The Mad Alchemist



NG+7 7,400


4,010 Gold

4,000 Salt

NG+7 303,060 Salt

The Mad Alchemist's Ear

Strike 200 Fire 50
Slash 50 Lightning 50
Poise 100 Poison 50
Block 100 Holy 50
Block Damage 100 Arcane 50
Block Magic 60    

The Mad Alchemist is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

Once known as Ruzpin, Grand Ter of Alchemy and Salves, this mindless creature has become a murderous, mindless husk of its former glory. "Location


Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Poison, Fire, Lightning, Arcane
  • Weak vs: Slash / Elemental Damage
  • Strong vs: Strike Damage

Phase 1

  • Green Vial - Tosses green vials that spawn Poison Cytoplasms. Note that the green cloud that lingers after the Cytoplasm is spawned can (and will) rapidly fill your Poison meter up if stuck in it. You can roll to the other side and attack both Alchemist and Cytoplasm.
  • Blue Vial - Tosses blue vials that create floating walls of electricity following player. These track in the general direction, so one must run to a space of the arena where they can be avoided
  • Red Vial - Tosses three homing fire orbs that follow the player's initial position. Can be avoided by using the slight elevations on the room.
  • Purple Vial - Tosses purple vials during a jump that spawn black clouds that throw a pair of arcing energy scythes (arcane damage) with some intervals between scythes. These try to reach the player by launching themselves in their general direction, but do not home directly.

Phase 2 (50% HP)

  • His purple vials become EXTREMELY dangerous, as he drops three at once, which leads from 2 scythes a cloud to 6 scythes from three clouds. He can also do this twice, leading to an extreme amount of scythes spawned in a short amount of time.
  • Becomes more aggressive, jumps around faster, and uses Purple Vials more often


Melee Strategy Video





Player Notes

  • Use The Mad Alchemist's Ear to upgrade the Trident. The Mossy Key is also found to the left of the boss arena.
  • This boss fight can be very hectic, but luckily The Mad Alchemist doesn't have much health. Try luring the Alchemist up onto one of the platforms to reduce the number of elements you have to contend with. 
    • If at all possible, eliminate the Cytoplasms, but only if it's safe. The zone can become a "bullet hell" shooter quite quickly in the 2nd Phase, and the less danger you have, the better.
  • The Mad Alchemist does NOT have any melee attacks, which can be used to your advantage. If you find the lower section of the plaform filled with Cytoplasms on one side and you manage to get him down on their level, he will act as a wall and the Cytoplasms can't pounce on you through him. If you have a weapon with good reach, you can safely take out the Cytoplasms while hitting The Mad Alchemist.
    • However, this also means that most shields at this point in the game have partial success against him. This is not the case in ng+
  • In Phase 2, his scythe cloud vials potentially become the worst thing to deal with as he grows a little more aggressive with his jumping. Don't be surprised if he gets two sets of three scythe cloud vials out in quick succession, and it's even worse if he gets them on top of you and you're cornered by The Mad Alchemist and/or Cytoplasms. A burst of three scythes can easily rip through your stamina when blocking, and once staggered, that's going to be 3-9 scythes hitting you. That's a bad, and likely fatal, situation, and you don't want that.
  • It is possible to poison the boss by using Pessmud on a decent DPS weapon. The poison stacks enough damage over time that with the bosses low health, the fight is over before you know it.
  • A recommended armor set is the Cook's Set, which provides fantastic poison defense, allowing you to combat the green vials more easily.
  • His scythe projectiles can be parried by any shield, and you can parry more than one scythe at once if the parry frames synch with them. However, after the frames end, you're vulnerable to the rest of attacks for the remainder of the parry animation.
    • You can also spell parry it's lightning orbs if timed right. His fire orbs however, cannot be spell parried.
      • This is only relevant on ng+, where you have access to shields that can spell parry.



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    • Anonymous

      He was kinda tough, especially his outburst of AOE Attacks increases rapidly towards the end of the fight. Plus the stage is a bit odd.

      • Hate this overdressed little spaz. The fireballs and lightning are easy enough to deal with, but between the slimes and the fumes from spawning said Slimes poison overload is a CONSTANT threat.
        Never mind that he LOVES to jump around like he's a happy kangaroo and spam flying scythes like he was taking lessons from Castlevania's Death. In phase two those things become just about unavoidable - it doesn't matter HOW hard you try, 90% of the time he'll spawn multiple scythe clouds in such a way where they WILL hit you no matter where you are or try to dodge to.
        I'm no stranger to maddening bosses, but this spastic gremlin is maddening in all the wrong ways.

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t mind the poor design of this guy too, but then I fought him in NG+4/+5. When his slimes are tankier than the final boss and one scythe almost instakills you, unless you’re using GREatshields or vibranium armor. And dying 20 times because my fully upgraded trinity sword didn’t have enough enough DPS was never so much fun.

          • I didn't face this guy until I had attained Level 23, and I had upgraded all or the Plate armor, rocking a Kuromeia II greatsword PLUS the Mossy Charm for greater attack power. He jumped over me and I rolled right into him, trapping him at the far right edge of the arena. From that point on it was a cakewalk - I just swung that bad-ass Kuromeia until he was mincemeat! Under constant attack, he couldn't unleash any of his own attacks, and it was over before it started.

            • Anonymous

              I killed the Mad Alchemist and then died to poison shortly after. When I went back to reclaim my salt the little flying monster wasn't there. Is this a known bug?

              • Anonymous

                The blobs that he spawns during the fight are meant to protect you. Their grab makes you immune to other sources of damage. So when he starts going crazy, make sure a blob is around and get your antidotes ready.

                • Anonymous

                  My only complaint is that the slimes can essentially stunlock you if there are multiple. Not really an issue until NG+ when they have an insane amount of HP considering you're fighting a boss.

                  • Anonymous

                    Is it possible that the devs designed this boss as a gear check to ensure that you are properly upgrading your weapons the way you ought to be at this point? His mechanics are difficult and awkward to deal with, but when you have a solidly upgraded weapon, you just dps race him down and for the most part ignore his attacks. I don't really understand all the outrage.

                    • Anonymous

                      The design of this boss's patterns are bad, no matter how good or bad you are, you will still get hit by the AoEs he spams.I'm not calling this boss "hard", (i did beat it on the first try) this boss is just about how well you are equipped.To put it simple: I'm disappointed because no skill is involved in this boss fight, just spam your attack and you win. Don't get me wrong, i like the game itself.

                      • Anonymous

                        This is always the boss whenever i play i dread having to face. I dont know if i have bad luck, but in the second phase, he just spams the jump scythe move, so if i try to attack him he jumps up, if i try to jump attack i get hit with 5 scythes and die. Besides the Scythes, hes kinda fun

                        • Anonymous

                          I had a kureimoa+2 when I fought himStep 1:get next to himStep 2:swing your sword until he diededededesstep 3:???step 4:get salt level up

                          • Get a decent fast damaging weapon and just try to kill him as fast as possible before he starts to combo all of his vials together. If a cytoplasm spawns on the same side that you're on, roll to the other side of the boss and keep wailing on him!

                            • Anonymous

                              Ridiculously cheap as are all the bossesAwful gameDoesn't deserve the praiseDark Souls is difficult but fairThis boss churning out 5 different AoE attacks at once is a big ***** you to any good design there may beNormal mobs - FunAll bosses minus Sodden Knight - Atrocious

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