The Dried King

The Dried King


NG+7 12,500


20,010 Gold

20,000 Salt

NG+7 338,640 Salt

The Dried King's Ashes

Strike 50 Fire 50
Slash 250 Lightning 50
Poise 90 Poison 900
Block 100 Holy -50
Block Damage 100 Arcane 50
Block Magic 60    

The Dried King is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

The skeletal revenant of Quan In, Sun King of Kulka'as. He presided over his realm during an era of unrivaled prosperity, but with each year's bounty, his paranoia and despair increased more rapidly. Did it have something to do with the rumors about his long dead brother still having a hand in ruling the kingdom?"


  • Ziggurat of Dust: You must climb up after solving the level's brand puzzles.
  • Coordinates: {X:79848.26 Y:9045.742}
  • Boss Flags: The Dart Brand becomes available after this boss / Merchant progress



Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Fire Damage
  • Weak vs: Holy Damage
  • Strong vs: Poison Damage

Phase 1

  • Lifts Hand Straight up into the air to summon lines of fire which appear on the screen in different directions
  • When Hand is lifted at an angle, it will summon blades of fire in the direction it's facing
  • When Hand appears at a low level, it will summon 3 balls of fire the flies to the top, middle and bottom. Once it reaches its maximum range, it will explode and leave a small trail of fire that can catch the player off guard
  • Places both Hands near its waist which will summon a trail of fire for a brief period of time, similar to the Incantation Wildfire 

Phase 2

  • Attacks become faster; more lines are spawned during the line attacks.


Melee Strategy Video


Player Notes

 -Can be repeatedly stagggered before attacks begin

-Staying close is a good idea, watch out when he raises his hands up to cast Wildfire though

    • 01 Nov 2019 00:17  

      The best way to beat this boss, get the perk for tier 2 shields, then pick up the pheonix rondache in the castle of storms. you win. 100% fire protection. he literally cant hurt you at all except with your own stupidity. Its ridiculous.

      • Anonymous

        22 Sep 2019 06:10  

        Just wandered into his boss room and just kept wailing on him with the Scythe, which is kinda funny since it says he's strong against slashing damage, so it probably took me longer than it should have, but he's easy, just hit and dodge left and right, easy to interrupt most of his attacks with a Light + Heavy combo. Only think that caused me to have to heal was his AoE where he raises both hands, staggerable but you're better off just getting out of range imo.

        • Anonymous

          20 Oct 2018 04:56  

          I beat him with the Ghastly Gourd, and the rest of the armor blacksmiths. I had the Phoenix Rondache shield, which has 100% flame block, and used the the Pheonix Tail and beat the pulp out of him.

          • Anonymous

            04 Dec 2017 14:22  

            I’m not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but I’ve been playing this game a lot lately and trying out weird things and I’ve gotten the dart brand without fighting him. Not sure how or when but it seems long jumping though some areas messes the game up ever so slightly. Gonna replay and try to find the exact moment it happens.

            • Anonymous

              24 Jun 2017 11:46  

              I don't know why, but as soon as I saw his skeleton face looking up, all I could think of was Skeletor going "MYAAH" every time he attacked. Needless to say, it made the fight much more enjoyable.

              • Anonymous

                Help20 Jul 2016 06:17  

                I can't seem to really fins a good source to kill him with I use the tachi with blessed.paper but only can get him 40%-50% before I used all my papers

                • Anonymous

                  How I beat him25 May 2016 00:21  

                  Now this may not work for everone but this is how I eqiepted the iron caterpiller with the stone charm right before entering the fight I used the iron shock stone (holy pages would work better) and used a war horn I then went straight to wailing on him and was able to stun lock him preventing him from using any moves with the warhorn I was able to make the stun last longer but ever now and then I needed to regain stamina I lost once using this tactic (due to carelessness ). But the second try I managed to kill him I don't know how well this tactic will work with other weapons but it makes the boss a cakewalk

                  • Anonymous

                    Despondent Thief Quest Line Breaker?21 Mar 2016 02:31  

                    I exhausted the dialogue of the Despondent thief in Hager's Cavern then beat this boss before The Disemboweled Husk and went to the right afterwards to the Far Shore. After beating the Disemboweled Husk, beating That Stench Most Foul, and taking the boat to the Far Shore the Despondent Thief is not there.

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