Bestiary is a dictionary of the enemies in  Salt and Sanctuary. It provides players with some information about the beasts encountered -  possible drops, descriptions and as well as how many times the player killed and died to that beast. There are a total of 98 beasts in Salt and Sanctuary as listed below. You can alternatively see a list of Bosses to find the most challenging encounters.


The Beasts of SnS


Alkymancery Knight

AI: Knight Flags: None HP: 500 Salt: 1500
A heavy suit of armor given autonomy through Salt Alkymancy. The Architect's saltless thralls are tasked with retrieving good metals and materials for ther master, but the Architect herself is the only one capable of fusing matter with the eternal essence of Salt, drawing deeply from the souls the sea holds to construct each and every Alkymancery Knight.

Angsty Bones

AI: Skeleton Rags Flags: None HP: 110 Salt: 370
A reanimated human skeleton. It wields a crude, rusted blade, and its cleaving blows inflict gaping, poisoned gashes.

Armor Guardian

AI: Bull Flags: None HP: 200 Salt: 1200
A giant, heavily armored tower guardian. Jaret, the King of Storms, had his court sorcerers create these hulks from the most devoted of his guards. What magic made them is a mystery, but it seems like it would require something more powerful than common sorcery.

Armor Mite

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 200 Salt: 600
A cave-dwelling, heavily armored, chitinous creature. The Armor Mite is actually two creatures: an Ogre Crab and the fleshy, bipedal victim (usually a man) it has repurposed as its torso half. The victim doesn't actually die during the fusion, though once the process has begun, it cannot survive without its host.


AI: Dog Flags: None HP: 120 Salt: 850
A giant, lava-breathing arachnid. Bedspiders were first discovered in Devil's Maw Crater, a volcanic lava bed deep in the mountains of Markdor.

Blade Wraith

AI: Wraith Flags: None HP: 50 Salt: 60
A cloaked creature of chains and bones. Blade Wraiths, like so many of this island's Kraeken inhabitants, are constructs of some powerful conjuror, weaved from materials both corporeal and ethereal.

Bloated Monstrosity

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 200 Salt: 250
An ogrish, pess-ridden drowned brute.

Bola Eye

AI: Dog Flags: None HP: 140 Salt: 610
A salt-built creation. The Architect created these creatures as autonomous sentries to keep watch over her Salt Alkymancery.

Bound Arrox

AI: Shroud Flags: Blind HP: 300 Salt: 800
A powerful wild creature, inhumanely broken, prepared, trained and conditioned to defend the Ziggurat of Dust from outsiders.
knight axe

Bronze Axe Knight

AI: Knight Flags: None HP: 300 Salt: 800
A well-armored axe-wielding knight. The armor these guardians bear is completely unlike any from the continents.

Bronze Knight

AI: Knight Flags: None HP: 100 Salt: 500
A well-armored knight. These powerful warriors wordlessly patrol the island, corralling the drowned and hunting the living.

Caged Man

AI: Archer Flags: None HP: 60 Salt: 200
A prisoner of the Red Hall of Cages. Through decades of rot and drowning, prisoner and gaoler have become a blur of mindless villainy, setting upon invaders to the Red Hall with the same ferocity they once reserved for each other.

Carsejaw the Cruel

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 1250 (2250*) Salt: 20000
Admont, pretender Duke of Tristin, bastard son of Marquis Laborn. He claimed to have many enemies, and for a time, the people truly believed him, rallying behind him in his efforts to rid the duchy of witches and conspirators. (*: Enhanced Edition values)

Cave Keeper

AI: Dog Flags: None HP: 100 Salt: 440
A misshapen, cave-dwelling brute. The magical lanterns they bear are somehow able to blot out the lights of men.

Chained Man

AI: Tortured Flags: None HP: 100 Salt: 200
A victim of the Tree of Men.

Clay Hybrid

AI: Fiend Flags: None HP: 140 Salt: 25
A construct of the Ziggurat of Dust, likely crafted by Tam In, in his image. Its writhing body is that of a minor Kraekan, but because it is housed in clay and sealed magic, it takes on a less malevolent role, doing little beyond tirelessly protecting its creator.

