Rowan Crosier

 Attack 16
 Weight 5.0
 Magic Scaling  Dexterity Scaling
B -
Class 2 Staff
Flags -
Special -

 Rowan Crosier in Salt and Sanctuary is a Staff type weapon.


An enchanter's crook fashioned in the classic style from rowan, a dense and resilient hardwood said to be capable of warding away evil. Owing to its abundance at higher altitudes, rowan is commonly used by mountain-dwelling ascetics for crafting these staves as part of their solitary training in the arcane arts.


Notes and Tips:

  • At 50 Magic this weapon has an Attack of 89.4 at tier VII.

Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

  • Videos go here



Rowan Crosier Upgrade Table


  Attack Mag Scale Upgrade Material

Rowan Crosier

16.0 B -

Rowan Crosier I

16.7  B Lock of Hair x1

Rowan Crosier II

17.6  B Lock of Hair x2

Rowan Crosier III

 18.5 B A Soldier's Poem x1

Rowan Crosier IV

 19.4 B A Soldier's Poem x2

Rowan Crosier V

 20.4 B A Lord's Orders x1

Rowan Crosier VI

 21.4 B A Lord's Orders x2
Rowan Crosier VII  22.5 B A King's Orders x1



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