The Sodden Knight



NG+7 6,400


1,010 Gold

1,000 Salt

NG+7 293,040 Salt

Fortress Key
The Sodden Knight's Ashes

Strike 0 Fire -50 (-40*)
Slash 180 Lightning 0
Poise 180 Poison 150
Block 100 Holy 0
Block Damage 100 Arcane 0
Block Magic 60    

*: Enhanced Edition Values

The Sodden Knight is the first Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

The stoic protector of The Festering Banquet, the Sodden Knight bears decades of dried sea air on his tattered shroud."


  • The Festering Banquet - at the very top portion of the region. The player must climb up the ladder to reach his arena.


Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Slash and Lightning
  • Weak vs: Fire Damage
  • Strong vs: Slash and Poison

Phase 1

  • Lightning Shockwave - Charges up his fist with power, slamming it into the ground, making lightning waves that run across the floor. Deals medium damage and knockup on hit, but has high recovery.
    • Can only be dodged by jumping. It's prefered to jump towards the boss if the player is at a medium distance.
    • The fist also has a hitbox and can hit the player. Be wary of getting too close when he's casting this attack.

  • Delayed Thrust - Holds his weapon up, then prepares and thrusts in front. This attack is highly telegraphed, and is easily dodged by rolling into the boss. Deals medium-high damage and causes knockback. Has a lot of recovery.

  • Overhead Slam - Slams his greatsword in front of himself. He can follow up one more time, and both of these attacks always try to track the player. Both attacks comes out very quickly and cause knockback.
    • While it can be dodged by rolling into the boss, the player must be wary of the follow up, needing a second roll to not get hit by it. It's better to roll away and keep some distance until he sheates his blade.

  • Leap Attack - Jumps with an overhead slam. Comes out fast, and deals medium damage, but only has a hitbox on it's sword, meaning you can go under him if he does this while you're at melee.
    • You can run under him to avoid damage easily. Rolling also works for good measure, specially when farther from him.

Phase 2 (50% HP)

The Sodden Knight's eyes glow blue, marking the transition. Some of his attacks now are combos, and others are executed faster. The player is only safe to attack when he starts to sheat his greatsword.

  • Slice and Dice - Two fast slashing attacks that are the staple of his follow-up combos. Each cause medium-light damage and the last slash causes knockback. He always finishes his combo chain with this attack, which means he has to sheat his sword.

  • Leap Attack is now followed by Slice and Dice.

  • Thrust is no longer delayed and chains into Slice and Dice.

  • Lighting is also followed by a single Leap Attack. This can be dodged by jumping into him, provided you're not far away from him.
    • At 30% HP or less, this Leap Attack now also follows up with Slice and Dice upon reaching the ground. This follow up also can also change the direction he's facing.
    • To avoid this combo (Lightning + Leap + Slice), it's suggested to stay at a medium-short distance away from the boss, jump towards the boss when the lightning is about to hit the player



Melee Strategy Video





Player Notes

  • The Sodden Knight's Set: Doppelsoldner Barbut, Doppelsoldner CuirassDoppelsoldner Cuisses and Doppelsoldner Gauntlets.
  • The Sodden Knight's Ashes allows you to transform your Greatsword (more than likely your Kureimoa) into the Shrouded Bulwark, the boss's own sword which is amazing for a early game.
  • Two or Three Birian Firepots thrown at The Sodden Knight's Shroud on his back can kill him in a matter of seconds.
  • Most of the initial attacks of the Sodden Knight can be parried. It's follow up combos and magic, however, cannot.
    • The parry only nullifies the damage done by the particular parried attack. Follow up attacks done after it can still hit and damage you
  • Blocking his attacks costs a lot of stamina (in the early game at least), so if one blocks, they must make sure it's on a hit the boss can't follow up and/or he can't guardbreak you.




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    • Anonymous

      grind to level 6-9, unlock black Smith and cleric merchant, buy the spear and 1 or 2 blessed papers and voila, boss dead on 10 seconds

      • Anonymous

        He appears to actually have 3 phases. Once he hits 50% HP, his eyes light up, he becomes more aggressive, he will follow his lightning attack with a leap, and his thrust, instead of being delayed, will be followed by two swings in the same direction. Once he hits 25% HP, he becomes slightly more aggressive again, and will now follow up his leap with two slashes, and unlike the followup slashes on the thrust, he will perform these swings in whatever direction you are from him when he lands from said leap. In his third phase, he is also guaranteed to follow up his overhead slam, even if you are nowhere near him when he begins the followup.

        • Anonymous

          Pick either: The Three, The Iron Ones, or pauper class. Buy birian firepots from the merchant if you pick one of those creeds.Then throw three birian firepots on his back, making sure that they collide with him, not the ground, and he will die before he can turn around.

          • Anonymous

            The candelabra with red fire candles is a marker that tells you there's a boss ahead I noticed this and put a bottle trying to say this I think the number of light candles means something but I don't know what

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