Clay Phantom

AI: Wraith Flags: None HP: 50 Salt: 300
A malicious collection of spirits, united behind one mask. In studying the arcane, many mages stumble upon a seemingly innocent rite with an unfortunate side effect: its caster's spirit may be incapable of properly moving on to the next life. How many wrathful spirits form a single Clay Phantom is unknown, but the consensus is that it's a surprisingly large number.

Court Sorcerer

AI: Sorceror Flags: None HP: 100 Salt: 300
A drowned incarnation of an advisor to Jaret, King of Storms. Court Sorcerers were powerful wielders of the arcane, and diabolical manipulators of the mind.

Crypt Keeper

AI: Bull Flags: None HP: 600 Salt: 5000
An ancient guardian. Crypt Keepers are the silent sentinels of the Crypt of Dead Gods, wielding iron will against unwelcome invaders and unruly residents alike.

Disemboweled Husk

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 1500 Salt: 12000
Shell of the former Dread Pirate Hager. He has been disemboweled, and a small doll dwells in his gaping body cavity, controlling his actions like a tiny marionette.

Dread Horseman

AI: Knight Flags: None HP: 500 Salt: 1200
Heavily armored knight. A Dread Horseman on foot is still a higly formidable foe, and in the few cases when Birian rebels managed to unseat a Dread Horseman, they only successfully disarmed and captured one.

Dread Horseman (Mounted)

AI: Horseman Flags: None HP: 500 Salt: 600
Heavily armored mounted knight. On the continents, Dread Horsemen were a guard of brutish Dorian knights, and their tasks typically required them to maintain order in the occupied nation of Taenibir.
spider blue


AI: Leap Melee Flags: None HP: 70 Salt: 350
A giant spider, aptly named to its tendency to drop on its prey. Dropspiders thrive in dimly lit caves and dungeons.

Drowned Archer

AI: Archer Flags: None HP: 25 Salt: 40
The shambling remains of a hooded bowman. Many conscripted archers learned the skill from hunting small game. What was it like to live the life of a hunter, a soldier, and a sailor, before becoming reduced to a putrescent gestalt of the three?

Drowned Bandit

AI: Soldier Flags: None HP: 25 Salt: 35
The drowned corpse of a common highwayman, reanimated and renewed as the marauding villain he formerly was in nearly every way.

Drowned Berzerker

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 40 Salt: 35
An axe-wielding assault trooper, lost at sea and washed ashore. Soldiers like this were typically ex-bandit sellswords, bought with coin to fight wars they had no stake in.

Drowned Marauder

AI: Soldier Flags: None HP: 100 Salt: 350
A ragged, drowned marauder. As if the sea wasn't treacherous enough already, gangs of marauders raid and plunder poorly armed merchant ships, scuttling boat and killing crew when successful.

Drowned Peasant

AI: Rags Flags: None HP: 10 Salt: 30
An unnamed sailor, his soul met with the same misfortune as so many of this island's denizens, yet his body plods on, struggling, never knowing what it struggles for.

Drowned Porcelain

AI: Dog Flags: None HP: 150 Salt: 400
A child of a king. Children of nobility are privileged to wear porcelain masks, and never to be seen in the presence of their elders without them.

Drowned Raider

AI: Raider Flags: None HP: 30 Salt: 40
The reanimated drowned remains of a barbaric raider, adorned in salt-crusted furs and armed to the teeth with crude axes.

Drowned Soldier

AI: Soldier Flags: None HP: 20 Salt: 40
An unarmored drowned sellsword, he must have washed ashore. He exists in a state of undead mindlessness, but he is not completely devoid of combat skill.


AI: Skull Flags: None HP: 30 Salt: 50
A simple revenant. Emberskulls are essentially flame made flesh; they can be given basic instruction through arcane rites, but are otherwise incapable of any kind of advanced reasoning.

feral beast salt and sanctury wiki guide

Feral Beast

AI: Dog Flags: None HP: 25 Salt: 25
A massive, dog-like creature unique to the island. These beasts tend to desire only living flesh, and while fierce, they can fortunately be dispatched with relatively few blows.

