after performing the quick cast. Certainly less raw power than Branding Iron, but certainly not useless either.

            • Anonymous

              shame this isn't faster than the branding iron to compensate the difference in damage. Why does it have a 4 sword/ 2 magic requirement if it's WEAKER than Branding iron?

              • 死刑 - しけい [shikei] 
                1. (n) death penalty 2. capital punishment/(P)

                丸 - まる・まるめる・まるい
                1. round 2. full (month) 3. perfection 4. -ship 5. pills 6. make round 7. roll up 8. curl up 9. seduce

                • Anonymous

                  I think in most cases this is outclassed by the Branding Iron, as they are both used for the same (lightweight caster build) save bosses who are weak to Arcane. But it's still quite good.

                  • Anonymous

                    Coming from tachi this thing is super slow. Once you get used to the fact you can stunlock them with your speed. I was so disappointed i transmuted it back :-)

                    • Anonymous

                      This one hand katana is totally awesome is your build is started from barrage mage. It takes time to fully utilize this weapon (lvl 4 swordfight + dex 50 + magic 50), but the arcane damage is still nice to deal some damage without dex in NG+ or NG+2. The best part of this weapon is in its fast slash rate and stylish sliding move. If upgraded properly, it will be your mage's favorite second weapon.

                      • Anonymous

                        Hey guys just wondering which of the stats are correct on this wikipage. In the picture on the right it says Magic Scaling S, and in the upgrade Scaling in the middle of the page it says Strength scaling S. Can anyone confirm which scaling it officially has? Thanks for your time

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