The Forgotten Knight



NG+7 8,600


7,510 Gold

7,500 Salt

NG+7 308,640 Salt

The Forgotten Knight's Ear

Strike 0 Fire -50(-40*)
Slash 180 Lightning 0
Poise 90 Poison 150
Block 100 Holy 0
Block Damage 100 Arcane 0
Block Magic 60    

*: Enhanced Edition Values

The Forgotten Knight is an optional Boss in Salt and Sanctuary. He is part of the group battle of The Forgotten King.

A giant, well-armored undead creature. It bears a greatsword and some armor, but it's almost tragically clumsy with both, like it was once a god of sorts, but has since been reduced to a shambling shadow of its former self."


  • Crypt of Dead Gods: From the sanctuary, go left and drop down until you find this group.
  • Coordinates: {X:32648.34 Y:41882.89}
  • Boss Flags: xx NPC / Merchant progress


Combat Information

  • Attack Types:
  • Weak vs: Strike and Fire
  • Strong vs: Slash and Poison

Phase 1

  • Performs a jumping downward swing with his sword.
  • Performs a standing sword slash in front of him.

Phase 2

  • No behaviour change



Player Notes



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    • Anonymous

      my strategy is to take out the judge first as he is the most annoying due to his projectile barrageand for the king and knight i dodge until they do there leap attack when they are most vulnerable and repeat until they are both dead

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