Fetal Brat

AI: Dog Flags: None HP: 60 Salt: 250
A Vexing Brat in its larval state. Vexing Brats are possibly the only creatures of Kraekan origin with what could be considered a life cycle: adult Vexing Brats feed on elemental energy, which they crystallize into blue egg-like things in their bellies, to be regurgitated, beginning the cycle anew.

Flying Spider

AI: Wraith Flags: None HP: 100 Salt: 370
A winged Swampspider.


AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 120 Salt: 300
Enforcer of the Red Hall of Cages. Once resembling something more like men, they have become disfigured through decades of darkness, disease, and violence: both to their prisoners and to themselves.


AI: Bull Flags: None HP: 200 Salt: 1500
A Kraekan soul. The being that is the Gravewalker is actually the glowing green sprite in the center of the creature; the soul wields stone from the Crypt of Dead Gods as a body of sorts.

Guardian Mage

AI: Wraith Flags: None HP: 150 Salt: 250
New description.
guardian cleric

Guardian of Devara

AI: Knight Flags: None HP: 200 Salt: 500
New description.

Guardian of the Three

AI: Knight Flags: None HP: 200 Salt: 500
New description.

Hanged Man

AI: Hangman Flags: None HP: 150 Salt: 250
A hanged man, still bound. Kar'hi is said to have a law allowing any man to volunteer his life to save a condemned man, perhaps it is with this thought that these creatures are forever attempting to switch places with the living.


AI: Eyeball Flags: None HP: 80 Salt: 250
An abomination of alchemy. The alchemist's aim was to create some sort of love poultice, but he failed. Anyone unlucky enough to imbibe the failed product would shift into a hideous wretch, its desire for affection transforming its tainted heart into an all-encompassing eyeball.
gold archer

Hornet Steel

AI: Wraith Flags: None HP: 100 Salt: 720
An armored, winged guardian of the Dome of the Forgotten. When the Inquisitor purged the Dome of Light of sin, he brought with him several Hornet Steels to ensure that the newly cleansed Lambs adhered to the Inquisitor's sinless standard.
skeleton archer

Hunting Bones

AI: Skeleton Archer Flags: None HP: 100 Salt: 400
A reanimated human skeleton. Despite being nothing more than material set in motion by dark magic, it somehow demonstrates extreme proficiency with its Redtree Bow, peppering its enemies with flesh-searing fire arrows.

Impaled Knight

AI: Dog Flags: Horsehead HP: 180 Salt: 600
A gruesomely executed knight. Carsejaw the Cruel had many enemies, and when the people rose up in rebellion in attempt to end his years of brutal inquisition, he made grim examples of its leaders, executing knight and horse together.

Kraekan Cyclops

AI: Bull Flags: None HP: 800 Salt: 5000
A one-eyed behemoth of Kraekan origin. The Kraeken are an often spoke of, scarcely seen race of ancient demons of the sea. The sea is a vast, terrifying and deadly place, and when sailors do not return, rumors abound.

Kraekan Dragon Skourzh

AI: Bull Flags: None HP: 2500 Salt: 25000
A greater Kraekan, Lord of Storms, keeper of the Crypt of Dead Gods. Ever since man discovered travel by sea, sailors have feared this monster, who wields devastating storms with ease, sending sailors and kings alike to icy graves beneath the sea.

Kraekan Wyrm

AI: Dragon Flags: None HP: 1000 Salt: 12000
A greater wyrm of Kraekan origin. Wyrms, drakes and dragons once inhabited the mountains of Markdor, but scholars and historians consider their era to be long gone, the last of their kind valiantly slaughtered by brave Dorian warriors.


AI: Bandages Flags: None HP: 80 Salt: 320
A drowned bandit, infested with Grayrot. Grayrot tends to inflict entire communities, and every community reacts to it a bit differently. The Lepris bandits invented an entire religion around the affliciton, including an invented backstory for their appointed god, a complex system of sin and atonement, and unspeakable ceremonies.


