Shimmering Pearl

Shimmering Pearl

A perfectly spherical, unnaturally effervescent pearl. Shimmering Pearl is the most coveted of alchemical ingredients.

Shimmering Pearl is a Material item in Salt and Sanctuary.


Shimmering Pearl Effect

Used in transmutation to change weapons into late-game/high-requirement weapons (class 5).



Where to Find Shimmering Pearl


  • Crypt of the Dead Gods: Along the path leading down to the Forgotten King boss fight and immediatley afterwards again on the path out.



Boss Remains Weapons

These boss weapons require a Shimmering Pearl to Transmute.



  •  Best farming spot is in Mal's Floating Castle. Just stock up on Bells of Return, kill the Keeper that's right there when you go in. Kill, hit bell back, repeat. You can bypass the bells and walk back every time, but using bells will save you precious seconds which will turn into minutes fast. The pearl isn't common at all, so you will most likely need many, many runs. Poison does a good job at killing the Keepers.


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    • Anonymous

      it sucks because im NG+7 and i struggle with the crypt keepers and i try to get them on co-op but only my friend is getting them somebody please tell me why

      • Anonymous

        Dont know if it has been mentioned BUT .... Do Not try to drop this and pick it up with the second logged in character it will turn into a salt bag! All that farming and I thought I'd share with my couch buddy, turned into heart-ache.

        • Anonymous

          Ok, that's wierd. I farmed in the Mal's for Lord's Orders for like 15-20 minutes. I got only 1. But I got 2 Shimmering Pearls... But for now i don't have use for them

          • Anonymous

            The best spot is NOT at Mals fortress. The best spot is in the crypt of the dead gods, right before the Kraekan Dragon boss fight. There is a shrine (not the sanctuary) above the Crypt Keeper. Getting to it is tricky, but I'll try to write out the steps the best I can.

            0) Stock up on bells of return.
            0b) Put some offerings at the sanctuary. I recommend guide (item find), leader (salt boost), and merchant (gold boost)
            1) Unlock the shortcut to the left of the sanctuary.
            2) Go down that short cut and keep going left.
            3) You will be right above the ledge that leads to the Forgotten King boss fight. Do not get confused and think I meant to go into the screen that the boss fight takes place.
            4) Walk off the ledge then dart to the right. You will have to do this fast, or you will fall to your death.
            5) Head right through the room with the two gravewalkers
            6) Continue right and jump/dart to the platform with the item sack in the middle. Jump and dart right again and you should jump right into the shrine.
            7) Rest at the shrine the fall to the left and you will be face to face with a crypt keeper. Kill it then bell back.

            This is the fastest turnaround time to get to the crypt keeper. It is also an excellent place to farm gold, salt, and orders.

            • Anonymous

              hey it can be found too near the boss fight with jester there is a down plate form where there is one O .O

              • Anonymous

                Unless you want to farm salt and orders too, the best way to get this is to create an alt account, learn the Unspeakable Deep's move set, kill him as your alt, then summon your alt as a sells word on the char you want to give the pearl too, and just drop the pearl.

                • Anonymous

                  I have tried to have three pearls drop within the same seven consecutive kills of the Crypt Keeper (in Mal's Floating Castle). Along with farming about 250 total salt, I have gotten six-seven pearls and two King's Orders.The drop rate on this char is 106 when wearing the Jester's hat. (103 without the hat)

                  • The wiki is correct: the best farming spot is indeed Mal's Floating Castle. But you need to invest into Willpower to increase the drop rate because it is incredibly small.On my character with 120 item discovery (30 Willpower) I got 3 Pearls + some King's Orders in like 30 minutes. On a character with basic willpower I farmed at least for an hour and got no Pearl. The difference is huge.

                    • Anonymous

                      You know, these cords would be usuful if I could actually know where those are, someone needs to change the whole cords thing and just type up where the hell they are

                      • Anonymous

                        anyone knows the location of a pearl? I think theres one to get as a finding item. the drops are ridiculous hard to get.

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