Skills: assassin-icon.png  
Str: 5 End: 5 Dex: 5
Will: 6 Mag: 5 Wis: 5

Thief is a Class in Salt and Sanctuary.

Thief is one of five Class that begin with a Shield ( Paladin, Knight, Cleric and Pauper being the the others). Choosing this Class means that you will want to focus your Skill Points on Assassin and Light Armor. You will want to invest points into Dexerity Bolstered to increase the damage of your Weapons and Renewed+Will to increase Willpower, allowing you to gain more maximum stamina, and thereby quicker movements.

Recommended Stats

Starting Items

8 x
20 x

Starting Equipment

Rogue's Set Location:

You are also able to collect the Rogue's armor set from a chest at the Festering Banquet. From the Shrine before the Sodden Knight drop down and exit left (do not drop down the ladder), continue left but jump to the platform above the door. Make your way up the two sets for stairs and jump to the platform above. To the right of a corpse is the Rogue's Set. Note: This is a Level 0 Light Armor set.

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    • Anonymous

      How to play as a pirate:
      1) Pick thief
      2) invest into guns and get the corsair backsword
      3) Join the house of splendor
      4) wear the hunter's outfit
      6) Profit.

      • Anonymous

        this is the class to pick if you want to kill the unspeakable deep easily. unequip armor until you get fast roll, roll through all attacks, hit his backside once or twice and repeat until he goes down.

        • Anonymous

          i feel like this class is super underrated? so far it's been the easiest to play for me -- movements are so fast and smooth compared to strength builds.

          • Anonymous

            Great class if you want to go for a dex build, but also quite good to get a headstart with 8000 salt (8800 when combined with the Grasping Ring chosen as an effect at character creation)! All you have to do is beat that bigass Kraeken that's ruining your ship. It takes 4 Forestfangs to poison the Unspeakable Deep, so just poison it and continue chipping away at its health. The Grenados deal about 33 damage to it and you get 8 of them. Tip: Unequip one of your armor pieces so you get the fastest roll animation!

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