AI: Lich Flags: None HP: 200 Salt: 800
The skeletal revenant of a sorceror of the court of Quan In, Sun King of Kulka'as. These creatures were once known as wise advisors, skillful elementalists, and loyal servants; perhaps that's why they still serve their king in death.
guardmage cleric

Mage of Devara

AI: Wraith Flags: None HP: 150 Salt: 250
New description.


AI: Soldier Flags: None HP: 20 Salt: 20
A bandit of the high seas. They killed your captain, but you alone washed up on the shore.


AI: Dog Flags: None HP: 250 Salt: 1000
A ravenous, tentacled Kraekan. The Mimku are experts of camouflage, capable of convincingly disguising themselves a variety of inanimate objects. Unfortunately, the Mimku on this island learned fairly quickly that mimicking an enticing chest is the surest way to get fed.

Mother Merle

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 120 Salt: 250
Although never having children of their own, Mother Merles have many characteristics of over protective mothers. She considers any creature unfortunate enough to fit in her cage her child and desires to keep them close to her forever, whatever state of living or dead that may be.

Murdiella Mal

AI: Bull Flags: None HP: 2500 Salt: 0
Murdiella Mal, the insectoid Kraekan, the Murderfly, the Queen of Moonless Sky. She exists partially in the ethereal fabric of fire and sky, her tendrils weaving in and out of the celestial realm.

Pale Witch

AI: Witch Flags: None HP: 150 Salt: 600
A drowned witch of the northern coast duchy of Tristin. Tristini witches were never the hexers and cursers their enemies claimed them to be, but were certainly practitioners of elemental magics.

Poison Cytoplasm

AI: Blob Flags: None HP: 10 Salt: 75
Shapeless mass of toxic, gelatinous goo. Poison Cytoplasms are a highly malicious mutation of the more innocuous "normal" Cytoplasms.
skeleton tribe

Primitive Bones

AI: Skeleton Soldier Flags: None HP: 120 Salt: 400
A reanimated human skeleton adorned in raider's armor. Its weapons surely are primitive, but they're far heavier than what an average man could wield. Whatever magic animates this creature must be immensely powerful.
guardian rotten

Red Lord

AI: Knight Flags: None HP: 200 Salt: 600
Ruler of the Red Hall of Cages. Red Lords once resembled something more like men, but as their hearts grew more sick, so did their bodies.


AI: Fiend Flags: None HP: 25 Salt: 120
A vicious minor Kraekan. These vile beasts gravitate toward pockets of rot and human filth, which are their main forms sustenance.

Ronin Cran

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 2500 Salt: 15000
Ronin Cran, or Broken Cran, a name he earned from his famous broken greatsword, was a masterful knight in the service of Jaret, King of Storms, until his dishonorable discharge and subsequent flight by night.

Rotten Crossbowman

AI: Archer Flags: None HP: 30 Salt: 25
A Rotten Walker lucky enough to still wield a crossbow. This island is full of drowned men that somehow walk, but some are more decayed than others.

Rotten Raider

AI: Rags Flags: None HP: 150 Salt: 500
A drowned Night Raider, rotted by time and weather. The Night Raiders are such a fearsome troop; that they could be reduced to shambling fodder such as this is a testament to the fleeting strength of man.

Rotten Walker

AI: Rags Flags: None HP: 30 Salt: 20
Some form of drowned human, rotted by time and weather. Many drowned things walk this island.


AI: Salt Bat Flags: None HP: 50 Salt: 20
An otherworldy shadow of the salt of man. On this island, when a man dies and no monster is able to claim his salt, his death may leave behind a shadow. The Saltbat is the form that shadow takes.

Saltfin Creature

AI: Dog Flags: None HP: 500 Salt: 500
A precariously constructed, amphibious behemoth. A creature born of the Architect's powerful Salt Alkymancy, it is a testament to the horrible potential of the forbidden magic that created it.


AI: Cult Flags: None HP: 150 Salt: 400
Pitiful creature of flesh and rags, thrall of the Architect. Kaira, unmatched in Salt Alkymancy, constructed a company of salt-built creatures to guard her and aid in her research. The Saltless are designed to be always desiring salt, forever unable to consume it.
guardian gen

Sanctuary Guard

AI: Knight Flags: None HP: 200 Salt: 500
An ironclad guard to a sanctuary; these guardians are summoned to defend sanctuaries from desecration.


