The Queen Of Smiles

The Queen Of Smiles


NG+7 7,200


2,510 Gold

2,500 Salt

NG+7 296,640 Salt

The Queen of Smiles' Ear

Strike 250 Fire 50
Slash 50 Lightning 50
Poise 200 Poison 500
Block 100 Holy -50
Block Damage 100 Arcane 50
Block Magic 60    

The Queen of Smiles is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

Cruel wraith queen of Liven, she loved to adorn her city walls with the grotesquely smiling corpses of her victims. In life, she wielded the fabled Sword of Reign, and in undeath, she wields a thousand more."



Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Strike, Slash
  • Weak vs: Holy Damage
  • Strong vs: Poison and Strike Damage

Phase 1

  • Sword Combo - A sword combo which proceeds with a stab with both swords downward in front of her, followed by a wide upward slash with one arm. Sometimes, she will follow the upward slash with a downward stab with the arm she swung up with. (almost everytime on phase 2)
  • Dash - A scampering run with both swords out, where she proceeds to double-thrust at you once close enough or goes a far enough distance.
  • Eight Sword Spray - A spray of eight swords from the spinning sword ring behind her back. The swords will fire out in broken intervals from the random circle she forms with a circle of her arm.

Phase 2 (50% HP)

  • Gains a spinning attack that covers a lot of ground, which is immediately performed after the eight-sword spray attack.
  • Generally moves quicker and further with her attacks.
  • More likely follows up sword combo


Melee Strategy Video


Player Notes

  • Her name is Lenaia, as revealed in the Mildewed Set: Tarnished Coronet, Mildewed PolonaiseMildewed Caraco and Mildewed Chemise
  • Shields work quite well against her, as all her attacks are blockable and don't drain much stamina.
  • This fight is all about memorizing her "tells" for her melee attacks, so you know how to best react. The problem is that her melee combo and sword charge attacks have a very similar signal (She'll cock her arms back and swords slide out of her sleeves) with one slight difference:
    • If you see her arch her back and look upward, she's going to melee combo.
    • If you don't see her arch her back and look upward, she's going to sword charge.
  • One of the best times to get damage on her is abusing her eight-sword spray attack, particularly if the ring she forms has no trajectory on you. This becomes a little more dangerous once she's in Phase 2, however, due to the running windmill she does immediately after shooting the swords.



    • Anonymous

      26 Dec 2017 18:19  

      What's the deal with the pumpkin helmet? It's description says she's afraid of it but the fight didn't change much at all for me.

      • Anonymous

        14 Jun 2017 08:08  

        very easy when you use the holy damage pine resin, yes I'm a dark souls player and I forgot this item's name lmao.

        • Anonymous

          Trivial with shield06 Jul 2016 01:25  

          If you have a shield with 100% Strike, Slash, and Pierce (from the blacksmith) the only annoying thing about her is her large hp pool early on

          • Anonymous

            Optional boss28 May 2016 20:09  

            I think she is an optional boss. My first run I didn't meet her until after I cleared the Bloodless Prince. Needless to say she was a pathetic fight

            • Anonymous

              NG salt25 Mar 2016 19:10  

              I was wondering if the fact you lose once to a boss lower the salt gain? I just got only 2500 salt from her on NG!

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