FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions about Salt and Sanctuary will be covered on this page. This page will be updated as necessary. If you have a question that is not answered in the list below, feel free to ask it in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Please see our New Player Help page for details on gameplay. 



What is Salt and Sanctuary's release date?

The much anticipated Salt and Sanctuary from Ska Studios will release March 15, 2016 on PS4! The PC version released on May 18th (Windows - mac and Linux unknown) with the Vita version also in development for a future release. Check out this article for more information.


Will it be on PC? Mac, Linux?

Yup! There is a short PS4 and Vita exclusivity window and a later release date on Steam.


Why not Xbox?

Salt will be a timed exclusive on PS4 and will be out on Steam at a later time. We're not sure yet on Xbox because a few things would have to change to make this happen.


Are there Multiplayer components in Salt and Sanctuary?

There is local (Couch) Co-op for 2-players. Offering a sellsword statue to your sanctuary will enable local multiplayer. You PvP with your Co-op partner at anytime. There are asynchronous online features like leaving behind messages for other players, and gravestones that show how other players died at the location. There are no direct network play features (e.g. online co-op), as of yet. See our Multiplayer page for details.


How much will the game cost?

The game is available on the Playstation Store for the super reasonable price of 17.99 USD, with pre-orders receiving a 10% discount, bringing the price down to 16.19 USD. It will also be crossbuy, so PS4 owners can play the Vita version as soon as it releases! Pricing for the Steam version is similar with a release discount of 10% to bring it down to 16.19 USD until May 24th, where the price will return to 17.99 USD.


Will there be any sort of pre-order bonus?

Yes. Pre-orders for the PS4 version receive a 10% discount, bringing the price down from 17.99 USD to only 16.19 USD!


How many bosses will there be?

There are just over 20 Bosses in the game.


How do I Change Controls?

The Controls page outlines how to manage the game. To change the key mapping on PS4

1. Setting Menu
2. Accesibility
3. Button Assignments
4. Enable Custom Button Assignments (Checkmark)
5. Once you put the checkmark there will be a new option called: Customize Button Assignments
6. You are now able to make all changes you need. Don't forget to confirm changes.

Keep in mind this changes will apply to all games.


How do I Co Op?

To co op with another player they will need to have a profile on your PS4 and have a character made. In your game world go to any Sanctuary with a Stone Sellsword and go to the "Hire" tab and press "X". The other player will then have to select their character and press "X" and can now co op in your game world. If you want to co op from the very beginning of the game be sure to take the Stone Sellsword in the Effects section at Character Creation. There is currently only local co op, but it may be possible to co op online via Share Play. See our Multiplayer page for details.


What is Salt?

Salt is the currency you use to Level up and purchase upgrades for Weapons and Armor. When you die you drop what you are carrying and you must make it back to where you died in order to reclaim it, or it is lost (similar to Dark Souls).


Does the game have "Equip Load"?

Yes the game does have Equip Load. The break points are 75, 50 and 25%.

Can you respec?

Sort of. You can gain Gray Pearls in the game that will refund a certain number of Skill Points.


How many different Weapons and Armor are there in the game?

There are over a 300 different weapons and armor pieces in the game. See the Weapons, Armor and Shields page for more details. 


Is there a New Game Plus?

Yes there is. Once you complete the game you can take your character to NG+ and continue playing. Players are limited to 7 NG+s. You will not be automatically ported to NG+ after defeating the last Boss. This will give you time to complete other things in your game world before progressing.


How does weapon scaling work?

All weapons scale in damage dealt in accordance with a particular stat. The lettering (e.g. A,B,C etc.) signifies how much the damage scales.

  • For example: the Varangian Statha sword, which has STR-Scaling E and DEX-Scaling C. This means the damage dealt improves if you increase your Strength and Dexterity stats through the skill tree.
  • The order for lettering is as follows: S > A > B > C > D > E.
  • For example: 5 Dex on a DEX-Scale S weapon will be better than 5 Dex on a DEX-Scale D weapon.


Why is there a red line across my weapon?

It means you don't have enough skill to one-hand the weapon. Simply two-hand it to use. To meet the one-hand requirement, you need to unlock the next class skill of that category. For example Greatswords 2. If there are two red lines forming an X, you do not have enough skill to use the weapon at all. 


How do Sanctuaries Work?

Sanctuaries in the game will either belong to your Creed, another Creed or simply be empty. You can make Offerings at any Sanctuary belonging to your Creed and thus use the services of Stone Blacksmiths, Leaders, Alchemists, etc. You may only place 4 per Sanctuary, so you will need to travel to different Sanctuaries to place all the different types. You cannot make Offerings to other Creeds and you must either Desecrate them using a Stained Page OR use a Crystal Sphere to convert them to your Creed.  Desecrating a Sanctuary will give you Sin which must be cleansed before you can deepen your Devotion to your Creed further or take the Oath of another Creed.


 How Do I Upgrade Weapons, Shields and Armor?

To upgrade Weapons, Shields and Armor you must acquire the appropriate Upgrade Material for your piece of equipment. All equipment in the game follows one of 5 upgrade paths (you can see these on the Upgrade Materials page). You will need to speak with a Stone Blacksmith in any Sanctuary to Upgrade your equipment.


Where are all the Weapons? I can't Seem to find any!

Weapons were designed to be Transmuted into more powerful variants using the Stone Alchemist in any Sanctuary. You can trade Enemy Remains, Transmuation Materials and any Weapon to Transmute it into a higher more powerful or different variant of the same Weapon Type. As you progress the game and acquire more Remains more Weapons will open up at the Stone Alchemist. The best part is your Upgrades on the Weapon carry over to the new one (however you do lose 1 tier). Boss Remains make particularly powerful Weapons so be sure to check the Alchemist after each Boss.


How do I use Spells?

To use Magic, Prayers or Incantations you must have the appropriate points spent in the Tree of Skill in order to use them. You can slot up to 6 Spells at once in your inventory screen and can cycle through them using left and right on the D-Pad. Using Spells will consume Focus and will lower your max Stamina. The more Spells you cast before you rest in a Sanctuary the more Stamina you will lose and eventually you won't be able to cast Spells. You can reduce the amount of Stamina you lose by using some Rings and you can regain Stamina by using Vials (which you can unlock in the Tree of Skill). Putting points into the Magic or Wisdom Stats will increase the amount of Spells you can cast between rests.

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