Attack 20.0
Weight 16.0
Cost 50000
Strength Scaling S
Class 4 Greatsword
Flags -
Special Fast Hitter

 Scharfrichter in Salt and Sanctuary is a Greatsword type weapon.


A deceptively lightweight blade of matte carbon. Commissioned by the pretender Duke Carsejaw of Tristin for ceremonial executions, its finely-honed edge is so sharp that the very fabric of space seems to part before it. Though the bar sinister on his coat of arms did not prevent Carsejaw from winning the hearts of Tristin's populace, the shame of his illegitimate lineage is widely speculated to have driven his subsequent decades-long hunt for a scapegoat.


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 STR this weapon will have an Attack of 153.7.
  • Two-handing a weapon increases Strength by 50% for damage scaling, meaning you only need 34 Strength to reach the 50 Strength soft cap when two-handing a weapon.
  • Has higher scaling than the Trinity Greatsword.
  • Strong Attack does more damage one-handed than two-handed, and considering the attack speed it can deal a lot of burst damage to enemies weak to slash, just take care of the long recovery animation.
    • This move also consumes significantly more stamina to use than most of it's other attacks. Be careful of spamming it without managing your stamina.

Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

  • Videos go here


Scharfrichter Upgrade Table

  Attack Str Scale Material


20.0 S -

Scharfrichter I

20.5 S Drowned Idol x1

Scharfrichter II

21.2 S Drowned Idol x2

Scharfrichter III

21.8 S Drowned Locket x1

Scharfrichter IV

22.5 S Drowned Locket x2

Scharfrichter V

23.1 S Drowned Censer x1

Scharfrichter VI

23.8 S Drowned Censer x2
Scharfrichter VII 24.5 S Drowned Tome x1



Black Widow  ♦  Blade of Envy  ♦  Chitin Obelisk  ♦  Jaws of Death  ♦  Kureimoa  ♦  Northern Cross  ♦  Seawolf Cutlass  ♦  Shrouded Bulwark  ♦  Trinity Greatsword

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    • Anonymous

      It kinda speaks for itself when there's a game with a (somewhat) wide selection of weapons offering different playstyles and approaches, yet most of, ahem, "community" compares EVERYTHING, even daggers, against "teh triangle of deeeth!!! best wep imo!!!". Sigh.
      Interestingly though, this sword looks like it was intentionally designed to be "THE best weapon", well, rounded down, you get it.
      With stats like that, it, Scharfrichter, should be tier 5, together with the Trinity GS. But it's tier 4, just so player can 1-hand it.
      Fast-hitter flag ensures that it'll out-DPS nearly anything even outside it's class, and offs the "trade" in usual GS+shield/pistol/whatever loadout tradeoff - yep, long GS windups. "Here's a GS with almost smallsword-speed, forget it, lol".
      Weapon is somewhat shorter visually than other greatswords, yet hitbox obviously phantoms farther, it's easy to test yourself. Phantom reach is quite small, but it's there.
      Launching 2H combo (regular+strong atk) renders launchable mobs harmless. Add a Stone Charm and you'll stagger most of the enemies faster than they'll attack you.
      Raw damage almost on-par with tier 5 GS means any elemental consumables will work wonders, especially with faster atk speed. And S scaling for strength, of course.
      It's relatively lightweight, just so your character's kneecaps won't burst when paired with some greatshield. Of course there's lore explanation to that, but, funnily, it doesn't explains why the Umbral Partisan - which is seemingly made from the same ultralight unobtanium, for the same person, by the same people, using the same methods - is the heaviest spear in the game. Probably that's why mobs in multiplayer get so angry at player toting it that they forget about the player two.
      Speaking about that person, Carsejaw is a complete pushover as a boss, even in NG+ cycles. Yes, Pitchwoods technically is an optional location, but there's just too much of a good loot (and a whole creed!) to skip it. And the bossfight as a whole... Idk, it really feels kinda like "okay, here's a token boss for you in the middle of nowhere without any proper setup, just wipe the floor with him and get a Master Sword, thanks, bye". Nito, who's Carsejaw is obviously based upon, wasn't a hard boss either, but he was interesting to fight, at least. Interesting and atmospheric.
      And, well, can't deny it, The Best Sword even has a swag sprite. Simplistic, measured (as far as triangles of death go), fits to almost any look.

      tl;dr: it's nice to have Hot Topic version of Master Sword from Zelda, but it could be less obvious and more balanced

      I mean, at the end of the day... It's good. It's REALLY good overall, from form to function. It's so good that it basically becomes "easy mode", but whatever, maybe there's people out there who don't like challenge. Just, ugh, stop comparing, it gets weird. It's cool that you brought a golden gun, but everyone else at the duck hunt want to have some fun too.

