Builds for Salt and Sanctuary are player-created combinations of equipment and stats to adapt to specific playstyles. Not all builds are optimized for damage, so read up on the creator's explanations and ideas before you commit.

To add a build, please add a new row and fill in the table below with the basic information of your build and use then "Build" template to create a page for, naming it whatever you call your build.


Builds for SnS

 Name Class Weapon Description
*GASP* ARTORIAS!!! Knight Trinity Greatsword Play through the game using greastwords and heavy armour, I used Shrouded Bulwark and Doppelsöldner Set until you reach Salt Alkymancery, where you pick up the Tainted Set by killing a Mimric. Continue onwards to Crypt of Dead Gods until you reach the Forgotten King boss fight, and kill the Forgotten Knight. You know have IMO the Amrouur of Artorais and the Greastword of Arotrias. Enjoy ng+.

Easy Mode


Jaws of Death

Start by pumping your strength and willpower as much as you can, making sure you grab Swordfighter rank 2 along the way. Taking the Grasping Ring as a starting gift and defeating the Unspeakable Deep will give you a boost in levels early on.

Spend your gold on upgrade materials and Blessed Pages.

Progress normally until you've defeated the Queen of Smiles and grab the Kureimoa before you leave the village. Don't transmute the Kureimoa into anything else.

Keep going until you hit the Hall of Red Cages. Below and to the right of the three spinning wheels (the first one, fartherest to the right) you'll find a ledge next to a wall you can open up to reveal the House of Splendor creed. Sign up and complete as many of the devotion jobs as you can in order to get Goldwine.

Past the Hall of Red Cages, in Hager's Cavern, you'll find some Wrathful Dead. Murder them for a Wrathful Dead's Bindings. Below and to the right of the sanctuary, in the spider room, grab the Amber Idol. Also grab the Whistlebone Charm below the Sunken Keep shortcut.

Get to an alchemist and transmute your Kureimoa into the Jaws of Death. Upgrade it as much as possible. 

Find a boss. Chug your Goldwine and buff your scissors with a Blessed Page before the fight. Two-hand the weapon and stand in front of the boss. Mash the heavy attack button and watch them melt. Repeat as needed.

For an even easier time equip the Bloodflower Ring, the Mossy Ring, the Brightcoral Ring, and an elemental defense ring. Swap out your Blessed Pages for a different buff on bosses resistant to holy.

God of Heaven And Hell  Mage

Siara's staff

Sorcerer's kurta

Start as a mage and work your way to the Order of the Betrayer, join the order and collect all of the dark spells. Use Dark Coil to stun-lock enemies and Dark Reach to Shotgun blast their health apart. Once you reach Castle of Fire and Sky, join the order and get to level 7 with the order to get DragonFire, now use Dark Coil to Stun lock and DragonFire to obliterate the game. When done correctly, you really are the God of Heaven and Hell, for you burn with Fire and Bleed with Death. (This build can easily take down the final boss by consistently stun-locking him with Dark Coil) 


Pauper 2H Shikeimaru + 2H Naginata

A very simple build. which is to prioritize its attributes in dexterity, magic, endurance and willpower. You only have to take 30 of each type of attribute. Take level 4 in Swords, level 4 in poleaxes and level 3 in armor to use the "Demon Armor" that is found in Mal's Floating Castle, after the boss. after that have fun with your samurai.

Wrecking Knight 4000         Knight  Greatswords If you start out as a knight, start with a Amber idol. Pick up the Rogue set and the bombs. Now unequip that silly shield because you wont be needing it. Git gud and dodge his attacks and finish him off with your bombs. After that you want to rush to the Sunken keep. Dont forget to pick up the Greatsword there. Level up your greatsword to at least level 2 you can level it up to 3 if you so would like. After that go to the forest area in the sunken keep of course. You'll need 4000 salt so make sure you have that when you get there. Join the Stone Roots creed and talk with the alchemist to transmute your Great sword into the Shrouded bulkward. Put everything into strength and make sure you have swordfighter class 2 for the Shrouded bulkward. And transmuting it will cost 3000 souls. The last 1000 souls you'll use to remove your sin. For the rest of the game you'll be putting in points into strength, health pots and dont forget to get at least 2 buffs from the creed devotion. It will help out a lot. You'll be stuck with the Shrouded bulkward till you get to the  Disemboweled Husk. After that you'll get the Seawolf Cutlass. Keep on putting everything you've got into levels. Oh and make sure you dont forget to pick up the pumpkin head in the forest area at the sunken keep. It will help you out a alot. You'll do sick damage and all the bosses health bars will melt away to smitherines and you'll feel great about yourself. No heavy armour though. Light armour or you stick to the rogue set. You dont want to put too many levels into anything else but strength. Good luck, have fun and git gud.


