Branding Iron

Attack 10.5/10.5
Weight 8.0
Dexterity Scaling E
Magic Scaling S
Class 4 Sword/1 Magic
Flags Fire
Special Extra Blunt


Branding Iron in Salt and Sanctuary is a Sword type weapon.



A machete forged from scavenged materials by a blacksmith stranded on this accursed island. A branding iron of the type used to torture prisoners in the Red Hall of Cages has been hammered flat, sharpened keen and quenched in a bath of salt water and Emberskull ash to produce a blade perpetually bathed in searing flames. Improvised though it may be, this unique weapon provides warriors unskilled in the arcane arts with an invaluable tactical advantage.


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Magic and 50 Dexterity this weapon has an Attack of 17.7/83.1 at tier VII.
  • Requires Class 1 Magic
  • Dexterity scaling is negligible on this weapon, giving only +3.0 physical damage at 50 Dexterity.
  • Due to the weapon's low Dexterity scaling, a caster build can use this weapon proficiently without having to spend any levels on Dexterity.

Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

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Branding Iron Upgrade Table

  Attack Dex Scale Mag Scale Material

Branding Iron

10.5/10.5 E S -

Branding Iron I

11.0/11.0 E S Charred Doll x1

Branding Iron II

 11.5/11.5 E S Charred Doll x2

Branding Iron III

12.1/12.1 E S Charred Locket x1

Branding Iron IV

12.7/12.7 E S Charred Locket x2

Branding Iron V

13.4/13.4 E S Charred Reliquary x1

Branding Iron VI

14.0/14.0 E S Charred Reliquary x2

Branding Iron VII

14.7/14.7 E S Charred Tome x1


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