The Sodden Knight

The Sodden Knight


NG+7 6,400


1,010 Gold

1,000 Salt

NG+7 293,040 Salt

Fortress Key
The Sodden Knight's Ashes

Strike 0 Fire -50
Slash 180 Lightning 0
Poise 180 Poison 150
Block 100 Holy 0
Block Damage 100 Arcane 0
Block Magic 60    

The Sodden Knight is the first Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

The stoic protector of The Festering Banquet, the Sodden Knight bears decades of dried sea air on his tattered shroud."



Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Slash and Lightning
  • Weak vs: Fire Damage
  • Strong vs: Slash and Poison

Phase 1

  • Lightning Bolt - unleashes lightning attack going over floor.
  • Delayed Thrust - holds his weapon and thrusts in front, easily punishable from behind.
  • Overhead Slam - slams his greatsword in front of himself, can follow up one more time on both of his sides.
  • Leap Attack - jumps with overhead slam, you can run under him to avoid damage easily.

Phase 2 (50% HP)

  • Combos are executed faster
  • Leap Attack is now followed by two fast slashing attacks.
  • Thrust is no longer delayed and chains into two additional attacks
  • Lighting is also followed by changed Leap Attack



Melee Strategy Video


Player Notes




    • Anonymous

      22 Jun 2020 01:30  

      grind to level 6-9, unlock black Smith and cleric merchant, buy the spear and 1 or 2 blessed papers and voila, boss dead on 10 seconds

      • Anonymous

        14 Oct 2019 19:56  

        He appears to actually have 3 phases. Once he hits 50% HP, his eyes light up, he becomes more aggressive, he will follow his lightning attack with a leap, and his thrust, instead of being delayed, will be followed by two swings in the same direction. Once he hits 25% HP, he becomes slightly more aggressive again, and will now follow up his leap with two slashes, and unlike the followup slashes on the thrust, he will perform these swings in whatever direction you are from him when he lands from said leap. In his third phase, he is also guaranteed to follow up his overhead slam, even if you are nowhere near him when he begins the followup.

        • Anonymous

          Easy win for NG26 Jun 2016 22:48  

          Pick either: The Three, The Iron Ones, or pauper class. Buy birian firepots from the merchant if you pick one of those creeds.Then throw three birian firepots on his back, making sure that they collide with him, not the ground, and he will die before he can turn around.

          • Anonymous

            A way to known a boss's is incoming16 Jun 2016 06:14  

            The candelabra with red fire candles is a marker that tells you there's a boss ahead I noticed this and put a bottle trying to say this I think the number of light candles means something but I don't know what

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