AI: Bat Flags: None HP: 8 Salt: 20
A small brown bat. Its peculiar fur pattern make it look as if its head is a skull. Somewhat poisonous.

Spear Imp

AI: Imp Flags: None HP: 120 Salt: 260
A lesser Kraekan of the island. Spear Imps are most famously known from the Trials of Alderen, an old fable about a knight who was given six tasks by an evil wizard who held his betrothed captive. On each task, the knight was bedeviled by Spear Imps, killing dozens, but sustaining twice as many wounds.


AI: Dog Flags: None HP: 100 Salt: 100
Another of the Architect's salt-built abominations. Back on the continents, Salt Alkymancery is a thing of horrible fables: stories of undying sorcerers perched in storm-battered, impassable towers, molding the icy heart of the sea itself into bizarre, nightmarish thralls.

Split Swordsman

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 80 Salt: 350
A fierce swordsman formerly of the Askarian elite squadron known as the Blue Guard. Though the Guard answered only to Duke Garldon, the Duke was convinced by Planne the Seeker, a travelling sorceror who had found his way into the Duke's court, to allow him to use the Guard in a series of disastrous teleportation experiments.


AI: Skull Flags: None HP: 100 Salt: 20
A bud birthed by That Stench Most Foul. Stenchpods are more like hair or fingernails than eggs: they're semi-sentient creatures shed that are discarded by their host to eventually die off.

That Stench Most Foul

AI: Gasbag Flags: None HP: 1600 (2000*) Salt: 14000
Putrescent lord of the Mire of Stench. This hideous, foul creature is said to have emerged from an alchemical experiment once conducted by a Woodswraith alchemist with more ambition than caution. The creature was small at first, but upon eating its creator, not only did it grow, but it learned of its love of human flesh. (*: Enhanced Edition values)

The Architect

AI: Lake Witch Flags: Rune Priest HP: 1200 (1500*) Salt: 12000
Kaira, one of two twins. She is an unmatched wielder of Salt Alkymancy, crafting the sea itself, poison with life force of a myriad of souls, into abominations of her own twisted design. Order allows life to cycle through the sea, with birth, death, as threads in the grand tapestry of ocean; Salt Alkymancy is an unnatural perversion of this order. (*: Enhanced Edition values)

The Bloodless Prince

AI: Bull Flags: None HP: 3500 Salt: 20000
A massive, three-faced clay thing, said in secret to house the spirit of Tam In, brother of Quan In. Rumor holds that the creature was once the size of a man, but gradually built itself up from earth, choosing to bear three faces to better allow The Three to better bestow it with wisdom. Quan In is said to have both loved and hated this monstrosity, and his reliance on a thing he so reviled could have driven him mad.

The Coveted

AI: Ruin Knight Flags: None HP: 3000 Salt: 12000
A strangely sharp stone executioner's axe. As the legend tells it, a royal executioner received it as a mysterious gift, and immediately took a liking to it. Power in the kingdom shifted, and before long, the executioner had used his axe on the entire royal family. Power shifted further, and the executioner became king. But the executioner never resigned from his grisly station, and the axe was well fed, though never satisfied.

The Coveting

AI: Ruin Ghost Flags: None HP: 3000 Salt: 12000
An ethereal spirit. It may be the spirit of Executioner Erlang, or that of his son, Kuchet, but it doesn't really matter: both are spectral slaves with no identity, imprisoned forever by an otherworldly desire to possess the executioner's axe known as The Coveted.

The Dried King

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 3000 Salt: 20000
The skeletal revenant of Quan In, Sun King of Kulka'as. He presided over his realm during an era of unrivaled prosperity, but with each year's bounty, his paranoia and despair increased more rapidly. Did it have something to do with the rumors about his long dead brother still having a hand in ruling the kingdom?

The False Jester

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 750 Salt: 6000
A formidable Kraekan of undefined shape. The False Jester assumed this form to lure, snare, and impale adventurers in search of the true jester.

The Forgotten Judge

AI: Lake Witch Flags: None HP: 1200 Salt: 7500
A giant, floating, undead creature. She bears the scraps of a violet robe, and carries a large, leather-bound tome.

