Maps for Salt and Sanctuary as created and provided by the community. This includes an overall basic map listing the locations gives a general view of the island's interconnectivity provided by the developer, as well as full-detailed maps provided by MagicOfGames and SubmergedLemon, who created the complete screenshot map and the individual NPC/Treasure maps respectively.

If you are lost or confused, you may follow the Game Progress Route and use the videos provided to orientate yourself.


Maps for Salt and Sanctuary

Hand-drawn Developer Map

isle of salt web


Screenshot Maps (All NPCs/Key Items/Bosses/Treasures)

For the full map, please use the following web address:

For an uncompressed download link, please use the following web address:


The Shivering Shore

the shivering shore 3


The Festering Banquet

 festering banquet 2


Bandit's Pass

bandit's pass


The Village of Smiles



The Watching Woods

 watching woods


The Sunken Keep



Castle of Storms



Red Hall of Cages



Hager's Cavern



Mire of Stench



Fort Beyond the Mire



Cran's Pass



Dome of the Forgotten



Ziggurat of Dust



Mal's Floating Castle



The Far Beach



The Ruined Temple






Siam Lake



The Blackest Vault



Salt Alkymancery



Crypt of Dead Gods



The Still Palace


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    • Anonymous

      In dome of the forgotten, predator set is unmarked.
      It is on the platform directly under 13(stone guide), if I am correct.

      • Anonymous

        Hello, is It possibile to reupload the complete uncompressed map? Download link seems to be no longer available. Many thanks in advance.

        • Anonymous

          In the Doom of Forgotten, there is a treasure on the platform under treasure No.13. Go left and jump from treasure No.13, and you'll get it. I forget what it is but I am pretty sure it exists. Maybe this is Doom of Forgotten.

          • Anonymous

            My one complaint about the maps are that the exits to other maps are not listed. That would make these a lot more readable. Having the sanctuaries on here would also be good, but not as big of an improvement as the exits would be.

            • Anonymous

              Looking at all the maps and god damn isnt this game gigantic, i am already 12 hours into the game and didn't even explore half of the maps yet. Also thanks for making the maps.

              • Anonymous

                Can someone edit the third map that's white so that you can click on it and have it open up a tab that lets you see it zoomed in.

                • Anonymous

                  Mel's Floating Castle before Ziggurat of Dust is not possible. You need the dash to get to Mal, which you receive after completing Ziggurat.

                  • Anonymous

                    Everybody here is *****ing about how bad are the maps done wtf go a make ur own noob if dont like what peaople did in their free time for idiots like u. Btw, whoever made the maps i thank u very much for ur work.

                    • Anonymous

                      Been reading the negative comments and just want to say, though perhaps a little a rough, these maps are informative and do help provide a clear route for story purposes. Thank you who ever put aside their time to help us all out

                      • Anonymous

                        Whoever made this can die in a fire. I have to zoom in super far to read some pixelated ass text. Learn how to font please.

                        • Anonymous

                          Question?? Would an image of each levels layout with boss/Sanctuary/item locations be helpful? I haven been looking around the Internet a lot for anything like this and haven't found anything. I wanted to check on the interest for this before doing all the work on a composite image for just myself.

                          • Anonymous

                            Wait, I'm supposed to go to the Hager's cavern and Mire of Stench first? I went to the Dome of Forgotten before that. Did I just skip 3 areas?

                            • Anonymous

                              Ok, I've gone through the lowest part of the pitchwoods, the tard unicorns, the boss, all the way. I just can't seem to reach the actual sanctuary. I've tried a grand total of 42 attempts and died 20 times. So far I've made it to the third part but I keep screwing up...I'll keep trying it's just this sanctuary is hard as ***** to get to, is it worth it?

                              • Anonymous

                                sunken keep and watching woods are backwards... You reach the sunken keep by traveling east from the watching either the map is entirely wrong, or much more likely those two labels are just backwards (the watching woods is after all below the village of smiles afterall)

                                • Anonymous

                                  From this map, there is a route on the right of the blackest vault sanctuary... but there is nothing in-game! So can we actually access the area from the right as seen in the map?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Don't know if this was mentioned anywhere on the wiki, but the floating weird island above the Shivering Shore on this map is actually the starting area, where you fight the Unspeakable Deep. You can only re-access it through flying cheats, and the boss also respawns in NG+ with more Salt. So, if that's what you're into, it's totally a thing. But you kill the boss, it doesn't respawn - just like every other boss.Kinda weird that they'd have it on this map, too, but whatever.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Does it mess up the story if you complete one of the higher numbered areas before the lower ones? I defeated the two bosses in the Dome of the Forgotten before I finished the Red Hall of Cages. Will that affect the game at all?

                                      • Hey there!I've been trying to figure out a way to understand the co-ordinates given on the Wikipedia page for this game and trying to figure out a way to give that kind of information to people before the game releases on PC where we'll be able to map everything with a much better degree of accuracy.I did a video showing two examples of how to find out the co-ordinates but just in-case you don't want to listen to me drone on about it, here's the formula:X: (Wiki X Co-ord / 186) + 50Y: (Wiki Y Co-ord / 186) + 15Take those and plug them in to the site Mobile Fish (linked below(You will have to upload or link it to an image of the map, make sure the image is the 1920x960 version of the map from the wiki, link also below)) then you're not getting a 100% accurate location for the map but it's better than nothing!Video: Image: Fish: Apologies if this all goes wrong, first attempt at anything like this. Feedback welcome and don't hesitate to comment for help or to help others!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Can we have a link for the map without the names and numbers? (I don't mind the wiki link)I, personally, would like to make a background image with the map.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I would like to see how to get to these areas cause im running around in the same area and I have no idea where to go

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