Health: 150

400 Salt (+ ~? Gold)

Saltless Ashes x1 [40]
Drowned Locket x1 [40]
Bundle of Salt x1 [40]
Bag of Salt x1 [40]
Silver Leaf x1 [10]

Strike 300 Fire 0
Slash 0 Lightning 0
Poise 0 Poison 0
Block 50 Holy -50(-67*)
Block Damage 95 Arcane 50
Block Magic 60    

*: Enhanced Edition Values

Saltless is a Beast in Salt and Sanctuary

Pitiful creature of flesh and rags, thrall of the Architect. Kaira, unmatched in Salt Alkymancy, constructed a company of salt-built creatures to guard her and aid in her research. The Saltless are designed to be always desiring salt, forever unable to consume it."





Combat Information

    • Attack Types: Grab attack and Arcane projectiles.
    • Weak vs: Slash, Holy, Elements
    • Strong vs: Strike and Arcane



Player Notes

      • Arise from the floor while cackling. Be wary of their powerful AoE throw attack.


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    • Anonymous

      Easy level to get more powerful early:
      Just go to those in the village of smiles next to watching woods and kill them with the haymaker. Just spam light attacks when two spawn. A few hits should be enough and they should be dead when the next two spawn. Easy salt, gold and drops. Repeat as often as you like.

      • Anonymous

        These bastards are good kill to gain lots of salts early game. Use slashing weapon to deal with them, like swords.

        • Anonymous

          These guys can kill you with one flask regardless of how high your resistances are. I tried multiple set-ups to mitigate the damage (prayers included) but it doesn't matter since their flasks lower your resistances which makes their damage ramp up high enough to make your screen freeze for a second due to insta-death. If you think Spindelbeasts are broken, think again...You could try using a shield (preferably Iron Rampart). BUT if RNG isn't on your side and they keep throwing flasks at you, you're basically doomed. Your best option is to fall to your death IF you can. It's a better death and dealing with a bat that takes a third of your HP in NG+7 is better than having to retrieve your salt from these guys powered-up.

          • Anonymous

            You can find these guys in the Village of Smiles, from the left exit of the sanctuary there, climb up and head all the way right until you see breaking platforms hanging in the air, jump across those to a hidden pumpkin farm where four Saltless can be found. Tough fight for early on, but a good way to get Drowned Lockets for early upgrading of strong weaponry like the Shrouded Bulwark.

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