Charms in Salt and Sanctuary are special equipment items that grant the player passive bonuses to their weapons when equipped. All players have two separate weapon loadouts, and each loadout can have its unique charm assigned.

Charms in Salt and Sanctuary

Charm & Icon Effect Location
Bloodflower CharmBloodflower Charm Increases attack power.

{X:2283.676 Y:20815.39}

Village of Smiles: After Lady of Smiles Boss Fight in a hidden door under some stairs

Frozen CharmFrozen Charm Adds frost damage to your attacks.  Not in final build of game
Goldenstone CharmGoldenstone Charm Adds lightning damage to your attacks. Hager's Cavern: from the Key+Switch door to boss, go instead right until you fight an Armor Mite and two skeletons. It's behind them. {X:35802.73 Y:28463}
Impen's CharmImpen's Charm Adds fire damage to your attacks. Castle of Storms: up from Despondent Thief. Must use Shadowflip Brand.{X:38468.27 Y:2286.242}
Lantern CharmLantern Charm Illuminates surroundings. Sold by Merchants
Mireheart CharmMireheart Charm Adds heavy poison to your attacks, but poisons its user. Mire of Stench {X:19784.1 Y:28062.21}
Mossy CharmMossy Charm Increases attack speed. The Watching Woods: on a platform on the top left side of the level {X:13449.5 Y:19977.16}
Pale CharmPale Charm Increases attack reach. The Watching Woods: From the Sanctuary, go left and down as much as you can, enter a cave with a Monstrosity and pickup on a ledge. {X:12855.6 Y:21144.1}
Redhair CharmRedhair Charm Greatly amplifies attack power when the wielder is near death. Mire of Stench: At the top right of the map near the shrine.{X:26825.71 Y:24267.33}
Saper CharmSaper Charm Leeches focus. Hager's Cavern: Up from the sanctuary and past the Despondent Thief spawn, near the shortcut to Sunken Keep. {X:32544.58 Y:23825.94}
Shroud CharmShroud Charm Adds arcane damage to your attacks. Pitchwoods: Down from the Far Beach Sanctuary and take a right at the stairs. You will need the Dart Brand to cross several gaps. The charm will be on one of the wooden platforms near the entrance to the Pitchwoods.
Silversalt CharmSilversalt Charm Increases attack power, but costs its user salt per attack. Mal's Floating Castle Mal's Floating Castle {X:48867.57 Y:3497.014}
Stone CharmStone Charm Increases stagger damage. Ziggurat of Dust {X:80909.33 Y:10523.81}
Templar's CharmTemplar's Charm Adds holy damage to your attacks. Pitchwoods {X:65973.32 Y:28011.07}
Vile CharmVile Charm Adds poison damage to your attacks. Red Hall of Cages {X:35143.78 Y:17091.89}
Voracious CharmVoracious Charm Leeches HP. Sunken Keep {X:33107.5 Y:17329.36}
Whistlebone CharmWhistlebone Charm Decreases stamina requirements for melee attacks. Hager's Cavern: From the shortcut to Sunken Keep, drop down on ledges. {X:34622.36 Y:25451.11}


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    • Anonymous

      But what if i m using the flint and steel with lighting shots so i already deal split dmg but my base weapon dmg is threash cuz it has S scaling?
      Do i use bloodflower or lighting?

      • Anonymous

        Elemental charms add a flat bonus damage equal to 10% of your weapon's non-modified PHYSICAL Attack Rating (so not the AR displayed in your character's stat screen but the one shown in your weapon's stat screen). For instance, an Eviscerator VII has a total PHYS AR of 46.0 at 50 Dexterity. Therefore you'll deal 4.6 bonus Elemental damage regardless of what you are wearing and your stats. The only exceptions are the Vile Charm and Mireheart Charm which add respectively 7.5% and 15% bonus Poison damage.

        This means that weapons with innate split damage will benefit the least from using an Elemental charm. In this case, I recommend using the Bloodflower Charm (and Bloodflower Ring if you can) which will increase your weapon's TOTAL AR (AR displayed in character screen) by 10%. Basically, you get a 10% increase on your weapon's PHYS AR AND a 10% increase on your weapon's Elemental AR.

        • Anonymous

          Certain charms also affect incantations as well when equipped - I noticed that when using a weapon equipped with the Saper Charm, casting the spell that spawns the homing dark minions gives back a small but decent amount of Focus, which is enough to keep spamming it over and over

          • Anonymous

            Are there specific weapons that damage charms do not affect? For example my battle axe, when I apply the Impen's Charm, physically shows the enemy on fire, whereas if I apply it to the Shrouded Bulwark (Sodden Knight's greatsword) it does not show the enemy burning. Is the weapon unaffected because it is a special weapon, working similarly to Dark Souls? Or does it work, without the visual effect?

            • Anonymous

              Which charm would be the best if you seek to just deal damage?I've found elemental charms (Goldenstone and Impen's charm) to be the best yet. Currently using Goldenstone since it seems to do the job instantly, instead of damaging as a DoT which Impen's does.

              • Anonymous

                Does charms have scaling ? I want to use Templar's Charm (Adds holy damage to your attacks), is it better when you already have a lot of wisdom ?

                • Anonymous

                  Anyone else losing charms? Not sure if there's a bug that's pushing charms out of "selection range" or they're being deleted but just lost the holy and arcane charms.

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