Haymaker 2H

Harmen Mace

Fight to and kill Sodden Knight then go buy three Locks of Hair from hobo under the knight get blacksmith armor and wear the glove only no other armor on and level strength and dex equaly until you feel like stopping Dex then keep leveling strength. Grab the Blessed Pages before Queen of Smiles then kill Queeen of Smiles (feel free to use A Blessed Page, only use one on each fight unless you buy extra) grab the Haymaker that is after her fight along with the bloodflower charm, upgrade the Haymaker as much as you can and buy five blessed pages and two Stained Pages to absolutely destroy the next three bosses and I think doing great against the next five as long as you're using holy. But you need to get a drowned bandits ear to make the Harmen Mace and when you do make the Harmen Mace upgrade as much as you can then use it against the Kreaken Wyrm (Use holy) and Tree of Men (Use holy). But use the Haymaker against the Disembowled Husk (Use holy), Untouched Inquisitor (Use arcane), and The Third Lamb (Use arcane) then change the weapons however you like for the rest of the game. Gl hf!

Mc Hammer




Most OP

Just pour points all your points into the Greathammer line and use the strongest Greathammer you can get your hands on. (Most OP Weapon, So No skill needed) Go wreck the game.
2H Holy Knight  Knight

Scharfrichter 2H

Titan Heavy Armor set

 High Damage and high defense, augmented by class 2 prayers: Divine Armor, Blessed Weapon, and Divine Will.
 The Lobos Knight

 2H Greatswords

 Designed for the "Naked" and "No Blocking" challenge runs. Focus on Strength (Specifically swords and greathammers) for leveling up. Get the Kureimoa ASAP and you will upgrade it to the Chitin Obelisk and eventually the Scharfrichter. Your other set will be a greathammer for enemies weak against strike damage. You can upgrade this to whatever, but keep in mind your equipment load. This goes without saying, but obviously get and use the Bloodflower charm after the Queen of Smiles boss fight. Git gud at dodging and the game becomes a cakewalk.

Also I am not Lobos Jr. I just thought the name fit for this build!

 The Titan  Paladin  2H Greathammers Tower Shields(Optional)  Any Heavy Armor

 This build is soley based on Endurance due to the weapon and armor you equip. Strength will also be a key part in this so be sure to have it for a lot of heavy hits and also make you have Bloodflower Charm.

Recommend Class Level: 3-5 for Weapon and Armor. Shields must be at 3

Reaper  Knight


Heavy Armor

Equal Str and Dex while Going up the Pikeman and Heavy armor skill branches. Haymaker is in village of smiles, uppgrade to Red Eclipse at red hall of cages, uppgrade to Gravedigger at the ruined temple. You can get White Knight set for doing the fetch quest for Fern as soon as you hit the far beach after the fort beyong the mire. (Say yes, then say no to his question after giving the bag of dirt).
 Pur mage Mage

Siara's staff

Sorcerer's kurta

Stats : 50 => Magic / Willpower

Focus on increasing your magic (staves path not wand ) and your willpower.

With the mage stone buy the first staff ( scrimshaw cane ) and lightning bolt it will be easier at this point.

Found the creed "Keeper of fire and sky" and buy "flame barrage".

Upgrade your staff into "Siara's staff" after defeating the "The witch of the lake" (100 000 salt to upgrade ! ).

Increase your devotion to your creed ( Keeper of fire and sky ) to the max in order to obtain the most powerfull spell of the game "Dragonfire".

 When your going to upgrade your devotion to your creed take a few sky crystal ( buff your magic damage) and clarity ( regain focus on every hit you make ).

Enjoy wrecking the game ! ( Even in NG+ )


 ONE-PUNCH MAN  Paupers (People want a challenge) or Paladin (For Beginners)


No Hat/Helmet Jester Top. Crimson Gloves, and any pants

 Focus on getting your Strength up ASAP, recommended going towards the Macefighter/Beserker Skills cause there are a lot more Strength stats. Then goto Swordfighter and Polearms Skills for Dexerity and Strength. You will need Willpower for Stamina reasons as well. 


