Spears in Salt and Sanctuary are one of the many Weapon types a player can choose from. They have extremely long reach and consume a good amount of energy per attack.



Name & Icon Attack Str Scale Dex Scale Mag Scale Special Wgt Class
Pitchfork 6.0 S S - Extra Blunt 6 0
Soldier's Spear 12.0 E  C - -  5 0
Trident 22.0 E D - - 8 1
Breach Pike 12.0 - S - Charm Move /
4  1
Razorback 18.0 E D - Charm Move 10 2
Stardust Spire 10.5 - C D Lightning /
8 3
Adder Fang 6.0/6.0 - S - Poison /
Extra Blunt
6 3
Umbral Partisan 18.0 C E - Charm Move /
Extra Blades
16 4
Overlord's Bident 16.0 - A - HP Leech /
Extra Blades
10 5


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    • Anonymous

      When you do the light combo, if you press up on the second hit you'll do a spin move with extra knockback instead of another stab.

      • There is an in-game text error concerning spears in the Pikeman portion of the tree of skill saying that as for poleaxes, reapers and spears, you can only one-hand it when 1 class above. This is not true for spears, every spear can be one-handed at the class you unlock them. IE you can one-hand the overlord bident even if it's a class 5 despite the game saying you can only 2h it.

        • Anonymous

          Spears are for Pikeman what swords are for Swordfighter. Their meant to be one-handed and coupled with a pistol or a crossbow, you get quite a bit of value since they are lighter than other Pikeman-weaponery. Also high-end spears have special properties which your offhand weapon can benefit from like Extra Blades or Extra Blunt. For example, Adder Fang and Mephitic Arquebus have excellent synergy and help deal with most enemies weak to strike and poison because the Arquebus gets the Extra Blunt property from the Fang while the Fang benefits from that umpf from the Arquebus that lets you stagger your foes which it is lacking.

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