The Forgotten King

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 1200 Salt: 7500
A giant, undead creature. It is adorned in gold and carries a great scepter, like some gross perversion of royalty.

The Forgotten Knight

AI: Knight Flags: None HP: 1200 Salt: 7500
A giant, well-armored undead creature. It bears a greatsword and some armor, but it's almost tragically clumsy with both, like it was once a god of sorts, but has since been reduced to a shambling shadow of its former self.

The Mad Alchemist

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 500 Salt: 4000
Once known as Ruzpin, Grand Ter of Alchemy and Salves, this mindless creature has become a murderous, mindless husk of its former glory.

The Nameless God

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 2000 Salt: 50000
The Lord of this island. Possesses incredible power over time and space, but is mortal, fallible, and forever cursed by insatiable greed. The candelabra he bears may indicate the thing he covets most: a candlelit spirit, unattainable to saltborn.

The Queen Of Smiles

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 600 Salt: 2500
Cruel wraith queen of Liven, she loved to adorn her city walls with the grotesquely smiling corpses of her victims. In life, she wielded the fabled Sword of Reign, and in undeath, she wields a thousand more.

The Sodden Knight

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 250 Salt: 1000
The stoic protector of The Festering Banquet, the Sodden Knight bears decades of dried sea air on his tattered shroud.

The Third Lamb

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 2500 (2000*) Salt: 17000
A shadow of her former glory, the Third Lamb is the bound and broken thrall of the Untouched Inquisitor. There was a time when this hippogriff had pride, the praise of her master, and a name, but the Inquisitor saw sin in these things, and saw to it that they became sacrifices, like the Lamb itself. (*: Enhanced Edition values)

The Tree of Men

AI: Torture Tree Flags: None HP: 1200 Salt: 8000
A corporeal manifestation of tools of torture. No inanimate object should be capable of malice, but in a world of vengeful spirits and arcane magic, anything is possible. The Tree of Men is considered by many to be an annoying obstacle of a boss. The boss is a skill-check on the player's platforming abilities.

The Unskinned

AI: Bull Flags: None HP: 1600 (2000*) Salt: 12000
Personal guardian of Kaira, the Architect. Salt Alkymancy is an incredibly difficult practice, and the Unskinned represents the the culmination of Kaira's formidable skill. (*: Enhanced Edition values)

The Unspeakable Deep

AI: Bull Flags: None HP: 1000 Salt: 8000
A Kraekan in its most common form. Creatures like these once had a name, but sailors so feared possibly conjuring one by speaking its name that referring to them as simply the Deep became widespread. Whatever their true name is, it has since been lost to the deep, dark sea.

The Untouched Inquisitor

AI: Inquisitor Flags: None HP: 1000 (1250*) Salt: 13000
Alasdair, True Priest of Light, Voice of Her Voice, The Untouched Inquisitor. A holy man who saw sin in what was once called the Dome of Light, he saw to it that that with sin was made sacrifice, so that the Untouched could flourish. The First Lamb was the congregation, the Second Lamb was Laineia, the Dome's Lady of Light, and the Third Lamb was Kinoa, her beloved pet. (*: Enhanced Edition values)

The Witch of the Lake

AI: Lake Witch Flags: None HP: 2000 Salt: 12000 (22000*)
Saira, one of two twins. The Witch of the Lake, guardian of the Salt Alkymancery, is a magic user of legend, an immensely powerful arcanist and alchemancer. Her black robes conceal a physical form that has been grotesquely disfigured by alchemy as obscure as it is dangerous. (*: Enhanced Edition values)

Thing of Arms

AI: Raider Flags: None HP: 200 Salt: 640
Salt-built creation of the Architect. Things of Arms act primarily as collectors for the Architect, though they're simple enough to become frequently distracted and lost.


AI: Fiend Flags: None HP: 70 Salt: 220
A torturer of the Red Hall of Cages. Torturers are quick with their heavy red cleavers, which are designed to tear at flesh as they cleave.