Max Poison ChefThief or Hunter Poison loadout +
Damage loadout
Both are customizable
Stacking multiple poison inflicting and poison complimentary features to achieve very fast poison build up, while also being able to combat poison immune/resistant enemies or capitalize on already poisoned foes.
Blessed of Devara  Cleric



Focus on Prayers. Light of Devara dependant for exclusive prayers. Holy Damage Buffs + Defensive Buffs + Guardian Blade = Righteous Fury. Lay waste to the enemies of light, Saltborn!
Dildoman Paladin

Obsidian pillar + heavy armours

The whole idea is to have your trusty pillar buffed with a stained page (item buffs are superior to spell buffs) while your enemies are debuffed with a flask of defilement, you have to be in the betrayer creed. There are some other weapons that can work as well but pillar is the best due to have the higher base damage in the entire game (buff damage is dependant on base weapon damage); with this setup you can beat higher ng+ cycles while the average greathammer builds will become meh.
Boss Cosplay Knight

Greatsword + Heavy Armor

The build is simple, but efficient.  Start out with The Three as your covenant, and then proceed through the game, grabbing the Claymore (Or however it is spelled in this game) along the way .  At the Village of Smiles, after securing the sanctuary, go to the area where you get the Pumpkin Helm, and kill the four Saltless there.  If you need help, use gold to buy three Locks of Hair from the Trinkets Vendor to buff your sword, and use a leader to get two imperial pitchfires from skullbats and the drowned type enemy that is required.  You can easily farm the Saltless with minimal difficulty.  Keep doing so until you can buy the Sodden Knight's armor off of the Trinkets vendor, and sufficient locks of hair to raise it to +2.  In addition, farm some drowned lockets off of the Saltless as well.  Do not use an alchemist to change your claymore to the Shrouded Bulwark until you've used a soldier's poem to buff it once.  With the Drowned Lockets you farmed off of the Saltless, you can increase the Bulwark all the way to +4.  From there, it's just a matter of continuously increasing your armor and weapons, and increasing stats to match.  When you beat Carsejaw The Cruel, you can buy his armor and use his sword instead.  When you beat the final boss, you can take the ending that gives you his armor, and get his greatsword. Sodden Knight, Carsejaw The Cruel, and The Final Boss, you can cruise through the game cosplaying all three!
Edgelord Thief

Tachi + Light Armors

The Tachi is a top notch weapon that can be obtained pretty dang early. Add the stone charm, frayed sugegasa, and some cool armor, and you are set to shred everything in the game. Follow the link for more details.  This will appeal to anyone who likes to roll through these kinds of games at top speed. 
Heavy samurai Knight or paladin

Armor: frayed sugegasa, cavalier's cuirass, tainted gauntlets, umbral rhinegraves
Weapon: kureimoa as primary, secondary to your taste, no shield
Charms: mossy for kureimoa, any other for secondary
Rings: to your taste

This build have more visual improvement, than practical. If you are going to create blend of european and japanese style, then this is what you will like. Set kureimoa in two-handed mode for better attacks. As secondary weapon you can take, for example, the gravedigger, if you want to use two loadouts. Due to excluding the shield from this build, mobility improvements will be required, such as wrapped link for faster rolls and fused metal ring for higher endurance, also mossy ring will be very useful for stamina regeneration, but you can take any other set of rings for your purposes. 
Nikolas The Elite Torturer Hunter

[[Steel Centipede]]

Any [[Pistols]]

[[Torturer's Veil]]

[[Ragged Hanten]]

[[Assassin's Gauntlets]]

[[Rogue's Highboots]]

[[Wrapped Link]]

[[Bloodflower Ring]]

Go for tier 5 wips at first ignoring other skills. When reached put it all in dexterity until you wont get pistol. Upgrade it as you wish and get marksman perks. Go on putting all in dexterity. Thats all. Try Splendior's hous covenant.
Spellsword Mage

Swords, Greatswords, Light Armor, Wands

This is a good build with lots of versatility. Get tier 5 Swords, Tier 4 magic user, Tier 3 Wands (at least), and put the rest towards light armor and magic. I recommend the Tachi or Steel Centipede in your mainhand (until you can get Branding Iron or Shikeimaru) and whatever the best wand you have is in your offhand (you can get the Antler Baton fairly early). In your other set, use a magic scaling greatsword with Mossy Charm. The Black Widow wrecks things early game, so I recommend you get that as soon as possible. The armor in this game is situational, so switch it up however you need. I keep the Crimson Gloves on for the magic boost, and the Frayed Sugegsasa is useful for greatswording.  This playstyle is very fun and lets you tackle situations in basically any way you want. Swords and wands have satisfying combos with each other, and you can spam your magic without fear of running out of focus. Have fun, wreck dudes, etc.
Dishwasher Knight, tristini origin Armor: ragged hakama, frayed sugegasa

Weapons: tachi with stone charm, stone cleaver with bloodflower charm

Rings: bloodluster's ring, wrapped link, mossy ring, bloodflower ring
This build will allow you to play as Dishwasher from the self-titled game. Short and clear.
The Most Broken Build Sorceror


Crystalmoat Ring

Holding any weapon with the saper charm equiped.

