Kraekan Cyclops

Kraekan Cyclops


NG+7 7,700


5,010 Gold

5,000 Salt

NG+7 302,640 Salt

Green Key
Kraekan Cyclops' Horn

Strike 500 Fire 0
Slash 0 Lightning 0
Poise 180 Poison 0
Block 100 Holy 0
Block Damage 100 Arcane 0
Block Magic 60    

Kraekan Cyclops is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary.


"A one-eyed behemoth of the Kraekan origin. The Kraekan are an often spoken of, scarcely seen race of ancient demons of the sea. The sea is a vast, terrifying and deadly place, and when sailors do not return, rumors abound."


  • The Watching Woods / Sunken Keep: Go down and to the right in the Watching Woods. When you enter the Sunken Keep, there's a drop down but it's easily survivable. The boss is shortly after.
  • After defeating The Mad Alchemist you can use his key next to Sanctuary and go down from there for much faster access.
  • Coordinates: {X:26734.77 Y:23051.81}
  • Boss Flags: If you kill the Kraekan Cyclops, you can bypass The False Jester fight using the Green Key on the locked door just below the False Jester's room. This leads to a small shrine on the other side of the Jester's room where you can still fight the boss right next to spawn point.


Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Physical damage, Knockback.
  • Weak vs: Slash, Elemental Damage
  • Strong vs: Strike Damage

Phase 1

  • Overhead Slash - Holds his cleaver and delivers a slash in front of him. Highly telegraphed and easily dodged by rolling into him.
  • Slide Attack - Slides his weapon over the ground, can be avoided by jumping over, or rolling into him to get behind.
  • Drag Combo - Drags his weapon from behind, covering more area and followups with slash if player is still close to him.
    • If the player is quick enough, they can dodge the attack by rolling twice into him, or jumping at the correct time. Doing so can be difficult, however.
  • Leap Attack - Leaps at the player, there are two variants of that attack depending on distance.
    • The largest leap is signalled by an overhead axe swing mid air.

Phase 2 (50% HP)

  • Becomes more aggressive and chains his attacks much faster. 
  • Close Leap attack is followed by slide attack (avoidable by jump or roll).


Melee Strategy Video



Player Notes

  • The Kraekan Cyclops wields the Headtaker.
  • In the second phase, his short range jump attack will always be followed by a quick slash.  Wait for both attacks to pass before retaliating.
  • Cannot be parried at all. You can still block his attacks, but doing so will consume large amounts of stamina (unless using a greatshield).



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    • Anonymous

      If you have a good enough shield (looking at you, Iron Rampart) and a melee weapon, it's not a bad idea to equip the Pale Charm. The extra reach compensates for his staggers and allows you to time your hits more easily in his unforgiving second phase.

      • Anonymous

        Overhead cleaver attack: roll or block
        Ground cleaver attack: jump over
        Jump attack: roll or just position yourself under the boss

        Attack, attack, attack

        • Anonymous

          That video isn't a guide you idiots, it's just a person beating it. How about some commentary or something, this***** is trash

          • Anonymous

            ya'll are so wack, i could easily dodge his backswing attack,(and i have a 70% equipment load) you just have to time it exatly when he swing... although in the second phase when he has a follow-up it's kinda bullshit, but still achievable.

            • Anonymous

              i had a lot of problems with this boss because his attacks are well timed to stun-lock you, sending you flying and his attack landing right as you stand up before you can roll, heal, block or do anything. jumping makes him extremely easy to handle but it seems kinda cheesy

              • Anonymous

                Be a magic user with the spell lightning barrage, stay away from him and spam the attack. Just be carful not to become fatigued and he should be easy to kill.

                • Anonymous

                  Big shields with 100% block are pretty good for this fight, but memorise those attacks and only do one swing when you get the opportunity. Blocking and letting your stamina regenerate is easy, but finding time to heal is hard!

                  • Anonymous

                    His attack where he slides the axe on the ground starting behind him is undodgeable. Even when nowhere near the axe itself, I take full damage and am sent flying, after which I'm given about two milliseconds to gain my bearings before this boss begins continuing it's Bloodborne-esque onslaught in this game with a protagonist slower than a Havel knight with low Vitality.

                    • Anonymous

                      Actually I disagree with the advice that jumping is bad. I created a paladyn and I had a problem to beat this boss at 18lvl. After dying several times in the row, I started just jumping near the boss and attack 3 times each jump - boss died easly.

                      • Anonymous

                        I stumbled on this boss once before defeating the Queen of Smiles. Now I can't find him again and I'm like.. what the hell is happening.

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