Vacant Blades

AI: Wraith Flags: None HP: 150 Salt: 550
A cloaked spirit of iron chains and blades. It is said that the witch that designed Hager's torment created these beings as eternal wardens to his suffering.

Vexing Brat

AI: Shroud Flags: None HP: 120 Salt: 250
A lesser Kraekan. The Vexing Brat bears a passing resemblance to the Arrox, though they have nothing in common. Among sailors, Brats have the distinction of being blamed for everything, yet never seen. Leak in the hull spring up overnight? "Aye, vexed by a Brat in the night, sure enough."
torturer bow

Vile Guard

AI: Archer Flags: None HP: 65 Salt: 200
A guard of the Red Hall of Cages. Its mask bears a devilishly grinning face; these creatures would relish in taunting their prisoners.


AI: Hawk Flags: None HP: 40 Salt: 75
Agile, tree-dwelling brigand, originating somewhere deep in the eastern Liven forests. In Liven, the Vilehawk tribes tended to play politics just enough as to not incur the wrath of the regular army, primarily by bribing officials and, when necessary, turning over their own to royal authorities.


AI: Witch Flags: None HP: 150 Salt: 770
A former member of the choir of the Dome of Light, made the First Lamb by the Untouched Inquisitor, who cleansed the Dome of sin.


AI: Skull Flags: None HP: 50 Salt: 400
A former member of the congregation of the Dome of Light, made the First Lamb by the Untouched Inquisitor, who saw sin on them. Silent and forgotten, they roam the halls, their place of solace now an eternal prison.
knight white

White Knight

AI: Knight Flags: None HP: 200 Salt: 500
Drowned knight clad in shimmering metal plate in the style of the Tristini Royal Guard, This island holds a myriad of trapped peasants, scholars, knights and nobles, and they're all drowning together.

Wrathful Dead

AI: Wraith Flags: None HP: 200 Salt: 250
A violently executed witch of the northern coast duchy of Tristin. When the pretender Duke led his infamous witch hunts, many innocent women were "bound and scattered," as the execution method is called.

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    • Anonymous

      man I dont think Ive ever played a game where the enemies run away from you like little ****ing pussies. giant monsters run, small imps run away from you and jump to their deaths, those ghost creatures you leave behind when you die fly as far away from you as possible, knights flee and dont even get me started on those god damn skeletons. why doesnt anything want to actually fight me in this game? stop making me chase you and fight

      • For those who missing it: #44 is the Marauder (not the drowned version), which only appears in intro section and not in the following NG cycles. So if you rush through the boat without killing any, you will miss it forever.

        • Anonymous

          I don't know exactly what the "Flags" stand for, most likely a way to differentiate enemies with the same AI. But there are only 2 enemies that have something else other than "None", Impaled Knight and The Architect. Feels odd... Maybe it's just another incomplete section of the wiki. Not that big of a deal in this case but still.

          • Anonymous

            I was attempting a "No Death" run from NG to NG+7. At some point (mid-way through NG+2), the enemies' behavior changed drastically. They became much more aggressive and reacted immediately to my presence and accordingly to what I was doing. It's almost like the AI went crazy or something and was trying its best to kill me. Even enemies which aren't a threat were giving their all. I don't think it was RNG because it was very consistent. And it wasn't me because I've been playing this game for an entire year. Could it be... that if you don't die enough or at all, the AI's aggressiveness is improved ? If it is true, then the devs are *****ing awesome (they technically already are) because that***** was INTENSE !

            • Anonymous

              You can actually miss the Marauder entry permanently if you jump/roll past all of them in the prologue, since the sequence doesn't repeat in NG+.

              • Anonymous

                It would be helpful if the in-game bestiary would tell what area's each monster's dwell in as you kill/unlock them of course. If you wanted to farm a certain monster for a certain drop you could just look in the bestiary and refresh your memory on what area's they are found in.

                • Ruins:Thing of Arms I can handle.Mother Merle .... I always need a lot of room to dodge or I am toast. She keep sucking me and I can only keep up healing when it happens. Advice? :-D

                  • Anonymous

                    Use a stained page and desecrate a sanctuary not of your creed. Then kill the monsters that spawn. #70 is Sanctuary Guard

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