Put all points into magic, and rush casting 3 as soon as you can. Then, go to the Order of the Betrayer for Dark Swarm. Once you have dark swarm and the saper charm, just spam it on whatever you see.
Ken Kaneki Cosplay Kar'hi or Kadania, unkempt hairstyle of cloud color, no beard, red eyes, thief class Split mask, silver udewa, assassin's tunic, assassin's leggings Cosplay of Ken Kaneki from the anime "Tokyo ghoul".
 Resplendent Knight  Paladin; Askaria

Armor: Resplendent Set

Weapon(s): Trident; Axe of Splendor; Trinity Scepter

Shield(s): Mirror Shield; Umbral Aegis

Rings: Symbol of Affluence, Ring of Brilliance both required

Your primary goal is to be as gloriously golden as possible. Divine Blessed Weapon makes your weapon look gold, requiring you to dab into Wisdom to be able to acquire this Class 4 Prayer from Hager's Cavern. This is easy if you invest points into Berserker for the ability to wield the Axe of Splendor, which is hands-down the most gold weapon.

The Trident is golden, and it only requires Class 1 Pikeman to two-hand, making it a viable golden choice. It can also be acquired incredibly early. If nothing else, it serves a fine choice until you get to the Red Hall of Cages to get the Axe of Splendor. The Axe of Splendor is a great Axe. It has great Strength and Dexterity scaling, solid base damage, and it isn't plagued by the terrifying "Slow Hitter" Special. This means it attacks the same as all other non-Slow Axes. This makes it absolutely terrifying with a Mossy Charm, or even without. The Trinity Scepter is an ugly choice, but it undeniably has a golden color to it, making it a potential choice as well. Unfortunately, the Scepter can only be acquired by being near the end of NG. Oh, it's also the best Greathammer for Strength builds; it has "Fast Hitter", making it a fast Greathammer and it weighs slightly less than the Class 4 Greathammer. Unfortunately, it has incredibly low base damage, making it a poor choice if you intend on buffing it with any weapon buff. Weapon buffs adds attack to weapons based on their base damage, not their total Attack. The Trinity Scepter cannot be one-handed as well, removing shields from the equation.

For shields, should you choose to use them, there is the Mirror Shield and the Umbral Aegis. No other shield is gold enough. This is where the House of Splendor could've afforded to throw a couple more bits of gold into the pot and cast a gold shield. Mirror Shield is a Class 2 Shield that can Reflect spells back towards the enemy caster. It is only able to 100% block Lightning, and that's at VII. It is otherwise mediocre on other defenses except for Slash which is still less than 100% defense. Umbral Aegis is a Class 4 Shield, over twice the weight of the Mirror Shield and with no Reflect property. The Umbral Aegis has 100% Slash, Holy, and Arcane defense at VII with Strike at 96%~. The Umbral Aegis is all-around a better shield in all but weight, ease-of-use in terms of Class, and Special in that it lacks Reflect. Umbral Aegis can be acquired earlier than Mirror Shield as well.

You are required to acquire and wear both the Symbol of Affluence and Ring of Brilliance, or else you are not as golden as you could be. As an added challenge, you are not allowed to die and lose gold nor are you allowed to spend gold until you join the House of Splendor. Glow brightly, saltborn.

The Bringer of Rain Pauper

Armor:    Kraeken Helm, body armor disallowed

Weapon: Saltreaver

Rings:        Fused Metal, Bloodluster's


Farm the first Bronze Knight you encounter in the Castle of Storms for the Kraeken Helm; remove your body armor prior to equipping it. Gloves and boots are okay, but the Kraeken may only be worn while bare-chested. (Failure to do so forfeits one's ability to Bring Rain.)

Take the Pikeman and Heavy Armor lines, targetting Heavy III early on and eventually Pikeman V. Branch off the Heavy line through Berserker II to dip into Cleric from above. This gets you weapon buffs and easy access to additional potions/phials while skipping the initial five nodes of wisdom. Take it out to Cleric IV eventually for Divine Blessed Weapon, noting both how strong it is and how poorly it scales with the wisdom you cleverly skipped. Wherever you encounter equidistant paths, take that which yields more Endurance. This will ultimately provide just enough equip load to wield the Saltreaver and wear the Kraeken while staying below 50% burden.

Upgrade and wield the Infantry Poleaxe and the Purifier until finding your first Shimmering Pearl (or until the Architect if you acquired one from the first boss). These will carry you through most of the game: the former with spin combos, the latter with OP holy damage. Avoid the Purifier's temptation to acquire wisdom as you will have little use for it later. Spend excess gold on salt crates and save them up until you're ready to make the push to 100k for transmuting the 'reaver. Acquire any additional Endurance necessary to wield it while wearing the Kraeken and your chosen boots/gloves, then pump strength with any further points. Buff up and enjoy massive damage at respectable speed from miles away. (Note your significant phantom range.) Proceed to Bring Rain.