      • Anonymous

        I have all materials for transmuting my scissor in the scharfritcher, but i cant do this in the alchemist, why?

        • Anonymous

          Sharfrichter is obviously the best weapon in the game. YES. I said weapon. this is true because, getting class 4 swordsman can be acquired early in the game, while also allowing you to get it on the earlier side of the game for good weapons. also, its surprisingly fast attack speed for damage out rules other greatswords, AND great axes/hammers. mixed with a lot of strength upgrades and class 5 greatsword, you can one hand, AND still do god damage. now, the single most important fact about Sharfricter, it is the best weapon to use against the witch of the lake, for at least the first playthrough. adding pitchfire and if this is an option, chugging some golden wine, you can OBLITERATE her with suitable armor. also, it looks badass.

          • Anonymous

            How is this the best greatsword? I’m new to the game and don’t know jack, but the shrouded bulwark has more damage. So how is this the best greatsword?

            • Anonymous

              Please stop calling the Scharfrichter "Schar". It's german and translates to Executioner. Scharfrichter is a composition of two words, "Scharf" has a lot of meanings but the most fitting in this case probably are: sharp, keen, fierce. "Richter" means judge. So calling the Scharfrichter "Schar" is like calling a greatsword a "Grea" or a waterfall a "Wate".

              • Anonymous

                Easily the best GS in the game, better than Trinity with less weight, more damage and the option to use a shield with it. Absolutely wrecks bosses when 2H and with some buffs even in NG+

                • Anonymous

                  This weapon and the Trinity Greatsword have SLIGHTLY less reach than their peers. If it bothers you somehow, the Pale Charm is your friend.

                  • Anonymous

                    I have a Shrouded Bulwark V and I want to turn it into a Scharfrichter but it doesnt say I can transmute it into that, why? Do I need a certain level of devotion???

                    • Anonymous

                      That thing was too big to be called a sword. Too big, too thick, too heavy and too rough. It was more like a large hunk of Iron

                      • Anonymous

                        The statement about 1-handed strong attack doing more damage than 2-handed is not exactly true. When 2-handing, the strong attack must connect with your target at the very end of the attack animation to get the 50% bonus damage. Basically, space it in such a way that you'll hit with the tip of the sword at the end of the attack animation. Otherwise, you'll do less damage than a 2-handed light (wtf...?). This applies to all swords and greatswords. BUT a CHARGED 1-handed strong attack will always outperform a CHARGED 2-handed strong attack damage wise (idk about poise damage though). Actually, you don't get any bonus damage from charging a 2-handed strong (again idk about poise damage).

                        I know... It's weird...

                        • Anonymous

                          i need some help with understand the 2 h and 1 h. so are there some you can only use with 2h or can any of them can be use with one hand cuz i love using shields

                          • Anonymous

                            i got greatsword. and i also have diamond cluster. but i just cant see this guy in trans list. now "northern cross" is i only can trans weapon in "greatsword". how?

                            • So is this sword a Greatsword class or Greatscissor? Been debating on what Greatsword to use since I only get one chance, and there seems to be a bit of conflicting information between the wiki and comments. Also is the Northern Cross the highest Greatscissor option?

                              • Anonymous

                                I made a video in which I upgrade the Scharfrichter from level one to level seven in one go. Since anything I add to the wiki just gets deleted, the appropriate person can use this video to add information about the required upgrade materials (drowned) and the specifics of the weapon at each level.

                                • Anonymous

                                  What are the requirements to equip this ? I have like 50 strength and class 4 skill for greatswords and still I can't equip it ...

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Since it is classed as a "Greatscissor", it can only be transmuted into another Greatscissor (the only one being the Northern Cross)

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I have the materials, but it's not showing up in the Transmute menu. I currently have Jaws of Death 7 and want to change it to the Scharfrichter. What am I missing ?

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