Skills:  /
Str: 5 End: 5 Dex: 5
Will: 5 Mag: 5 Wis: 5

Chef is a Class in Salt and Sanctuary. Chef is a Class that begins with a Iron Pot and is one of two Classes that begin the game with no Skills (Pauper being the other), leaving the player free to choose whatever skill path they wish.

It is the weakest starting class, having merely a pot as a weapon. There is generally little reason to pick the Chef over the slightly better equipped Pauper unless the player wants a challenge, though the chef's clothes do have significantly high poison resistance.


Recommended Stats

  • None. This is a blank-slate character that you can develop any way you want.


Starting Items

14 x

Starting Equipment

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    • Anonymous

      10 Aug 2019 12:41  

      What seems to be the problem? You are a chef with no combat experience on a f*cked up journey with probably no return and your only weapons are yer ol' trusted iron pan and some ol' potatoes that got so hard you can kill a lad with them! Murderous chef sounds good to me. Try to b*tch about my food now, KAREN!

      • Anonymous

        08 Dec 2016 04:25  

        this class is actually much better off than the pauper since you get the most cherished item in the game, potatoes

        • Anonymous

          Chef -hidden power17 Jul 2016 10:51  

          Actually the chef is one of the strongest starters, because of the poison resistance the chef gear has for granted.

          • Anonymous

            chef23 May 2016 01:56  

            Little did i know- the chef is actually the best class in the game. I started with potatoes and I can throw them. I threw a few at the first enemies and I died.I *****ing love this game.

            • Anonymous

              Dishwasher Reference?17 Mar 2016 18:46  

              Ska def likes referenceing there other games... Maybe this is a Reference to dishwashers side kick mentor guy?

              • Anonymous

                Depraved Class?10 Mar 2016 16:00  

                So does this class operate similarly to the depraved and waste of skin classes in DKs and Bloodborne respectively? Is there any hidden abilities?

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