Holy Man



Yokai Mask Evanescent Cassock
Evanescent CinctureAssassin's Gauntlet

PurifierTrinity Bardiche Construct CoilLeviathan

Rings:Crystalmoat Ring Conduit of Mind
Bloodflower Ring
Relentless Ring



Armor Section : 

Beginner : Cleric robe at the beginning, I keep it light so I can dodge attacks easily and fast. 

Intermediate : Crimson Tabard Set Light Armor 1, I like the robe set thus I use it mostly until I finish the first game.

End Game : Evanescent Chest and Boot Light Armor 3, as the Holy man must be in robe and white. 

To be honest armor doesn't really matters much to me just the look and as long as it is light and keep you dodge fast enough from attack its good.
Certain bosses with elemental damage will required changes accordingly. 

TL:DR Just cast Divine Armor and Ethereal Intervention to buff up both physical and elemental resistance.

Weapon Section :

Beginner : The mace with zero requirement which can be obtain from cleric, or certain loot somewhere. Kindly upgrade the weapons from time to time to increase your dps and use with Blessed weapon skill together.

Intermediate : Purifier that can be transmuted after defeating the boss The Untouched Inquisitor to obtain the material. Use it 2 handed with special attack combo is powerful, and its air attack is very useful as well to hit air units easily. It is most recommended weapon by all as its affected by wisdom scaling.

End Game : 

Factors Purifier Trinity Bardiche Construct Coil Leviathan
Weapon Class Class 3 Reaper Class 5 Poleaxe
Class 3 Prayer
Class 5 Whip Class 5 Sword
Class 2 Prayer
Speed Medium Medium Fast Medium




Trinity Bardiche


Construct Coil




Stagger boss better compare to Trinity Bardiche, overall usage that led me to use it for a few NG games.

Combo can sweep through mobs easily. Better wisdom scaling damage than Purifier.

Long range attack, hit super fast with Mossy charm. Play around with the charms you have to increase its potential. Useful with a shield for protection Equip with shield for protection. 
Transmute Material

The Untouched Unquisitor's Ashes, Amber Idol

The Forgotten Judge's Ear, Shimmering Pearl

The Unskinned's Liver, Shimmering Pearl Skourzh's Horn, Shimmering Pearl


By Lincoln Tee


 Squall Leonhart
 Pauper  Weapon:
Flint & Steel

No Helm
Hunter's Cloak
Black Silk Gloves
Bloodbrow Greaves

 This build is primarily a cosplay/for fun build. The Flint & Steel is such a unique weapon for the game, and in this case absolutely slays. To play it start as the Pauper so you can start at a lower level, and with no preset skills. At the beginning as you level up immediately go for rank 2 swords and rank 4 armor, afterwards pour all stat focus in to dexterity to hit the 50 soft cap. I'd recommend you use the Kureioma up until you get to Castle of Storms, take a short detour to the Dome of the Forgotten to farm the Whisperlady's ashes to transmute with an amber idol and a Varangian Spatha which is easily obtained from a blacksmith. As far as the more nuanced stuff, you can pick any creed however I stuck with The House of Splendor for the goldenwine buffs. Since the Flint & Steel allows you to attach a charm you can modify your elemental output with that, however glowing shot and poison shot are available. Ring loadout is Wrapped Link, Brightcoral Ring, Fused Metal, and Trickster's Band. I beat a first playthrough by Salt Level 75 and didn't have equipment load under 25% so if you do the same the Fused Metal ring can be switched to a ring of your choice. The outfit paired with the Fernwreath hairstyle gets you a look similar to Squall Leonhart from FFVII, however if you don't want to cosplay just toss on the full Bloodbrow set and you're golden.

Shooting the gun with the heavy attack while two-handing does deal 1.5x damage and splits it 50% slash and 50% strike, the biggest thing to watch for when using the firearm feature is that it will root you to the spot and any follow-up attacks without giving it a small cooldown will continue to fire. When you are rooted to the spot, you are very vulnerable to enemies that aren't staggered or are still standing.

The Hoonter Hunter

Armor: Hunter set/top hat

Primary: Steel centipede

Secondary: Any gun/nothing

Charm (if two handing) voracious charm

rings: anything goes, but the bloodluster's ring really fits

Basically the Hunter from Bloodborne. level up stuff like dexterity, marksmanship, hunting, all that. If you want to go further in to the cosplay, pick the three as your creed, so your heals look like blood vials, use your gun to interrupt enemy attacks. 

the voracious charm can be used to get HP back, just like if you hit an enemy in bloodborne after you get hit.

The Kraeken Knight  

Armor/weapons: Kreaken knight set

secondary: kraeken great shield

Charm:  saper charm

variations of mend

rings: mending band, mossy ring, relentless ring, and ring of meditation.

Cosplay as the kreaken knights.

you have really good defence with this and you can generate alot of hp as well as doing ok dmg


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    • Anonymous

      I'm currently doing a playthrough trying to make a charlie murder build my idea for the build is an unarmed build at the beginning im rushing strength and dexterity for damage than in the later game I think I might go for a bit wisdom for prayers like divine armor which is kind of like shield of scream mend, spirited mend, and rejuvenate kind of like the heal aura sense theirs nothing like mind slaver i'll just use sprites and the guardian blade.

      Weapons: none

      no helmet
      Corsair's Vest
      Corsair's Vest
      Black Slacks
      Bloodlusters ring
      Bloodflower ring
      Ring of Meditation
      Crystalmoat Ring

      Divine Armor
      Any healing prayer (Mend, Spirited Mend, or Rejuvenate)
      Guardian Blade

      • Anonymous

        The Dishwasher:
        Max Str/Dex

        Any Katana = Shift Blade
        Obsidian Piller = Violence Hammer
        Stone Cleaver + Any pistol = Shotgun and Cleaver

        Frayed Sugegasa and Frayed Hakama

        I don't think there's any incantations that resemble Dishy's magic attacks, sadly. Might need to do more research.

        • Anonymous


          This is a concept that I really want to try, but don't have enoigh dex nodes to give it a try.
          The thing I'm going for is a build that removes defense from enemies and bosses and decimate them with relative ease. I don't think armor is a real great problem for this, as dark spells/incantations are used for it. I want that cool as heck reaper look.
          Overlord's Turban (I couldn't find a hood that conceals your face, and this looks cool anyway)
          And the rest is Grim armor. Again, it looks kewl.
          Saltreaver and silversalt charm for one loadout, Siara's staff for the other one. You can have any combination of dark spells (for me I'd have dark reach and dark arrows). For the Silversalt charm you'll need to grind quite a lot of salt, so be prepared for that.
          CREED & DEVOTION
          Order of the betrayer all the way! Get 2 pages of suffering, as well as flasks (you'll need lots) to do what death does best. You'll need to join the creed to get the spells and incantations, so, it all ties in!
          There aren't much incantations, and no prayers. The only ones are Arcane Weapon (when you run out of pages to use) and Dark Swarm.
          As a starting class, the knight would be a good and easy choice. Try the pauper for more of a challenge.
          Good rings can be the grasping ring (start out with it) and the trickster's band for extra dexterity. The two others are free to choose! Note that the Silversalt charm doesn't stack damage with the Bloodflower ring, so take that into account!
          You'll want to be part of The Three, so join those guys. Just play as you'd like (get class 1 or maybe even 2 pikeman early) but focus on getting str, dex, wisdom, and light armor. Get magic and a little heavy armor later. Then get the Haymaker and start doing your thang! Make sure to use other reapers or polaxes/spears during the run. Once you get to the Order, make sure you have magic level 4, class 3 light armor, and class 3 heavy. Then get the Grim set and all dark spells and blood incantations.
          Make sure you're part of Tristin when you make your character. Then you'll look cool. Also, try to roll for this build to work. Shields won't be present, as you'll have a class 5 reaper.

          Again this build is experimental, so can you please try it out? I think this is a fun idea. Also, if you are to make any changes, remember that this build is for shoving a flask of defilement down their throat and cleaving them with relative ease, whilst looking awesomely scary in the process. Thank you, and I'm excited to test this!

          • Anonymous

            Salt Reaper: Overlord helm, the rest grim armor. Saltreaver two hand one load out, siara's staff other Loadout. Join the order of the betrayer to get dark spells and flasks of defilement. Equip Salt stone charm. Rings: grasping ring, bloodflower ring, trickster's band, and one whatever else ring. Starting class: knight for easier, pauper for harder. Stock up on dex, str, magic, pikeman, and light and heavy armor nodes. Once you have enough of those, grind Salt until you have stacks upon stacks of it. Then equip the Salt charm. For spells, use any combo of dark spells that suffice (for me it'd be reach and arrows). This build is just a concept, and the armor choices are mainly for those cool reaper looks, and not focused on statistically. Please test this build. I personally think it's a cool concept for a build. Please tell me if there is anything I can change about this. Thanks! :)

            • Anonymous

              Masked Paladin is my build. I use the palatine set except for the helm, which I replace with the Yokai Mask. For weapons, the Leviathan or the Flint & Steel (use the F&S for early game, than switch to Leviathan... or use the F&S as maybe a forbidden weapon). I use the Palatine Shield (for cosmetics). For prayers, Any healing prayer, Cleanse, Revive, Blessed Weapon (any form), Ray Of Searing, and Guardian Blade. From there, do whatever you feel like. Creed is obviously Devara's Light (But I like to use Stone Roots, cuz their criminals and it makes me feel like I've done bad stuff and want to repay my actions). Change it however you like!

              • Anonymous

                I'm sad not to see a build in here i love to use, typically just call it ninja, i 2h tachi typically but alt 1h dagger, poison charms on weapons, using rogue set til i get assassin set. To aim for in order; 50ish dex 28-30 will, 50 wisdom(guess which dagger, revive too), class2 mag(undersight), stone roots for creed, BUT dont raise devotion until after tagging all creeds and getting what you want from them first, i like having options later. Then i get a balance between mossy pessmud and wraithfang. Then learn to roll and parry. Get enough endurance is no sweat to stay light, bandage and rolling rings, brightcoral for will and a bloodflower or grasping for rings.

                • Anonymous

                  sence i do not know how to do a build (yes i did see the message at the top.) i wanted to say the it would be nice if there was a build that was that you start with pauper and later, sell your starting items and then just do whatever you want. also i think all the build would do is make it so you have to buy some weapons so you can beat the first boss. also, when i said starting items, i ment only weapons. thanks.

                  • Anonymous

                    I like the following this build myself (fun to plan and easy): Start Cleric, put all points in str, end and will. Keep dex, mag and wis to a minimum. Focus on getting light armor 4, sword figther 5 and shield 3. Get potions on your way up and use grey perles to remove unwanted stats). You do need to upgrade cleric spells or mana potions, level 1 miracles are good enough and cheap to cast (you don't need them much). Get thiethus sheild and keimora greatsword quickly. Work your way to equip bloodbrow helm, armour and leggings, for gloves use grims since their is no bloodbrow. Use type 46 great sheield and Starfricther greatsword. upgrade all to max. use stamina boosting rings charms. Devara's ligth with a few orange vials and ligth scrolls (i got 3 and 3 and it worked fine). buy lots of bessed pages and whetever else you need to survive. This build is easy for NG and NG+ and beyond as well. You can shift to more heavier armour as you move through you NGpluses.

                    • Anonymous


                      I've been trying to make an Incantor build using Incantations. I've had a few failures, builds that just got too tough. What seems to work is building Shrouded Bulwark early because it's a focus leeching weapon, and using Lightning Storm (Wildfire seems to miss targets about 20% of the time) with a Storm Ring. Lightning Pod and Flame Guardian are OK against bosses, you can pop them then hide behind an Iron Rampart and take no damage while they do their thing.

                      I ended up starting as a Knight and going Heavy Armor because Incantations take some time to cast and I've heard your defenses are penalized when using them (might just be Betrayer Dark magic). So I'm running around as a Knight with a Shrouded Bulwark in Heavy Armor using Lightning Storm. Turns out I was cosplaying the Sodden Knight...

                      I'm about halfway through now.

                      Shrouded Bulwark with Saper Charm (I haven't used a single focus recovery potion), want to try the Gravedigger Reaper.
                      Iron Rampart (let's you tank until you have an opening for Incantations or sword hits).
                      Storm Ring for magic damage. I find the other magic enhancing rings aren't needed.
                      Heavy Armor to use up carry weight. Generally, one loadout is sword/shield at just under 100% carry weight, then a two handed sword ends up around 55% for dodging and moving faster.
                      Stats are heavy on Endurance and Magic, with Willpower close behind.
                      Spells are Lightning Storm, Wildfire (elemental imbalance is still a thing), Lightning Pod, Flame Guardian, Arcane Weapon, and Poison Gas. Just got Static Geist!
                      Currently in the House of Splendor to get the high level magic. Will join the Betrayers when I get access to get the last Incantation, Gravedigger, and the armor.

                      This might be doable with light armor and a Kaltic Razor if you want to focus more on Magic, but I think some enemies will be super difficult to deal with without superb dodging or high end shields.

                      Looks like a mistake to get any Wisdom/Prayers. I have no slots left for any prayers, though I really wanted Sprites. Could probably work as an alternate to Magic, but offensive miracles are quite a ways into the game.

                      Worst part of the build is trying to find what you want with 6 spells and 2-3 items in the middle of the fight. At the Iron Rampart lets me focus on spell selection when I need to.

                      • Anonymous

                        JRPG Build

                        This build is for people who like to jump around with the agility of a squirrel and wield oversized weapons which weigh more than double what they do. No fancy magic or resistant shields: this build is a strict dodge and hit build. And when you hit, you'll hit hard.
                        By the second playthrough you'll be basically untouchable and will deliver consistent and solid damage.
                        this is not a glass cannon build, cause you'll actually have to learn how to avoid damage.
                        I assure you that once you get the gist, it feels awesome.
                        First off, drop as many points as you can in STR in the Sword Skills. You'll want to be able to wield 5lvl swords.
                        In parallel, even sooner than lvl5 swords you'll want decent endurance and carry weight, go for light armor.
                        During this process, never use a shield. I assure you that on the second playthrough you'll be better than anyone who did use one, cause you'll know exactly how and when to dodge. Do not use the ring which increases roll speed, it is a trap.
                        Always keep your weight under 25%.
                        When you can, use the assassin set, max it out.
                        Until you'll have defeated Carsejaw the Cruel, use the Tachi, but for the Tree of Life fight, in which you'll use the Kureimoa. Maybe also against the dragon. The Third Lamb might give you some problems as well, cause it is hard to dodge through and usually shoots a lot of blue lasers.
                        Do not charge in that fight while being full of souls.
                        After you defeat Carsejaw the Cruel craft the Scharfrichter with the greatsword. I personally suggest you to join the Iron Ones creed, so you'll have more than a single greatsword to experiment with.
                        If you got two and can't yet craft the Scharfrichter, craft the Jaws of Death, they are pretty awesome as well. For DPS reasons you'll switch to the Scharfichter when you can. If you join the Iron Ones get some Metal Shockstones with devotion and forget about magic entirely.
                        Use the Grey Pearls to remove the agility points you'll have to get to finish the light armor tree so to max out your possible damage output at higher levels.
                        Use the Bloodflower Ring, the Mossy Ring and the Bloodflower Charm.
                        Slash, dodge, repeat.

                        • Anonymous

                          The Miracle Reaper
                          This is a Cleric Reaper based build, mostly used for CO-OP. First start with the Knight and go to the Stone Acorns (Forgot their real name, It's just a nickname I had for them) Use the Haymaker throughout the game, until you get the Saltreaver, or the Gravedigger. Then go for Class 5 Prayer, and get Revive and Spirited Mend. Then scale in mostly strength, then you are set, simple but fun. Use heavy cloak-like armor.

                          • Anonymous

                            This is a cleriic build centered around the purifier and prayers. First start with the cleric class and stick to devera's light creed for the prayers. When starting use the mace and have a few blessed pages on hand for the couple of bosses. Make sure to get the mossy charm as soon as possible and ensure that it is upgraded to at least +2 until you obtain the haymaker. For this scythe upgrade it as high as possible since your build will center around the purifier. Make sure that you have different buffs kinds of buffs for maximum effect for each boss and to equip the impen's charm as well. Now the important stuff is the stats. Make sure to reach cleric class 4 before the castle of storms and reach reaper class 3 before the dome of the forgotten. From here you simply invest in two main things wisdom and willpower, along with some energy potions. By the end of the game you should have approximately 40 wisdom and 24 ish willpower depending if you did not invest for any higher class armors. For the creed what you decide is optional for items though the page of light is useful buff to invest in as well as the orange phial. The rings are optional however my default is the ring that decreases focus impact on stamina, bandage ring, the rolling speed ring, and the bloodluster ring. Though the rings you choose to use is optional. In this build since my fashion was limited and changed depending on the boss my default was the warrior pilgrim set with no helm. The prayers you use are optional as well. Note results may vary. I hope you enjoy this build.

                            • Anonymous

                              First, make a mage character, picking an amber idol as your starting item. Fight the unspeakable deep (You don't have to win, but it'd be a lot easier). Then, proceed through the game normally, leveling up enough to get class 2 magic and class 2 swordsman. Now, after beating the sodden knight, go and get the kureimoa in the Village of smiles. After that, kill the queen of smiles and go to the alchemist in the forest. transmute your Shrouded bulwark or kureimoa into the black widow. Two hand it on one of the load outs, then on the other have a small but fast weapon and a wand or staff. Pick up as many spells as possible and wear no armor until you have enough willpower to wear a decent set while still maintaining your fast role. I can't garintee that it'll be the most amazing build that will kill everything in it's path, but it will be good for beginners.

                              • Anonymous

                                Rouge build Upgrade the full theif set imbue dagger. Moves quickly. You can get away with alot of combos that a knight simply cant

                                • Anonymous

                                  Played a ton as dagger/light armor build in which i came almost nowhere.Tried a "naked" run and spammed into STR with great hammers. enjoyed the run alot, NG+ is quite hard now tho...

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Joke Builds Okay? I kinda wanted to see what other people have used but the template is full and some of the filled spaces dont seem very serious.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Is it me or heavy armor set are kind of useless.... You have to invest a hell lot of point into endurance to be viable and even then, it is still much more easy to have a fast roll because otherwise, you'll have to rely on so many different equipments for their respective resistances.

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